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Cue weaponised A.I. as autonomous UK tech shines on battlefield

Weaponised AI took a step closer to reality this week as an autonomous British system able to scour urban environments for enemy advances was...

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Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Renault unveils autonomous concierge concept for last mile delivery

French automotive giant Renault has unveiled the EZ-PRO, an autonomous delivery concept that could provide a modular, last-mile option for logistics operators. Renault launched the...

Finance & Insurance

World banking report: Banks challenged by tech alternatives

UPDATED As customers of high street banks NatWest and RBS in the UK found themselves unable to bank online or from their mobiles on...


Electric transport: Lucid takes on Tesla with $1 billion Saudi investment

Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF) has committed $1 billion to electric vehicle maker and Tesla challenger, Lucid Motors. The investment follows Elon Musk’s decision...


Water + sunlight + algae = infinite energy, claims Cambridge research

Researchers from the University of Cambridge claim to have successfully split water into hydrogen and oxygen at scale using just sunlight and biological enzymes,...


Nvidia A.I. generates synthetic MRIs to train medical diagnostic systems

Researchers have developed a deep learning system that can create artificial magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans to use in the training of AI diagnostic...

IoT & Edge Technology

5G: Vodafone enabling 1,000 UK sites – makes first holographic call

Telecoms giant Vodafone has confirmed plans to bring 5G connectivity to 1,000 sites across the UK by 2020. The announcement was made at the company's...

Data & AI

IBM Watson launches bias detection system for popular A.I. platforms

Cognitive services giant IBM has announced a new artificial intelligence (AI) 'Trust and Transparency' service, which it claims gives businesses greater insight into AI...