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Open Bionics’ releases affordable 3D printed bionic arm

Open Bionics is releasing what it claims is the most affordable multi-grip bionic arm ever made, at less than half the price of its...

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Manufacturing & Supply Chain

LivingPackets uses IoT, crowdshipping to transform deliveries

LivingPackets is using the IoT to disrupt the courier and postal industries, combining the latest technology with crowdshipping to reduce the carbon footprint of B2B...

Finance & Insurance

Amazon debuts blockchain network solution

E-commerce giant Amazon has unveiled a new solution that allows users of its cloud computing platform to create and deploy secure blockchain networks. Blockchain Templates...


Baidu hits the road against Alibaba with driverless food deliveries

Search and AI giant Baidu is collaborating with Meituan-Dianping to deliver food to China's towns and cities via driverless cars. Baidu and Meituan are set to...


Cisco and SAS team up on Sydney-based IoT research centre

Analytics firm SAS and networking technology giant Cisco have joined forces to launch an Internet of Things research lab in Sydney, Australia. The University...


Foobot air quality monitor aims to beat asthma in smart homes

NEWSBYTE With governments around the world focused on reducing pollution levels and improving air quality in cities, one startup is looking to take that...

IoT & Edge Technology

Software AG brings Cumulocity IoT platform to Telefonica, London buses

UPDATED German software engineering company Software AG has teamed up with Spanish telecommunications giant Telefonica, to deliver end-to-end digital transformation and Internet of Things...

Data & AI

Huawei working on AI that can interact with human emotions

NEWSBYTE Chinese technology company Huawei is working on a new artificial-intelligence-powered voice assistant that will be more aware of emotions and more interactive than...