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Microsoft and Facebook team up on open-source AI

In a change of course, Microsoft is to start working more closely with Facebook on open-source AI. The two companies had previously been competing,...

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Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Ericsson, Einride, Telia connecting self-driving trucks with 5G

Networking provider Ericsson and Swedish telco Telia, in partnership with autonomous transportation company Einride, are demonstrating how driverless trucks can be enhanced with 5G...

Finance & Insurance

Banks partner on first syndicated loan using blockchain

Spanish bank BBVA has partnered with co-lenders MUFG of Japan and BNP Paribas of France to arrange a syndicated loan using the Hyperledger and Ethereum blockchains. €150m was...


Autonomous cars: Uber reveals ‘valuable lessons’ in safety report

Uber Advanced Technologies Group has released a report that outlines the company’s commitment to it’s self-driving vehicle strategy and what it’s doing to insure...


Ricardo and partners get major UK EV battery tech project underway

Global engineering consultancy Ricardo is working with researchers at Ilika, UCL and the Centre for Process Innovation to develop a solid-state lithium-ion battery for...


Wearable sensor tracks blood-oxygen levels for real-time analysis

Engineers at the University of California, Berkeley, have developed a wearable sensor capable of mapping blood-oxygen levels through the skin. The device could be used...

IoT & Edge Technology

Intel & Tencent team up on AI-enabled cameras for retail

Chinese tech giant Tencent has partnered with Intel to create artificial intelligence-enhanced cameras that provide insights into retail environments. The collaboration will initially see Tencent...

Data & AI

MIT researchers develop AI that learns language like a child

Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a semantic parser that learns through observation, mimicking a child’s language-acquisition process – with the...