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Google spin-off launches commercial self-driving service: Waymo One

Google offshoot Waymo has introduced Waymo One – a self-driving ride-hailing service that promises to be the future of shared mobility. Initially, the service will...
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Manufacturing & Supply Chain

How DLT, IoT and AI are converging to reshape transportation

Vangelis Andrikopoulos, Research Analyst at Outlier Ventures explains what the future of data storage and sharing might look like in the transportation sector. NEW CONNECTIONS An occasional series...

Finance & Insurance

Mastercard’s Veronika Colucci says the wearable payments revolution is here

Andrew Hobbs reports live from Internet of Banking & Payments 2018, as director of product development at Mastercard, Veronika Colucci, reveals how PSD2 and technological...


Autonomous cars: Uber reveals ‘valuable lessons’ in safety report

Uber Advanced Technologies Group has released a report that outlines the company’s commitment to it’s self-driving vehicle strategy and what it’s doing to insure...


Ricardo and partners get major UK EV battery tech project underway

Global engineering consultancy Ricardo is working with researchers at Ilika, UCL and the Centre for Process Innovation to develop a solid-state lithium-ion battery for...


Internet of Me: ‘Fail fast’ doesn’t work when your health is...

Matt Anderson, President and Chief Digital Officer at Arrow Electronics, explains why a fail fast approach to development and security won't work for the emerging...

IoT & Edge Technology

Dell’s Dermot O’Connell on the road to the smart city

Dermot O’Connell, VP and GM OEM and IOT Solutions EMEA, Dell EMC, explains what the smart cities of the future will look like and what...

Data & AI

MIT researchers combat bias in AI training data

Bias in artificial intelligence (AI) systems can lead to inaccurate predictive models, inadequate search results, and discrimination, but a team of researchers at MIT...