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Half of 25-34 year-olds want to own an electric vehicle

Despite persistent concerns about charge-point availability, range, and charging times, many young people are eager to own an electric vehicle (EV). A new report from...

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Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Asia robotics: Automation will trigger rise in slavery and abuse

Slavery and labour abuses will escalate in Southeast Asia as automation takes hold and the adoption of robot workers creates a race to the...

Finance & Insurance

Swiss town votes via blockchain, while blockchain bank tools up

A Swiss town votes on blockchain, while BABB – the self-styled 'World Bank for the microeconomy' – is gearing up for 2019 launch. Malek Murison...


Daimler, Bosch, Nvidia partner on driverless taxis, BMW heads east

German auto giant Daimler AG and auto supplier Bosch have announced a partnership to deploy self-driving taxis in California’s Silicon Valley region next year,...


Smart energy: UK looks north for “new George and Robert Stephensons”

The UK's business secretary has praised the critical role of the 'Northern powerhouse' in new technologies, such as AI and sustainable energy, and announced...


AI will help, but may also kill people, say US doctors

An Intel survey has found that a majority of US healthcare decision-makers expect artificial intelligence (AI) to be prevalent in the industry within the...

IoT & Edge Technology

Data & AI

Blockchain smart contracts project Oasis Labs launches

Oasis Labs announced its launch yesterday, revealing that it is building a new computing platform that enables cloud-scale, real-world applications with decentralised trust and...