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UK tech sector growth slows amid global uncertainty

A report from professional services heavyweight KPMG has revealed that tech sector growth in the UK is at its lowest rate in three years....
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Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Rolls-Royce & Finferries test world’s first fully autonomous ferry

Finnish ferry operator Finferries has demonstrated the world’s first fully autonomous ferry, thanks to a collaboration with engineering giant Rolls-Royce. A car ferry, by the...

Finance & Insurance

Opinion: The future of cryptocurrency relies on regulation

Andrew Kirillov, CFO at TradingView, discusses why he believes regulation is essential to the future success of cryptocurrency. NEW CONNECTIONS An occasional series of vendor perspectives...


Google spin-off launches commercial self-driving service: Waymo One

Google offshoot Waymo has introduced Waymo One – a self-driving ride-hailing service that promises to be the future of shared mobility. Initially, the service will...


Ricardo and partners get major UK EV battery tech project underway

Global engineering consultancy Ricardo is working with researchers at Ilika, UCL and the Centre for Process Innovation to develop a solid-state lithium-ion battery for...


Internet of Me: ‘Fail fast’ doesn’t work when your health is...

Matt Anderson, President and Chief Digital Officer at Arrow Electronics, explains why a fail fast approach to development and security won't work for the emerging...

IoT & Edge Technology

New Zealand rejects Huawei’s 5G bid over national security concerns

New Zealand’s intelligence agency has rejected a request from telecommunications services provider Spark to use 5G equipment from Chinese technology company Huawei, due to...

Data & AI

Agtech: Waitrose to trial autonomous farming robots

UK supermarket chain Waitrose is planning to deploy autonomous robots, from Shropshire-based robotics start-up Small Robot Company, to farm its Leckford Estate. The Telegraph reports...