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Industrial robots: Usage up 30% worldwide, led by Asia and Europe

Internet of Business says The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) has published its annual report on the state of the industrial robotics market worldwide. It finds...

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Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Blockchain “ubiquitous” in supply chain by 2025, claims Capgemini | Analysis

A new report by the Capgemini Research Institute claims that blockchain could become “ubiquitous” by 2025, entering mainstream business and underpinning supply chains worldwide. “Through...

Finance & Insurance

Insurance: InsurTech collaboration is key to the future

Insurance companies are increasingly seizing the opportunities presented by InsurTech disruptors, rather than warning against the challenges they pose. The shift has seen an increase...


3D printing for aircraft parts takes off at Lufthansa

Lighter components make for more fuel-efficient aircraft. So could 3D printing hold the key to 'lightweighting' in the aviation sector? asks Jessica Twentyman. Lufthansa Technik,...


Ricardo and partners get major UK EV battery tech project underway

Global engineering consultancy Ricardo is working with researchers at Ilika, UCL and the Centre for Process Innovation to develop a solid-state lithium-ion battery for...


US hospital deploys Moxi robot to support nurses

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas has become the first US hospital to deploy Moxi, a ‘socially intelligent’ robot from Diligent Robotics, designed to...

IoT & Edge Technology

Intel partners with Arm on IoT chips, Rolls-Royce on autonomous ships

Rival semiconductor producers Intel and Arm have agreed to collaborate to manage networks of connected devices based on their chips. Reuters reports that Britain’s IP...

Data & AI

Baidu becomes first Chinese firm to join US-led safe AI consortium

Internet search giant Baidu has become the first Chinese company to join a US-led consortium dedicated to the safe development of artificial intelligence. The Partnership...