10 IoT technologies to watch in the next two years
10 IoT technologies to watch in the next two years
10 IoT technologies to watch in the next two years

10 IoT technologies to watch in the next two years

Technology research firm Gartner has revealed the top 10 IoT technologies it thinks companies should watch out for over the next two years.

The first thing on the list is cyber-security. Gartner warns that new connected devices are attractive to hackers and cyber-criminals, so businesses need to invest in good security solutions to protect themselves from these devices being compromised.

Elsewhere and because IoT devices gather and process a lot of data, Gartner believes that analytics tools are needed by companies to turn the collected data into meaningful information for practical use.

Device management should also be looked at, in terms of diagnostics, crash analysis, and updates, in order for connected devices to be efficient and run properly.

After Machina Research predicted a rise in Low Power Wide Area networks, Gartner suggests that traditional cellular networks aren’t right for connected devices which require wide coverage, good battery life, low bandwidth, and low operating cost.

IoT connectivity

Instead, analysts suggest that Low Power Short Range networks will ‘dominate wireless IoT connectivity’ until 2025.

The right processor could also make a huge difference, as it should be able to deal with encryption, low power consumption, and the OS it needs to operate efficiently.

Gartner says to watch out for new operating systems, as today’s aren’t designed for IoT devices, whilst being hugely power and memory consuming.

Internet of Things platforms offer a range of infrastructure components as one product, so are definitely something to watch out for too according to analysts.

The last thing on the list is standards and ecosystems as IoT devices need to communicate with each other.

Nick Jones, vice president and analyst at Gartner, said: “The IoT demands an extensive range of new technologies and skills that many organizations have yet to master.

“A recurring theme in the IoT space is the immaturity of technologies and services and of the vendors providing them. Architecting for this immaturity and managing the risk it creates will be a key challenge for organisations exploiting the IoT. In many technology areas, lack of skills will also pose significant challenges.”

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