Accenture makes industrial IoT play with Cimation acquisition
Accenture makes industrial IoT play with Cimation acquisition

Accenture makes industrial IoT play with Cimation acquisition

Accenture has been on an acquisition spree this year, with the latest being into the industrial IoT space with its purchase of IoT consulting outfit Cimation.

The deal comes after Audubon Companies agreed to sell Cimation to Accenture for an undisclosed sum. Cimation’s approximately 200 people, most of whom are located in the United States and Canada, will join the Accenture Asset and Operations Services group.

Cimation is an industrial IoT consulting firm and works in files such as process automation, information technology (IT) and industrial control system (ICS) cyber-security. It was founded in Louisiana in 2009.

Bringing the two together means they will be able to provide end-to-end services to transform industrial asset operations and maintenance for oil and gas, pipeline, chemicals, metals and mining companies — from the sensors on field equipment, such as connected oil and gas wells, to boardroom performance reports.

In a statement, Accenture said the transaction would support the integration of enterprise IT systems and operational technology (OT) needed by resources industries to capitalise on opportunities such as automation solutions, production optimization, asset analytics and ICS cyber security. “As a result, companies can better maintain, operate and optimize their wells, pipelines, refineries, chemical plants and mines,” said the firm.

“Cimation is dedicated to providing its clients with the best possible industrial technology solutions, as is Accenture. Accenture’s global consulting practice combined with Cimation’s technical and process expertise will allow us to develop and deliver comprehensive, best-in-class solutions for our clients from strategy and governance to systems integration and remediation,” said Jonathan Klein, CEO of Cimation.

“Together, we will apply our deep knowledge of industrial processes and our exceptional OT skills worldwide to improve our clients’ operations thanks to Accenture’s global delivery capabilities and extensive client base. This is a tremendous opportunity for our entire team.”

David Abood, senior managing director of growth and strategy for Accenture’s resources operating group, added: “We’re excited about the Cimation acquisition. It marks an important step in our strategy to move beyond enterprise and back-office services into our clients’ asset and operations technologies and the Industrial Internet of Things.”

Internet of Business approached Accenture for a comment on the deal but a spokesman said there would be no comment until after the deal had closed.

The news comes as analysts predict that regulations will drive growth in IoT within industrial and commercial buildings.

“Especially in large sites, such as industrial zones, office parks, shopping malls, airports or seaports, IoT can help reduce the cost of energy, spatial management and building maintenance by up to 30 per cent,” said Bettina Tratz-Ryan, research vice-president at Gartner.

“The U.K.’s building information modelling (BIM) mandate, for example, requires that all public sector construction commencing in 2016 complies with BIM (level 2),” she added. BIM utilises data models coming from various information sources including IoT, which will be used by commercial real estate in the future.