Amazon to host IoT competition for start-ups using AWS

Amazon to host IoT competition for start-ups using AWS

Amazon AWS and Hackster have teamed-up for an AWS Internet of Things Mega Contest, which is looking for innovative IoT projects that make use of AWS’ IoT service.

An AWS IoT Button or Starter Kit, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, UDOO, Teensy or FRDM can be used as part of the project, which should be based on a project idea. Submissions must include detailed notes and instructions, high-quality images, a list of used materials, schematics, source code, and CAD files.

The deadline for submissions has now been extended to 31 January, with over 850 participants having signed up and submitted nearly 300 projects ideas and 45 projects.

Winners will be judged on documentation, creativity, and practicality, and the top ten projects will receive an Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablet and Fire TV Gaming Edition, and Amazon Echo IoT devices.

The top 50 projects will receive US$ 100 in cash. Everyone who posts a completed project will receive $880 worth of goodies, including AWS credits, support, and technical professional training, and $80 of credit for Self-Paced Labs.

Ideas and resources can be found on the Amazon Web Services blog here.