American farmers are milking IoT for connected cows
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American farmers are milking IoT for connected cows

Telefonica Business Solutions and Cattle-Watch have signed an exclusive partnership to provide Internet of Things connectivity solutions to Latin and North America’s cattle industry.

Telefonica’s Smart M2M allows end-to-end management, and the control needed to achieve reliable and secure IoT communication between machines. The solution provides real time consumption, monitoring, supervision, tracking, and flexible communication plans.

Cattle-Watch will use Smart M2M to control IoT communications, with a web-based platform. Reports will be provided on cattle nutritional status, reproductive events, disease, and pasture quality. Location will also be tracked which will provide ranchers with theft warning notifications, and locate cattle in remote areas. Drone operations with day/ night cameras and geofencing will also be used. The reports and notifications will be sent to the rancher’s smartphone.

IoT makes farmers more efficient

Cattle-Watch both saves time, and improves productivity, expecting to raise yields of calves from between 40 and 60 percent, to between 80 and 85 percent, increasing profits.

Cattle-Watch CBD, Ehud Sasi, said “the purpose of the system is to bring more food to the world and the cooperation with Telefonica will enable Cattle-Watch to boost the deployment of the system for the benefit of Ranchers world-wide.”