With the Internet of Supplychain DE, taking place on the 9-10 October 2019 in Berlin, on the horizon, our team caught up with Asli Kunt, the Head of Supply Chain at Dyer Engineering.

Where do you see the Internet of Things and its technologies creating the most impact?

Collecting the accurate sensor data by using IoT technologies are the most important inputs of AI and machine learning.

What are the key technologies that you believe will transform industry over the next 2 years?

The combination of AI and IoT will definetely be the most important key technologies that will change the todays world in a couple of years. Most of the companies are self-checking their products how to collect data about environment, customer and product by converting all these data to a value in order to increase quality, market share and enable fastest deliveries.

“We have started from the shopfloor by providing every single operator a smart device”

What can companies do to overcome the organisational and internal barriers to truly innovate and embrace these technologies?

This requires a strategy and mind-set change from CEO to the shop floor operators. These technologies are here to help to do our jobs more efficient, it is not a replacement issue. People should believe in the benefits and does not worry about their job. We have started from the shopfloor by providing every single operator a smart device. This enabled us not only have more accurate data but also collect many innovative ideas to ease their jobs.

What’s the biggest stumbling block on the road to IoT? 

Communication and connectivity issues are the biggest challenges. After the usage of 5G we foresee that the speed and the connection quality will be much better. In our shopfloor we use IoT to collect machinery data such as electric current and temperature in order to foresee the potential breakdowns and prevent downtimes. This will enable us a seamless production flow and measure the machinery usage. During this process, our biggest challenge is the connectivity issue due to metal density and signal kaos. This ruins the data repeatability and reliability.

You can hear Asli Kunt speak on “End-to-End Visibility with Real-Time Data Insights” at 11am on the 9th October at Internet of Supplychain. 

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