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Z-Wave launches framework to standardise IoT security

Z-Wave Alliance, the consortium looking to standardise the use of Z-Wave wireless communications for consumer electronic goods, is establishing new partnerships in its bid...

Nuance unveils voice recognition platform for IoT developers

A platform that makes creating intelligent systems capable of understanding context, semantic and natural conversational language easier has been launched by voice recognition specialist...
World’s largest iBeacon network rolls out in China

World’s largest iBeacon network rolls out in China

A network of 110,000 iBeacon devices, thought to be the largest in the world, has emerged in China. The network, which is run and managed...
Port of Hamburg turns to Internet of Things to track pollution

Making sense of IoT with Big Data analytics

The Internet of Things is ingrained in today’s technology world, and is already becoming big news across a variety of industries. IoT sensors can be found...