Blue Prism launches academic partnership programme for RPA
blue prism launch Global Academia Program

Blue Prism launches academic partnership programme for RPA

Robotic process automation (RPA) vendor Blue Prism has launched a new Global Academia Programme. The aim is to make RPA software and related educational materials freely available to universities around the world.

The company – which recently announced integrations with Google, AWS, Microsoft, and IBM – has launched the new programme in partnership with the University of Manchester.

Just as physical robots are shifting workloads in industrial environments, so RPA software robots are changing the way that companies administer business processes, IT support, and workflows.

David Moss, CTO and co-founder of Blue Prism, believes that the best way to enable the next generation of computer scientists is to give them free access to his company’s software.

“Our vision has always been to share our technology with a growing network of educational partners, to ensure that we are building talent for the present and future,” he said.

“I’m excited that the University, which boasts the legacy of Alan Turing and other ground-breaking computer science firsts, has expressed a strong interest in working with us to shape the future of work.”

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A tribute to the birthplace of modern computing

The University of Manchester is both the birthplace of the world’s first stored-program computer and the former workplace of Alan Turing, who was deputy director of the Computing Laboratory from the late 1940s until his untimely death in 1954.

The University will now be given access to Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce solution. The ambition is for its computer science students to gain hands-on experience and develop their own RPA projects.

“We’re known around the world for the quality of our teaching and because all our courses are created with students’ employability in mind,” said Gavin Brown, director of research at the University of Manchester’s School of Computer Science.

“Partnering with Blue Prism and offering their platform within the University of Manchester underscores our commitment to leveraging this technology in research projects with new, cutting-edge AI technology, and to provide real-world challenges for our staff and students.”

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Alastair Bathgate, co-founder and CEO of Blue Prism, said that the company wants to “empower future leaders who will shape the digital transformation journey,” and believes that RPA is now being embraced by the academic community.

“The Blue Prism Global Academia Programme will accelerate the adoption of automation and the convergence of the future of both education and work,” he said.

Internet of Business says

Any universities and colleges that are keen to take part in the scheme should apply to the company directly. Successful candidates will receive access to the Blue Prism RPA platform, an annual educational software licence, and a Blue Prism Autonomous Training Kit.

Students will also have access to additional resources from Blue Prism, including templates, advanced accreditation options, and a development guide library. This effectively provides computer science students with the same foundational training given to Blue Prism’s customers and partners.

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