Blue Prism partners with Google Cloud on RPA

Blue Prism partners with Google Cloud on RPA

NEWSBYTE Robotic process automation (RPA) specialist Blue Prism has announced that it will offer artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data analytics tools powered by Google Cloud to its customers.

Blue Prism will integrate with Google Cloud Vision API, Cloud Natural Language API, Cloud ML Engine, Cloud Translate API, Google Cloud Storage, and Pub/Sub.

The collaboration will enable users of Blue Prism’s next product release to “fully integrate RPA into their data science pipeline, and train and consume custom machine learning models via pre-built integrations to Google Cloud Storage, BigQuery (via the Pub/Sub integration), and Cloud ML Engine”, said an announcement this afternoon.

Blue Prism will also collaborate with its enterprise RPA partners, including systems integrators, to support the use of the Google Cloud platform for additional pre-trained AI capabilities, and work with them to apply AI and machine learning to intelligent automation processes.

Blue Prism’s integration with Google Cloud will offer the following features to joint customers:

  • Support for advanced analytics via Google Cloud BigQuery
  • Integrated machine learning workflow
  • Google authentication
  • Google Cloud storage
  • Simplified Access to Google pre-trained AI models
  • Certified GCP reference architecture
  • Google Chrome integration

“Customers are increasingly realising the value of leveraging AI to transform their business operations and are looking for the right tools,” said Adam Massey, director of strategic technology partners at Google Cloud. “Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce platform offers a solution for Google Cloud customers to easily incorporate AI into their business processes.”

“Artificial intelligence and automation are quickly becoming key to improving long-term business performance, but sustained growth with these solutions is still often challenging and expensive,” added Dave Moss, CTO of Blue Prism.

“By tapping into the capabilities and capacity of key partners, like Google Cloud, we are pushing the envelope of what is possible with business AI and streamlining the adoption process for machine learning solutions for our shared customers.”

Internet of Business says

Yesterday, Blue Prism announced that Bank of the West, ATB Financial, Henkel Global, and Mashreq Bank are all deploying Blue Prism to optimise processes, including HR, banking, compliance, and customer care functions, realising up to five times the productivity levels within those functions, it claimed.