BMW leverages IoT for connected car services

BMW Labs is using its public lab portal to connect BMW’s ConnectedDrive services with If This Then That (IFTTT), and IoT smart technology, allowing the labs to expand vehicle connectivity.

IFTTT allows web applications and IoT devices to be linked together. IFTTT users set up ‘Recipes’ to create ‘Triggers’ with corresponding ‘Actions’, sending instructions to compatible smart devices. Apps and driver preferences can be connected from smartphones and other IoT devices to the car using IFTTT.

For example, drivers can create recipes to increase heating once temperature drops below a certain level, without having to change heating settings whilst driving. Smart home systems can turn on lighting and heating in the house, and open a garage door once the vehicle approaches. It also allows drivers to update social media with their location without having to manually sign in, and receive social media locations on the control display.

The BMW Labs widget, which is needed to use ConnectedDrive, is accessed through the split-screen menu in the vehicle control display. Once the vehicle is identified with the Navigation system professional, IFTTT, and  ConnectedDrive with BMW Online, drivers have access to over 260 services including social media, email, mobile phone SMS, and smart home devices, that can all be linked to the cars.

IFTTT’s BMW Labs Channel shows ‘recipes’ already available for use. The smartphone app can be installed and users’ BMW cars can be registered with ConnectedDrive Services and IFTTT.