Capgemini, Siemens working on IoT building energy platform
Capgemini, Siemens working on IoT building energy platform
Capgemini, Siemens working on IoT building energy platform

Capgemini, Siemens working on IoT building energy platform

Technology solutions provider Capgemini and Siemens are working on a new IoT platform to transform the next generation of building energy management solutions.

The companies will build and provide a cloud-enabled services platform sporting asset management and analytics technology tailored specifically for connected buildings.

Major benefits of IoT

Both companies say the platform will increase building operating efficiency and reduce overheads for customers, utilising the power of connected building data.

Led by Siemens Building Technologies Division, the web-based energy and sustainability platform will help streamline decision-making processes and make buildings smarter.

According to Siemens, customers using the platform are, on average, currently saving 10.4 million tons of CO2 per year.

Meeting business goals

Capitalising on Capgemini’s IoT, analytics and cloud capabilities, Siemens wants to develop the Navigator platform into a product that lets real-estate owners drive business results and meet energy efficiency goals.

Siemens believes this partnership will allow its smart building subsidiary to become a market leader in offering energy sustainability and data-driven services to building operators, campus owners and corporate real estate customers. Navigator’s functionality will be enhanced over time. 

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Actionable insight

Matthias Rebellius, CEO of Siemens Building Technologies, said: “Our customers expect us to provide actionable insight from digitalisation and to implement ever more advanced ways of improving building performance. In this highly competitive environment, Capgemini is a strong partner for Siemens.”

Olivier Sevillia, member of the group management board and responsible for digital services at Capgemini, said IoT has the potential to drive digital transformation and said Siemens’ new platform is a major asset to businesses.

He said: “The Internet of Things is a massive accelerator for digital transformation. Building a consistent strategy and providing an innovative platform for IoT services is an asset that companies can leverage for the benefit of their clients.

“This cloud based data driven services project will make the widespread benefits of connected buildings a reality for Siemens Building Technologies’ real estate customers, helping them to make more informed business decisions and realise operating efficiencies.

“Capgemini will support this roll-out from strategy development through to implementation and integration.”

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