Cisco launches Kinetic IoT operations platform
Cisco launches Kinetic IoT operations platform to drive IoT adoption
Rowan Trollope delivers keynote at Cisco Live! in Las Vegas (Credit: Cisco)

Cisco launches Kinetic IoT operations platform

In his keynote at Cisco Live in Las Vegas yesterday, Rowan Trollope, Cisco SVP and GM of IoT and Applications, announced the launch of Cisco Kinetic, an IoT operations platform.

Writing in a blog post, Trollope said the platform “streamlines the capability of companies bringing their IoT initiatives to market.” Essentially, it is a platform designed to help companies get their IoT projects up and running quickly, and to manage them effectively, with the option to build additional services on top.

As reported by tech news site ZDNet, Trollope told journalists at the event that Kinetic is “really a platform for getting data off of your devices. And the beautiful thing about Cisco Kinetic is it runs on those Cisco Catalyst 9000 switches, and it runs on our existing ruggedized router switching infrastructure, it runs on all the new hardware that’s coming off Cisco that sits on the edge.

“So we’re extending from the edge all the way onto the device to provide an amazing platform to get way more data.”

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Three areas of focus

In line with updates to its Cisco Jasper Control Center IoT platform, focused on the management of IoT devices, Kinetic was developed with three areas of focus: connection management, fog computing, and data delivery. The idea is that Cisco will help companies to leverage their networks, connected devices, and the value of the mounds of IoT data at their disposal, to simplify IoT adoption.

As Internet of Business noted yesterday, in an interview with Macario Namie, head of IoT strategy at Cisco Jasper, Cisco is showing its commitment to helping companies throughout the lifecycle of their IoT deployments.

Trollope told journalists that trillions of terabytes of data are currently unavailable to businesses as devices are not yet connected. Cisco aims to change that.

“A lot of the world that’s unconnected has an amazing amount of data on it, so we can gather that data, but it has to be made possible by Cisco,” Trollope said. “That’s what Cisco Kinetic is all about.”

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IoT commitment

In its Visual Networking Index, Cisco recently predicted that IoT is expected to account for more than half of the 27 billion internet connected devices and connections anticipated globally by 2021.

With its acquisition of Jasper in 2016, a recent partnership with Microsoft to connect its Azure IoT suite to Cisco Fog deployments, and its investment in low-power, wide-area network (LPWAN) connectivity specialist Actility, Cisco is making its commitment to IoT clear.