Cisco reorg sees launch of IoT cloud business
Cisco reorg sees launch of IoT cloud business
Cisco reorg sees launch of IoT cloud business

Cisco reorg sees launch of IoT cloud business

Jasper acquisition gives networking giant IoT stack to base business on

Cisco, less than two months after announcing the deal, has completed its acquisition of Jasper Technologies.

The $1.4bn purchase gives Cisco Jasper’s Internet of Things (IoT) platform on which it will now form a new business unit within the firm with Jasper’s founder Jahangir Mohammed as head.

In a blog post, Mohammed said that the IoT opportunity “in front of us right now is enormous and immediate”.

“Jasper and Cisco have the combined talent, technology, expertise and scale to help service providers, enterprise customers and ecosystem partners worldwide capture their share of the market today and innovate over time,” he said.

“With the IoT Cloud Business Unit, Cisco is moving up the stack to deliver a complete portfolio that simplifies the launch, management and monetization of IoT service for everyone.”

Rowan Trollope, senior vice president and general manager of Cisco’s IoT and Collaboration Technology Group added that Jasper’s platform is “just the beginning”.

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IoT cloud business

“Cisco’s IoT Cloud Business Unit will deliver comprehensive IoT solutions that make it easy for enterprise customers, service providers and ecosystem partners to capitalize on this business transformation.”

The latest move cements Cisco strategy of getting deeper into the Internet of Things. Last October, the networking giant snapped up Cologne-based start-up ParStream, a big data firm whose product analyses vast chunks of data coming from connected devices in real-time.

In a recent memo to customers, Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins detailed how Cisco’s engineering unit would be broken up into four new teams to capitalise on growth areas such as; Networking, Cloud Services & Platforms, Security, and Applications & the Internet of Things.

Experts said that the Internet of Things is still in its early stages, but value will come good when we are able to analyse, and use, all of the data that connected devices produce.

“This data can drive innovation, uncover insight for competitive advantage and create a more personalised customer experience. From enabling the government to understand the health trends of the nation, to tailoring car insurance offers to drivers based on their driving patterns – the potential of this data is endless,” said Omer Wilson, director at Digital Realty.

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