Contributed article guidelines

This is a short brief outlining what Internet of Business expects from authors of contributed articles. It is to be used as a guide and not a fixed set of instructions. For any questions, please contact [email protected].

Contributors should adhere to the following specifications per article:

  • All articles must be exclusive to IoB for a period of at least three months
  • All articles should be a maximum of 750 words in length
  • Articles must be vendor-neutral and insightful with a focus on market analysis rather than promoting a brand’s products/solutions
  • Check the website for the topics that we cover before submitting any content. While the latest cyber-security breach is interesting, it’s not necessarily why readers come to IoB. Furthermore, your post may be covering old ground
  • Use of examples and case studies to illustrate points is essential. Speculation and chatter is easy; our readers want to hear about how end-users are actually benefitting from these technologies
  • Always include links to any references / cited content – we do not include footnotes in our copy
  • Articles should be submitted with a high resolution image and full title of the author; other relevant images (licensed for commercial use) are also welcome and should be high resolution
  • We welcome references to existing IoB content
  • We encourage you to post on social media and link back to your website where possible


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