Dell launches IoT insurance accelerator
Dell launches IoT insurance accelerator

Dell launches IoT insurance accelerator

Dell Services has launched a new Internet of Things insurance accelerator which is designed to “help insurance companies quickly create vital new products and services to ensure they stay ahead in an increasingly competitive IoT-enabled market.”

In a press release announcing the news, Dell Services – the consulting arm of Dell – says that the accelerator “provides insurers with a package of integrated tools, hardware, software, infrastructure and cloud, allowing insurers to quickly launch next-generation insurance products and services; improve underwriting, enhance loss management practices and connect and engage with customers in real time.

“It enables insurance companies to take advantage of the far-reaching benefits of IoT by providing them the ability to more accurately predict risk and take effective preventive measures by analysing historical and real-time data,” reads the release.

Dell also offers consulting services, analytics software, security and BPO services as part of the package, as well mobile apps and ‘customer journey templates’. These may be services such as the smart connected building, where insurers can fill a property with various sensors able to monitor water leakage, air quality, CO (fire, smoke or gas leakage), and occupancy amongst others.

Simon Winter, Dell Services executive director of Banking, Financial Services & Insurance, said in a statement: “Building on Dell’s world class end-to-end portfolio of Internet of Things-enabling solutions and services, the IoT insurance accelerator allows insurers to provide their customers with real-time information and support whilst concurrently improving an insurer’s operating ratios. This market-leading offering has the potential to change the way the industry works.”

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