The Slate at Warwick University Campus
28-29 November 2017


Please find the Battery and Energy Storage conference programme below

Conference Day One: Tuesday 28 November 2017


Pre-breakfast briefing


Registration and pre-event networking


Chair’s opening remarks


KEYNOTE: Cementing the UK’s Role in the International Energy Storage Market

The Department for Energy and Climate Change has identified storage as one of the eight technologies where the UK can be a global leader. But what specific plans does the Government have in place to realise the UKs potential in this emerging market?

Hear from a leading representative on co-ordinating action across policymakers, regulators, and industry to promote growth in this fast-moving market, including:
• Strengthening investor confidence in storage technologies for greater roll-out
• Establishing robust frameworks of legislation for improved clarity
• Creating transparent funding schemes to help foster and support innovation


KEYNOTE: Transforming to a Society Powered by Storage

A society powered by storage requires fundamental changes to existing infrastructure with significant sums of investment.

Join this session to establish a clear understanding of:
• Creating metrics and clear deliverables for tangible ROI around new investments
• Identifying and forging profitable collaborations
• From pilots to wide scale deployment – how do you take your project to the next level?

This session is available for sponsorship for more information email [email protected]


PANEL DISCUSSION: Advances in Future Battery Technology – How to Remain Ahead of the Game?

Substantial funding in the last few years has led to incremental improvements in Li-ion technologies, making battery technologies more accessible than before.

But how do you strike a balance between:
• Cost
• Performance
• Lifetime
• Safety

This debate will unite industry experts, researchers, enterprises, and technology leaders to discuss cutting edge trends in battery technology.


Networking and refreshment break and one-to-one business meetings


CASE STUDY: Beyond Li-ion Technology

While much research pivots on improvements to existing Li-ion technology, researchers are increasingly looking to new materials with the potential for greater energy density.

But what is the technological maturity of new battery technologies and how do you navigate the gap between theoretical promise and practical application?

Hear from one early-adopter who can testify to a world beyond Li-ion.

Stream A:
Storage for Energy Systems

Stream B:
Storage for Transportation


Building the Business Case for Energy Storage: Europe’s Biggest Storage Project.

Drawing on the lessons learnt form Europe’s biggest storage project – the Leighton Buzzard case story – this session will explore the commercial viability of large scale storage in enabling alternative revenue streams, frequency regulation and ancillary services.

One-to-one business meetings.

Network with tech innovators that address your current priorities in these pre-arranged and mutually agreed meetings.

A valuable platform for educating yourself on the latest battery and energy storage technologies.


Monetising the Opportunity of Enhanced Frequency Response (EFR)

There is no question that National Grid’s Enhanced Frequency Response has stimulated national investment in storage. But what’s the full potential here and where next?

This session will explore what lessons can be learnt from the winners of EFR and how regulation will continue to influence flexible capacity moving forward.

48V: Opportunities Enabled by the New Mild-hybrid Systems

48V battery technology is opening new opportunity for hybrid vehicles, from increased durability to fuel efficiency and more.

Join this session to hear from an industry leader on striking a balance between fuel economy, driveability and comfort for optimum 48v design.


One-to-one business meeting

Network with tech innovators that address your current priorities in these pre-arranged and mutually agreed meetings. A valuable platform for educating yourself on the latest battery and energy storage technology.

Hybrid Clinic

This session is available for sponsorship

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Commercialising Energy Storage through Corporate Power Purchase Agreements

CPPA’s are offering financial certainty for utility companies and developers. This session will explore how to best monetise this opportunity for a long term commercial model for storage.

• Offering greater transparency and long term certainty over all elements of their energy supply costs.
• Responding to pressures from investors, consumers, competitors and from within corporates themselves to promote renewable energy generation and “green” their supply chain.
• The role of third parties in revenue sourcing

Testing in Real-life Conditions

While safety must at the forefront of future battery developments, there undoubtedly remains a lack of confidence in performance in new situations.

Hear from a leading safety expert on:
• How accurate is your simulation/modelling?
• What constitutes comprehensive testing?
• The role of standards in determining safety and design.


Networking lunch and one-to-one business meetings


Roundtables: New Technology for Energy Systems

In this session, you will have a chance to take part in 2/4 roundtable discussions to hear from industry experts. This is your chance to discuss, validate and scrutinise new technologies and their relevance for your organisation.

Roundtable topics include:
Roundtable One: Mechanical
Roundtable Two: Kinetic
Roundtable Three: Electrochemical
Roundtable Four: Chemical

To become a roundtable leader please email [email protected]

Roundtables: New Technologies for EV, HEV and PEV

In these interactive roundtable discussions you will have the chance to take part in 2/3 roundtable discussions to hear from industry experts. This is your chance to discuss, validate and scrutinise new technologies and their relevance for your project with industry experts.

Roundtable topics include:
Roundtable One: Lithium Batteries
Roundtable Two: Sodium Batteries
Roundtable Three: Fuel cells

To become a roundtable leader please email [email protected]


Community Storage – The ‘Uberisation of the Energy Industry’

In an age of ‘prosumers’ generating their own electricity, the role of the utility becomes less clear.

So how best to avoid disintermediation and capitalise on the wealth of potential new assets?

Through this cutting edge case study on peer-to-peer energy sharing, understand the opportunities for utilities for economic local distribution in creating new platform-based business models.

A View from Above: Electric Vehicles in the Air

Extreme testing and evaluating of EV for aviation offers useful lessons to be applied to the automotive market.

Join this session to hear from a leading OEM driving the future of electric aviation and understand the potential applications for you and your business.


The Missing Piece: Leveraging Virtual Power Plants and the Internet of Things for Asset Optimisation

Integrating a multitude of storage devices involves the complex co-ordination of assets. But do you have the infrastructure required to support new intelligent networks within your organisation?

Join this session to hear:
• How to effectively deploy IoT for improved use of distributed resources
• The role of Big Data, analytics and algorithms in optimised use of assets?
• Opportunities and challenges of data sharing across the network


Networking break and one-to-one business meetings 

Network with tech innovators that address your current priorities in these pre-arranged and mutually agreed meetings.

A valuable platform for educating yourself on the latest battery and energy storage technology.


The Challenges and Implications of Sourcing Material for the Gigafactory

Industry leaders TESLA’s gigafactory promises to produce enough batteries for half a million cars per year by 2020.

But while this high demand demonstrates the potential of the EV market, questions remain over sustainability.

Join this session for exclusive insight into the rise of the gigafactory, including:
• How will the availability of raw materials affect future battery developments?
• How will environmental and ethical challenges influence material procurement?


Innovation Den: Start-up Showcase

Be inspired by a series of elevator pitches that will keep you at the forefront of technology advancements.

Take part in our interactive audience vote, and help us crown our 2017 IoB winner!

2 dens will take place around:
• IoB Innovation Den – Energy Systems
• IoB Innovation Den – Transportation

For a place on our start-up panel please email [email protected]


 IoBMixer – Join us for a networking drinks and canapé reception followed by a 3-course dinner with peers.

Conference Day Two: Wednesday 29 November 2017


OPENING KEYNOTE: Vehicle to Grid – Smart Energy Management

The proliferation of electric vehicles is creating a wealth of new opportunities for electric utilities to harness the potential of stationary stora to provide stability to the grid and help facilitate the integration of renewables.

Hear from a leading European utility-automotive alliance offering PEV owners the opportunity to sell surplus energy to grid.

Discover the business benefit for utilities and automotive OEM’s alike in developing new business models around electric mobility, grid frequency regulation and FITs.


KEYNOTE PANEL- Second Life Batteries: Recycle, Reuse or Re-manufacture?

Second-life batteries are increasing the viability of EV by transforming batteries from liability to profit centre.

This panel will explore various second life applications and weigh up the environmental impact, cost concerns and performance issues to offer insight on the most effective use of second life battery systems for your organisation.


INTERACTIVE PANEL: Innovation Vs. Regulation – How to Strike a Balance

Regulatory policy is paramount in supporting the growth and deployment of the next generation battery and storage technologies.

But the highly regulated and constantly evolving nature of the electricity industry makes assessing the viability of a project complex.

Join this interactive session to discuss:
• How policy makers and the industry can better collaborate to form fair and
comprehensive legislation for all parties?
• Enabling greater interoperability through common standards
• The impact of the EU battery directive and transportation of dangerous goods act


Networking break and one-to-one business meetings

Storage for Energy Systems

Storage for Transportation


Solar Storage: The Opportunity of PV and Storage 

Solar generation and storage technologies offer benefits for reducing emissions in their own right. But used in conjunction there is the opportunity for an all new product and service offering.

Join this session to learn:
• What is the relationship between PV and storage?
• How to create innovative business models around combined solar and s torage?
• Retrofitting of assets Vs. new deployment advantages

Off-highway Case Study: Achieving Battery Durability

Hear from a leading heavy vehicle OEM on reducing consumption, emissions and improving performance, through the development and integration of electric modules in power train architecture


Managing the Grid Impact for Electric Vehicles

While the opportunities for stationary storage is promising, can existing infrastructure facilitate demand

This session will explore the impact of EV integration on capacity, efficiency and grid stability.

One-to-one business meetings

Network with tech innovators that address your current priorities in these pre-arranged and mutually agreed meetings.

A valuable platform for educating yourself on the latest technology and making informed decisions for your EV/HEV project.


CASE STUDY: New Business Models for Behind the Meter Storage

While much has been explored around front of meter storage projects, behind the meter applications are increasingly offering new revenue streams and opportunities for utilities to enhance their services.

• Incentivising customers with personalised tariffs
• Developing flexible business models with ‘shared benefits’
• The role of demand response in improved frequency regulation

CASE STUDY: Harnessing Big Data for Smarter Mobility 

Intelligent networks offer countless opportunities for new insights into performance and customer behaviour.

Join this session to:
• Explore the opportunity for EV in the smart city
• Understand how best to capitalise by using generated data for new insights and services
• Determine between noise and value add of Big Data


Networking lunch and one-to-one business meetings


CASE STUDY: Determining ROI for Large Industrial Storage Projects

Here from an ‘end-user’ who can testify to the business benefit of commercial storage installation.

This session will explore:
• The role of aggregators in facilitating new relationships
• How to minimise disruption and downtime
• Incentivising and retaining industrial customers through tailored energy plans

CASE STUDY: Thermal Management for EVs/HEVs

New high-voltage batteries require new, complex thermal management.

Join this session for insight into optimised cooling systems and subsequent impact on fuel economy.


The Battery: Green Saviour or Environmental Hazard? 

Labelled the ‘green’ alternative, the negative impact of the electric storage network is often overlooked. So what is the real environmental impact of batteries across the supply chain?

This session will explore how to minimise environmental impact and the role of new and existing regulation in impacting industry growth.


WORKSHOP: Skills for Storage 

Movement towards cleaner energy requires a fundamental change in skills, so what does the future workforce look like in an age of storage?
• How do you attract, develop and retain talent?
• What new skills and competency are required?
• How to integrate new and existing teams for effective profitable structure?


PANEL: The Connected Storage Ecosystem

While the opportunity of electrification across the automotive and energy systems is promising, what infrastructure is required to facilitate new intelligent networks?

This closing panel will unite key stakeholders from city planners, to developers, start-ups and regulators to address key mutual concerns:
• Fast charging – where does responsibility lie for battery degradation?
• City planning – The role of municipality in supporting connected networks and smart mobility
• How to identify profitable partnerships?


CLOSING KEYNOTE: Why Total is Betting Big on Battery

Hear from energy giant Total on their move away from volatile oil prices to the clean energy sector though big batteries for advanced applications.

What are the implications of the move for the market, and what can be learned from this acquisition?


Chair’s Closing Remarks