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London Heathrow, UK
7th-8th November 2017


Please find the Internet of Aviation conference programme below

Conference Day One: Tuesday 7 November 2017

8.30 Registration
8.50-9:00 Opening Remarks from Chair
CASE STUDY: Munich Airport: Mobility as a Service

• The concepts and execution at Munich Airport
• Passenger applications and improved experiences using MaaS
• Making the most of the API revolution

Anita Neudeck, Product Owner (Digital Services), Munich Airport

PANEL DISCUSSION: Let’s talk about change! 

• How do we innovate to provide the business outcomes that airlines are looking for?
• How do we increase passenger engagement and enhance operational efficiency?
• What are the four trends that deliver these outcomes?

Jon Norris, Senior Director-Corporate Sales and Marketing, Panasonic

Presentation by Aer Lingus

• Session details to follow

Robert Patton, Avionics Engineer, Aer Lingus

Networking Break
The Airport Point of View: Assets and Passenger Flow 

• Creating the Digital Twin, use case Security lanes
• Architecture for IoT, creating business value

Charles Hendriks, Digital Architect, Schiphol Airport
Peter Kanbier, Enterprise IT Architect, Schiphol Airport

“The Internet of Me”

Similar to the “Internet of Things” concept, the “Internet of Me” takes all of the things that people care about and brings them together to deliver hyper-personalized and contextual experiences. We are the sum of all our things and the relationships in between. Targeted advertisements based on browsing history, the “login with Facebook” capability on all of our favorite websites, and location-based services are just a few examples of digital experiences on the ground that are uniquely yours because of the “Internet of Me”.

Jon Norris, Senior Director-Corporate Sales and Marketing, Panasonic

Turning big data into actionable analytics and a service/ revenue opportunity

• Re-levelling what is meant by data
• Using black boxes as a source of actionable analytics
• How can data be used as a revenue opportunity?
• What vendor solutions are available to help with your data issues? Is there even a need for one or could this be done inhouse?

Raul Coutinho, CTO, Marionette

Networking Lunch
The Power of Data-driven Content Marketing

• How Finavia became the world number one for airport content marketing
•  How do we measure success?
•  Data-based decision-making process in content marketing

Ollie Lehtonen, Digital Marketing Manager, Finavia

Using Big Data analytics to turn data into value

Join an industry expert to learn how IoT data is improving predictive analytics and enhancing
marketing optimization to support the world’s fastest growing airlines.

Discover how big data technologies and modern BI tools are interacting with legacy systems to give rise to the next generation of data analytics

Mohammed Sadiq, Digital Lead, Qater Airways

One-to-one business meetings

Network with tech innovators that address your current priorities in these pre-arranged and mutually agreed meetings.

A valuable platform for educating yourself on the latest technology and making informed decisions for your IoT strategy.

WORKSHOP: Virtual reality training in the hanger

• Session details to follow

Thijs de Vries, Delft University (TBC)

Networking Break
Networking Break
PANEL DISCUSSION: Extreme personalisation to help improve passenger loyalty

• What does good personalisation look like for airlines and airports?
• Considering cultural and language barriers in apps
• IFE personalisation: On-board library, comfort and business class
• Airport personalisation: From Check-In to landing

Dharminder Bagha, Chief Enterprise Architect, Flybe, Andreas Bosch, e-operations projects, Swiss Air

Presentation by Dublin Airport Authority

• Session details to follow

John Seely, Technology Projects Manager, DAA

The Psychology behind ancillary revenue on-board

• Can IoT help drive ticket sale items?
• How do you turn seat back systems into a cash machine?
• Food design and IoT: Something new
• Psychology and passengers: Creating conditions for ancillary revenue on board


Closing Remarks from Chair

Take Flight: Evening entertainment and networking drinks

Conference Day Two: Wednesday 8 November 2017

Chair’s opening remarks
Innovating in a small Airport: Putting the customer at the forefront

• Details to follow
Al Titterington, Managing Director, Cornwall Airport

Creating a foundation for aviation: System Wide Information Management

• What is SWIM? Why is it both scalable and reliable?
• Advantages for ATC in comparison to the 2012 legacy systems
• Global issues: Implementing SWIM and areas with poor connectivity and systems?
• Is it worth replacing your current systems?

Pedro Fernandez Sando, Director Investigations, EUROCONTROL

Please listen to the safety announcement: Providing physical security during a time of insecurity

• How can IoT help to provide better physical security of aircraft and airport?
• The power of IoT to protect physical security versus being intrusive with a passenger’s personal information
• The political climate: Laptops on planes from the Middle East to America, increased terror threat levels and passenger unrest
• Working with intelligence services to reduce threat levels and monitor any potential threats

Patrick Cuschieri, Senior Regulations Specialist, UAE Civil Aviation Authority

Networking Break
Preparing for Change: Working with the IIC

• Security assurance and quality
• Being part of a global network
• Aviation and the IIC

Stephen Mellor, CTO, IIC

A Digital Journey

• Accurate prediction component life
• Moving from components to integrated platform solutions and beyond
• IoT as a key enabler

Jim Angus, Commercial Director-IVHMC, Cranfield University

Aviation Risk and Black Swans: How to ensure your Airline is ready for IoT

• Case study: Malaysia Air: How can Airlines guard against drop outs
• Working with partners
• Stochastic quantitative methods

Francesco Montomoli, Senior Lecturer, Imperial College London

13:30-14:00 Presentation by Alicante Airport

• Session details to follow

Francisco Salguero Alvarez, Operations Direction, Alicante Airport  (TBC)

14:00-14:30 AIRPORT PANEL: Current technology to improve Airport management

• Living in a world of virtual reality: From checking in at home to streamlining the security process
• Is there an opportunity for airports to share data
• Blockchain: A new buzzword in aviation, but how will it help your aging systems
• Artificial Intelligence
•Other technologies on the horizon

Charles Hendriks, Digital Architect, Schiphol Airport
Peter Kanbier, Enterprise IT Architect, Schiphol Airport
John Seely, Technology Projects Manager, DAA

Networking Break
Roundtables: Ethics, Employee Engagement and Safety: The impact of IoT on your employees

During this interactive series of roundtables, participants will be able to discuss the importance of IoT to their employees. Topics to be discuss are:
• Employee engagement at HQ: Utilising IoT to keep your employees happy at work
• Improving safety on board: Equip staff with IoT technology to help them keep the aircraft safe
• Is it ethical to monitor your employees?

Chris Butler, Principal Consultant, Sungard Availability Services

End of Conference