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Cologne, Germany
7-8 March 2017

2017 Speakers

Speakers included

Frédéric Gastaldo

CEO, Swisscom Energy Solutions


Frédéric Gastaldo began his professional career in 1986 at UGINE ACG, a French-US stainless steel manufacturer, before moving to the Boston Consulting Group Paris Office. He later joined his client joined Cegetel Entreprises (Vivendi) in France as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). In 1998 he joined the Louis Dreyfus Group to become CEO and co-founder of Louis Dreyfus Communications. The company renamed into Neuf Telecom became the largest french fixed telecommunications rival to France Télécom. In 2003 Frédéric Gastaldo joined Swisscom to found Swisscom Hospitality Services an international specialty provider of internet services for hotels and conference centers. He has since then held various positions within the Swisscom Group, among others member of Swisscom Switzerland Executive Board, in charge of Strategy and Innovation or Chairman of the Board of He is currently CEO of Swisscom Energy Solutions AG and responsible for the Connected Living Unit of Swisscom. Frédéric Gastaldo has studied at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris and Ecole Supérieure des Mines de Paris.édéric-gastaldo-29004576/en

Joachim Schneider

Vice-Chair at EDSO for Smart Grids and Member of the Grid & Infrastructure Executive Committee at Innogy SE

Roberto Zangrandi

Special Adviser, EDSO for Smart Grids


Roberto Zangrandi, 60, has joined EDSO for Smart Grids as a Special Adviser on secondment from Enel Group of Italy. He has been running the European Public Affairs office in Brussels for Enel between 2007 and 2014. Previously with Enel he had been Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Identity and Image, Corporate Communication Plans. In his background 12 years with Fiat (Director of External Relations in Frankfurt and Head of International Media Relations) and 15 years an economic and financial journalist (last position, chief editor with Il Mondo, in Italy) are to be found. In addition he worked as organisational communication expert for a prime consulting company over some years. He studied Political Science and Sociology and held the postgraduate chair of Public Relations at Udine University, the first one teaching the practice in Italy.

Carlota Pi Amorós

CoFounder and CMO, HolaLuz


I first felt in love with energy while studying my major in Industrial Engineering. After graduation I spend some years in Germany and in the USA. There I’ve learned quite a few about energy and also about multinationals. 6 years ago, together with Oriol Vila and Ferran Nogué, we founded HolaLuz, the utility company where “there is always another way to look at everything”. Today we serve green power to 100.000 customers in Spain, growing double digit monthly. We lead a team of 104 people headquartered in Barcelona. We work hard and with full passion to disrupt the energy industry. I am mom to three gorgeous girls. From them I learn tons of things every day. They are my truly energy. And, deep in my heart I am a ballerina.

Rajesh Nair

Former CIO, Swiss Grid


Rajesh Nair worked with Swissgrid from 2009 in various roles covering Strategy, Archi- tecture, Cyber security and as the Chief Information Of cer. The main focus of his work in Swissgrid was the design and implementation of Swissgrid Architecture, building up a central capability to monitor and control the Swiss National Transmission grid. He led a team of over 120 ICT experts. He was responsible for the Corporate and Industrial IT of Swissgrid as well as for the design and operation of certain critical pan European ICT infrastructures. Rajesh has been in the Energy industry for over 20 years and has worked for ABB, Deloitte Consulting, Suntec and Alstom. He has also had various functional roles leading from Financial controlling, Product development, Strategy, Project Executi- on and General Management in these companies, which gives him a balanced corporate view on technology. From Oct 2016, Rajesh has been a part of the Detecon team, working on a number of strategic initiatives mainly on the topics Cyber Security, Big data and New technologies.

Gerhard Gamperl

Director Strategy, Corporate Development and Innovation, VERBUND AG


Gerhard Gamperl is the Director of Corporate Development, Strategy and Innovation at VERBUND AG in Vienna/Austria and has held several key management roles since joining the company in 2009.

Throughout his career, Gerhard worked in multiple executive and management positions in Austria and Germany, with a particular focus in the industry, utility and infrastructure sectors. He has advanced degrees in Business Administration from the University of Economics in Vienna, and Civil Engineering from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna.

Bernd Nordieker

Senior Advisor to the CEO, Swiss Grid


Bernd Nordieker has been working for almost 30 years in the Energy Industry and is now a Senior Advisor to the CEO of Swissgrid, the Swiss National Transmission System Operator. Starting in 2011 at Swissgrid, he took care of the technical part of the transmission assets transfer towards Swissgrid, while retaining safe and continuous operations. Between 2013 and 2016 he was responsible for real-time operations of the Swiss Transmission Grid. Previously, Bernd Nordieker worked two times for BKW, one of the major Swiss Utilities as well as for the Management Consultant Services – Division of PWC. Over the years he gained experience in a wide range of management functions, e.g. Asset and Regulatory Management, Project and Change Management, Strategy, Acquisitions and Post Merger Integration, Business Process Design and Outsourcing, Key Account Management, Grid Operations and Technical Grid Planning.

Bernd Nordieker studied Electrical Engineering at Dortmund University / Germany and completed his Dual Degree MBA from the University of Rochester / NY and the University of Berne with distinction. In late 2016 he founded Landos Ltd., a new professional service firm for minimizing risks and increasing success of implementation projects, mainly for Utilities and TSO’s.

Sacha Fontaine

Recent Grid Modernisation Consultant, Duke Energy


Sacha Fontaine is the head of the Smart Grid practice at Theorem Geo Associates, an engineering consulting firm focused exclusively on the electric utility industry.
He has over 15 years of Transmission & Distribution experience and has expertise in leading Grid Modernization efforts and a strong background in project management.
Sacha has served as the subject matter expert in IoT, Data Analytics and IEC-61850, Substation Automation and EMS/DMS integration.. Sacha supports several of the largest power suppliers in the US including Duke Energy, Siemens and GE.
Sacha Fontaine holds a bachelors in Computer Engineering from McGill University. In his spare time, Sacha greatly enjoys to ski, scuba dive and volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.

Riccardo Amoroso

Chief Innovation and Sustainability Officer, Enel Green Power


Riccardo Amoroso, born in Milan in 1973, holds a master degree cum Laude in Mechanical Engineering from Rome University in Italy and an MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA (USA). After an experience embarked as an officer in the Italian Navy, Riccardo in year 2000 has joined McKinsey, a leading consultancy, where he has focused in the energy industry (with a second focus on airlines, driven by his passion for flying). During his eight years in McKinsey, Riccardo has served several clients in Europe ranging from fully liberalized markets (UK) to liberalizing markets (Eastern Europe) and focusing on all steps of the energy value chain, from generation to transmission, distribution and retail. In 2008 Riccardo has joined Enel Green Power, taking a leadership role in the solar business managing the Solar Joint Ventures Department. In particular he has led Enel Green Power development effort to set-up two joint ventures: the factory 3Sun (with Sharp and STMicroelectronics) and the off-taker ESSE (with Sharp). Riccardo has then taken the leadership role in the second JV (CEO of ESSE), successfully managing the investment of ca. 100 mn Eur in IPP solar business in Italy, Greece and South Africa. In 2013 Riccardo has led Enel Green Power efforts in opening the South Africa market, with the successful award in competitive tenders of more than 500MW of solar and wind generation capacity, which now makes Enel Green Power the leading renewable player in the fast-growing African continent. In 2014 has driven the opening of new markets in the Asia-Pacific region. Since January 2015, Riccardo is the Head of Innovation and Sustainability function for Enel Green Power.

Til Landwehrmann

Head of IoT and Smart Home, EnBW


Til Landwehrmann is Program Manager IoT / Smart Home at EnBW AG and Co-Founder of EnerGON which is the IoT Incubator of EnBW for Connected Living. The first product of EnerGON is OilFox. OilFox offers a smart device to measure the level of oil tanks. Til has been an entepreneur for more than 10 years.

Thomas Weisshaupt

Director Markets Smart Energy & IoT, Gemalto


Thomas has over 15 years of experience in developing, initiating and implementing digital driven business models, most of them in the utility/energy and industrial sectors and dedicated to technologies considered as IoT. For the last six years he has been acting as Director for Smart Energy and IoT markets in the industrial segment for Gemalto, the world leader in digital security. Prior to that, Thomas held various business development positions in global companies like Deutsche Bahn and Tieto Oy. He also has the experience of building businesses from scratch as an entrepreneur. He was the manager of (at the time) Germany’s first utility-driven energy savings services platform serving more than four million citizens. Thomas is founder and chairman of the privacy and security working group in ESMIG (European Smart Metering industry group), as well as a contributor to the EU Task Force Smart Grids Expert Group 3 on Market Design where he was driving the development of the DAM (Data Access point Management) concept. He advocates collaboration and trust building between a variety of sectors, including GSM-A, SEDC and Eurosmart. He’s also an expert reviewer of FP7 projects and is a member of the USEF advisory board

Kristiina Sodrholm

Lead of Digitalization Program, Fortum


Kristiina Söderholm is leading the digitalization development program in Fortum. Her responsibilities cover digitalization from power plants all the way to energy customers and their digital services. Kristiina has a PhD in nuclear licensing, but her current focus is in volatile energy market including solar, wind and hydro production, as well as batteries and electric vehicles. Predictive data analytics is one of the main development fields all over the energy industry.

Fonger Ypma

Head of Smart Energy Lab, Eneco Smart Energy


Fonger Ypma is Head of Innovation strategy at Eneco Smart Energy. In his role, he is responsible for the strategic direction of building Eneco’s new businesses, and for structuring Eneco’s innovation activities in different verticals. Specifically, he is deeply involved in smart home strategy development centered around the successful smart home energy platform Toon. Next to this, he is leading the data science activities, focusing on pragmatically creating value by applications based on big data from IoT. Before this, he worked as business strategist at the Consumer Division of Eneco, where he has led several strategic projects, e.g. related to the value added services strategy. Prior to this, he worked as strategy consultant at McKinsey for 5 years, where he gained a broad, cross-industry experience, ranging from Telecom and Financial Institutions to Heavy Industry and Energy. He enjoys the quest for new business models built on accelerating the energy transition. Fonger holds a PhD in Mathematical Physics from Oxford University, as well as an MSc in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Amsterdam.

Costas Stamatis

DG Energy Policy Officer, European Commission


Costas Stamatis currently works at the European Commission in DG Energy as a policy officer dealing with retail energy markets and smart grids. Previously, he worked at the Greek regulatory authority for energy on issues related to gas and electricity markets, and in the financial sector in the areas of corporate finance and investment banking. He holds a BSc in Economics and a MA in Banking and Finance from Middlesex University in London.

Stanislas De Crevoisier

France B2C Smart Programme Director, ENGIE

Thomas Pump

Head of Asset Information, E.ON


As Head of Asset Information Systems Thomas is leading a global team of specialists which is responsible to operate a global IT platform for monitoring, control and analyse wind farms performance called SmartECR.

Thomas drives the digitalisation roadmap of E.ON Climate & Renewables utilising the technical development to optimise the wind farm operations.

Before he joined the renewables business he had different roles in the energy industry: Retail, marketing, billing and operation for Wholesale customers and Energy Trading .

John Simmins

Technical Executive, EPRI


Dr. John J. Simmins is a Technical Executive at the Electric Power Research institute (EPRI) where he manages the Information and Communication Technology for Distribution project set. His current responsibilities focus on bringing thought leadership in the area of integrating diverse applications. Dr. Simmins also leads the EPRI efforts in the use of augmented reality, social media, data analytics, and visualization to improve outage restoration efforts and improve grid resilience. Dr. Simmins brings over 15 years of implementing highly integrated systems which span the latest technology to mature legacy systems. Dr. Simmins spent six years at Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative as Director of Engineering and Operations Systems. Prior to that, he had eight years consulting in project management, application integrations and supply chain automation.

Eric Woittiez

Senior Innovation Manager, Essent


Eric Woittiez has been working as a demand response expert at the Innovation department of Essent (part of innogy group) since 2012, focusing on residential flexibility and electric vehicles. He holds a Master’s degree in Applied Physics from the Delft University of Technology. Prior to joing Essent, Eric has been working as a consultant at PwC and Squarewise.

Kaspar Kaarlep

Head of Digital Network Technology, Elektrilevi OÜ


Kaspar Kaarlep holds a M.Sc in Engineering Physics from Tallinn University of Technology where he worked on applied mechanics for biorobotic systems. For the past 4 years Kaspar has been driving the digital grid transformation process in Elektrilevi, Estonia’s largest DSO. The Digital Network Technology department is an interdisciplinary energy systems engineering and operations workshop. As Head of Department, Kaspar is responsible for Elektrilevi’s Smart Grid development vision, execution methodology, technical architectures and cybersecurity. The operations side of the department handles Smart Meter operations, OT support systems and IT outsourcing coordination. In his previous roles of substation automation specialist and smart grid project manager, Kaspar worked on leading foundational smart grid projects, such as Elektrilevi’s all-IP program, dynamic analytics for integrating renewables and on implementing OT asset management software. Kaspar’s current development focus is divided between Elektrilevi’s Strategic Cybersecurity Program and the Advanced Analytics Program – which is tasked with unlocking the full business value from Elektrilevi’s smart meter roll-out about to be completed. When Kaspar is not busy managing the digitization of the power grid, you might find him hiking deep in Estonia’s forests.

Felix Dembski

Head of Smart Grid, Bitkom


Felix Dembski is the Head of Smart Grids and Energy at BITKOM, the German ICT Industry Association. A trained lawyer, he studied and worked for international law firm Baker & McKenzie in Berlin, London and San Francisco. He specializes in network regulation, renewable energy and data privacy law. He speaks for the IT-industry in the relevant working groups at the German Department of Energy and the Federal Network Agency building the framework for a Smart Grid. He focusses on the interplay between regulation and innovation for climate-friendly technologies. Felix had recently started a new role at Sonnen Batterie.

Joachim Gruber

Senior Manager, EnBW


Joachim started his career as a consultant in the public transport sector. He worked on several international projects, including projects in the UK and Slovenia.

He joined EnBW Group in 1999 and since then worked in the utility sector in Germany and France. Amongst other he was head of “IT Controlling and Process Management”, manager Procurement Strategy IT Hardware and contributed to numerous national and international projects as project and sub-project manager.
He was the spokesperson of EnBW during the governmental hearings for the “cost-benefit-analysis”.
He was chairman of the FNN Expert Group “Smart Meter – Systems and Processes” and is member of the BDEW project groups “Metering” and “Smart Grid”. He is representing BDEW in the EURELECTRIC Working Group “Activ Distributin System Management”.
He shares his private life between Germany and France.

Pavla Mandatova

Advisor Retail Markets & Innovation, Eurelectric


Pavla Mandatova is Advisor in the DSO Unit of EURELECTRIC, the European electricity industry Association. She is responsible for several working groups of the DSO Committee whose focus is to represent the voice of European DSOs towards European Institutions and stakeholders. The working groups formulate proactive positions on issues such as network regulation, deployment of Smart Grids and smart meters, integration of renewable energy  sources into distribution networks and development of European network codes. Prior to joining EURELECTRIC in 2011, Pavla worked as an EU affairs specialist in CEPS (the Czech transmission system operator). She holds a master’s degree in international relations (Charles University in Prague).

Dr Susanne Nies

Corporate Affairs Manager, ENTSO-E


Dr. Susanne Nies Corporate Affairs Manager and member of the Executive Management Team of ENTSO-E.  She is in charge of strategy and policy, communication and stakeholder relationship. Prior to this she was Head of Unit Energy Policy and Power Generation and Distribution with the European electricity sector association EURELECTRIC.  She was formulating high level strategy on energy policy and power generation, in line with the Board’s overall strategic guidance; led 12 industrial working groups on power generating technologies as well as cross-sector issues like Innovation, or Statistics and Trends.

German national by origin she holds a PhD and a habilitation from Bonn University, Berlin Free University, as well as Sciences Po Paris, in Political Sciences, as well as an economics degree from London School of Economics. Previously she was heading the French Institute for International Relations Brussels branch and was affiliated as a senior researcher to the energy programme of the institute; she has a long track of academic publication, affiliation to research and lecturing, as well as consulting.

Kees Mensch

Programme Manager, Enexis


Kees Mensch – working with Enexis for five years on the digital transformation within the ICT department of a DSO. Experience in 20+ years in programme and change management within infrastructure and ICT organizations. Kees holds a master in Physics.

Luís José Oliveira

Head of Asset Management Department, EDP Comercial


Luís José Oliveira, Head of Asset Management Department at EDP Comercial, coordinates the management of the energy services assets, based on an in-house developed Smart Energy Monitoring Solution, which feeds real time data to evaluate the assets performance. Prior to enter the industry, published some papers into Smart Energy Box control algorithms.

Erik Nygard

Co-Founder, Limejump


Erik is Co-Founder at Limejump Ltd and has substantial experience in electricity trading, hedging and optimisation. Previously he worked in the electricity trading and optimisation team at Centrica, where he managed the hedging of British Gas customer electricity demand, and most recently he setup the trading and optimisation desk for Just Energy, a new entrant into the UK gas and electricity supply business. Erik is passionate about revolutionising the electricity market and taking customers along on this journey.

Frances Bean

Project Manager, Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE)


Frances has worked in the energy efficiency, climate change and the wider environmental policy field for over 9 years.
Proir to her current role at the Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE), she was Policy Director at Stefan Scheuer Consulting, working on energy efficiency policies for a range of clients including the European Climate Foundation and the Coalition for Energy Savings, for which she carried out advocacy activities and research on the implementation of energy efficiency policies across Europe.
Since graduating with a degree in Environmental Science from the University of East Anglia in the UK, she has also worked for the UK Government Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the UK electricity and gas regulator, the UK Energy Saving Trust (EST). At the EST, she was responsible for managing EST’s research projects (including field trials of heat pumps and solar water heating) and was involved in the development and implementation of EU and UK energy policies.

Gilles Robichon

IoT Consultant, IoTC360


Gilles Robichon is currently working as an IoT consultant for IOTC360.
He advises companies and public organizations about the benefits and challenges presented by the Internet of Things. His book “Mastering the Internet of Things” is soon to be released.

Jos Blom

Innovation and Strategy Consultant, Alliander


Jos Blom (1959) has a long history in the energy industry in general and the new developments in particular. The last three years he has worked as a consultant at Alliander Smart Grids. Under his creative approach to various innovations started as a grasp network losses with a special focus on fraud detection with (among others) smart meters.

Jos Blom studied Biology at the Radboud University. Additional skilled he further computerization and immediately came in the energy world rightly. Recently, round him an MBE from the Technical University of Delft on the value of electricity storage in households.
In the field of Smart Grids is the combination of energy, ICT but also a great mix biology to shape this development.
Jos now start the program at Alliander about the valuable use of energy in the Netherlands. Thereby also determines the role that an operator wants, can or should play. Good cooperation with other players in the energy sector, but also research institutes, installers, IT and government is crucial for this program.

Frauke Thies

Executive Director, Smart Energy Demand Coalition


Since September 2015, Frauke is Executive Director of the Smart Energy Demand Coalition SEDC, the European industry association for demand-side flexibility. Frauke has been actively involved in European energy policy in Brussels since 2005, where she held different positions at Greenpeace and the European Photovoltaic Industry Association, SolarPower Europe. She also worked on secondments in Washington, D.C. and in New Delhi, India.  Frauke holds a Master degree in Environmental Sciences from Leuphana University, Germany, and an Executive MBA from Vlerick Business School, Belgium.

Guido Vogel

Head of Sales & Marketing, Lemonbeat

Joaquin Fernandez-Caro Yelamos

Innovation and Business Development, Viesgo

Stefan Grosjean

CEO, Smappee

Andriy Shmyhelskyy

CEO & Founders, Hyko

Werner Weihs-Sedivy

CEO, Twingzs

Miguel Carvalho

CEO and Co-Founder, Watt-IS