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Amsterdam, The Netherlands
12-13 September 2017


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IoT: Making the future connected health eco-system a reality


Pre-event breakfast briefing- IoT- What’s it all about?

Join a leading IoT expert over breakfast for an introduction to IoT and it’s relevance for health. Understand the foundations required for IoT success in this exclusive introductory session.

Session available for sponsorship. For more information please email [email protected]

 Registration and welcome refreshment
Vinelake welcome and morning icebreaker session
Chair’s Opening Remarks
INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE: A vision of connected healthcare from the USA

Connected health has the potential to improve patient care and offer better clinical integration, scalability & sustainability

Learn from one of the leading healthcare providers in the USA successfully deploying a multitude of connected technologies to enable a seamless integration of services and treatments.

Jamie Ferguson, Vice President, Health IT Strategy & Policy, Kaiser Permanente

KEYNOTE: IoT and empowerment- A patient’s story

The medical community is in agreement that the patient must remain at the forefront of any new digital initiative.

The availability of medical devices offers unprecedented access to personal healthcare information enabling patients to take control and make informed decisons that affect their own treatment and well-being.

The session will explore what happens when patients take control.

CASE STUDY: Health workflow optimisation: Smartphones & voice dictation

Hear from one health provider on the use of mobile devices to optimise use of resources and improve efficiency of patient care.

Understand how deploying new technologies is transforming operational efficiency with some unexpected impact on the quality of patient care.

Topics include:
– EMR integration
– Clinical decisions support systems
– Developed voice dictation app

Raphael Jaffrezic, CIO, Galway Clinic

TECHNOLOGY KEYNOTE: Turning the vision of connected health into reality

Learn from one leading technology provider offering a highly functioning holistic solution for connected health.

Through real-life examples of technology in action, understand the infrastructure and organisational change required to facilitate the next generation of connected healthcare.

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Networking and refreshment break
One-to-one business meetings

A chance to network with industry peers in these mutually agreed pre-scheduled meetings

Stream A

The hospital of the future

Stream B

Telemedicine and wearables

11:40 – 12:00

CASE STUDY: The EHR- What’s next?

The future digital healthcare system is founded upon the wide-scale adoption of the digital health record.

But how will the EHR evolve in an age of IoT to encapsulate the dynamic nature of real-time information from multiple sources?

Discover the IT infrastructure required to support and secure this growing virtual database

CASE STUDY: IoT and healthy aging

An increasingly aging population demands new services of healthcare providers.

Hear how IoT is reinstating independence in the elderly population and lowering care costs through unobtrusive remote monitoring.

Peder Jest, Executive Director and CMO, Odense University Hospital


EXPERT LED: The interoperability issue

The vision for a connected hospital is compelling; but how can you successfully integrate legacy systems and the multitude of new devices?

How can the industry define standards for integration that account for device diversity?

Hear from a leading expert on working towards interoperability.

 CASE STUDY: Managing chronic condition with IoT

In creating a continuous stream of patient-generated data, IoT devices are transforming sporadic interactions to continuous observations.

Hear how IoT can be used for chronic conditions to alert care givers to abnormalities.

Explore the benefits of this new initiative in reducing complications and re-admissions as well as offering peace of mind to care-givers and family members alike.

Igor Tulevski, MD, PhD, FESC, FACC, CEO, Sionsberg 2.0 on behalf of Cardiologie Centra Nederland


Networking lunch 

One-to-one business meetings

A chance to network with industry peers in these mutually agreed prescheduled meetings

Building the correct network infrastructure to support IoT

The vision for IoT’s potential in health may be compelling, but are the foundational technical capabilities in place to make it a reality? Hear from a leading networking operator on establishing a reliable and secure network to support the connected eco-system.

This session is reserved for sponsorship. For more information email: [email protected]

WORKSHOP: Overcoming clinical reluctance

The shift in the health paradigm from hospital centric to patient-centric care has, in the past, been met with scepticism from some professionals.

How do you champion a culture of innovation and rally for investment? Where should responsibility lie for new initiatives?

Hear from a leading industry expert on overcoming the social and economic barriers associated with evolution to a personalised healthcare system.

Dirk Ubbink, Principal Investigator, Academic Medical Center

WORKSHOP: Strengthen your capacity for innovation

Transforming healthcare requires more than just technology, but technology can be a key enabler. The possibilities are endless. But the associated organizational change requires a paradigmic shift and will test your organization on its adaptability. Do you want to really achieve change in your organization, but do encounter barriers? How to become the industry leader?
Learn from worldwide frontrunners and share your lessons learned.

Monique Philippens, Strategic Advisor, Gilde Healthcare

CASE STUDY: Innovation process: Successes, failures and lessons learnt.

Join this session to learn about how Meander is approaching innovation from, smart patches to video
consultations the innovation team will share experience on successes, failures and lessons learnt.

Wouter Bouvy, Project Manager Digital Innovation, Meander Medisch Centrum

 CASE STUDY: IoT beyond the physical 

The opportunities of IoT for patient care extends beyond physical wellness. Connected devices and emotion sensing technologies are increasingly being used to track mental well-being and offer new patient touchpoints.

Join this session to hear from a leading healthcare provider utilising algorithms and biometric sensors to obtain nuanced information into a patient’s mental health.

Learn how this new system is reducing acute emergency and re-admission as well as promoting overall mental-welling being.

Dr Ramin Nilforooshan, MD, MRCPsych, Consultant Psychiatrist and Associate Medical Director for Research and Development, Surrey and Borders Trust

CASE STUDY: From waiting room to living room

The delocalisation of healthcare services reflects the changing role of hospitals in an age of patient-centric care.

Hear from a leading healthcare organisation on the changing role of healthcare providers in a de-centralised eco-system. Plus understand the necessary steps to making patient access to real-time health record a reality.

Hyleco Nauta, Director e-health Innovation, UMC Utrecht

15:45 – 16:15
Networking and refreshment break
One-to-one business meetings

A chance to network with industry peers in these mutually agreed pre-scheduled meetings


PANEL DISCUSSION: Global best practice on IoT in health

While regulation and standards across borders differ, there are important lessons to be learnt from the successes and failures of connected healthcare globally.

This panel brings together four healthcare professionals from across the world to share industry best practice and discuss how to promote an international community of connected healthcare providers.

Dr Anshul Govila, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Universal Hospitals
Jan A Hazelzet, CMIO, Erasmus Medical Centre
Jamie Ferguson, VP IT & Strategy, Kaiser Permanente
Ajay Bakshi, CEO, Manipal Hospitals


IoT: So What….

SO WHAT is a question that should be asked more often than it is.

There is no doubting the sheer brilliance and opportunity of what we hear about IoT

The SO WHAT question is -Who will it help and when?

Many many innovations have never helped anyone, not because they lacked brilliance or usefulness but because they never were deployed at scale. Join this session to understand how to innovate with purpose.

Brian O’Connor, Chair, European Connected Health Alliance


Start-up panel and IoB innovation Den
Benefiting from fresh thinking and start-up agility, healthcare providers are increasingly partnering with innovative med-tech companies.
– How do you spot and nurture innovative start-ups?
– How do you manage start-up partnerships to secure a competitive edge?
– Understanding what legal help and administrative assistance may be offered by advisory boards and organisations promoting start-up engagement

Moderator: Paul Pelsmaeker, Co-founder and Chairman, Stichting


Chair’s closing remarks
IoBMixer- Drinks reception, canapes, and canal boat experience

IoT generated data: Analytics, optimisation and security

Chair’s Opening Remarks
KEYNOTE: Making patient access to data a reality

In an age of personalised healthcare, patient access to data is essential.

This session will address various initiatives including the Personal Health Train and FAIR data programme to explore the opportunities of controlled access to heterogeneous data sources.

How can the industry work towards ensuring the patient is firmly in control of their of their own health data?

Barend Mons, Chair of the High Level Expert Group for the European Open Science Cloud, European Commission

CASE STUDY: The future of healthcare: ‘less bricks and more bytes’

Why should innovation and sustainability be the #1 priority and how do we make sure that we will be able to provide healthcare for future generations? What are the challenges that we face and how can innovation play a major role in ensuring present and future needs? Cathy van Beek shares her vision on the future of health.

Cathy C. Van Beek, CMO, Radboud University Medical Centre

CASE STUDY: Data Sharing for a learning health system across the German University Hospital Network

In this session hear insight on the largest funding initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research on the Topic of digital health

– Understand the vision of the 8 university hospital consortium in this project
– Learn about the architecture of the local data integration centres as well as the federated approach across the network
– Discover the alignment with similar international efforts, such as the PCORNET projects or the OHDSI project in the U.S. And the BBMRI ERIC Common Service IT project for networking European Biobanks

Prof. Ulli Prokosch, CIO, Erlangen University Hospital

Generating actionable insights through advanced analytics

IoT is generating an unprecedented amount of data from a multitude of sources. But how you make sense of new information and determine noise from value add?

Join this session to identify bottlenecks in the information value chain and understand the benefit of leveraging viewing platform and advanced analytics for measurable improvement.

This session is reserved for sponsorship. For more information, please email [email protected]


FISHBOWL: Scaling IoT initiatives to robust enterprise wide programmes

Healthcare providers experience moderate success in small-scale pilots, but when it comes to upscaling they often encounter difficulties.

In this interactive panel have your chance to share ideas and solutions to roadblocks hindering the upscaling process. Hear from multiple stakeholders including insurers, municipalities, homecare organisations and hospitals to explore how to broaden the impact of local initiatives.

Networking and refreshment break
One-to-one business meetings
Stream A
Connected medical devices
Stream B
IoT, RFID and Asset tracking


CASE STUDY: IoT – The cost issue

While patient well-being should be at the forefront of innovation, the necessity to justify the economic
investment is often a deterrent.

Hear from a leading representative at a HIMMS 7 Hospital who can attest to the economic feasibility of a fully connected healthcare system.

Learn how a series of digital initiatives are offering tangible cost reductions without comprising patient well-being.

Antonio Clemente Collado, Corporate Development, Denia Hospital Marina Salud (HIMSS 7)

One-to-one business meetings

Network with healthcare peers and tech innovators that address your current priorities in these pre-arranged and mutually agreed meetings.

These meetings function as a  valuable platform for educating yourself on the latest technology and making informed decisions for your IoT strategy.


CASE STUDY: IoT and population research

IoT is providing a rich pool of new insights on population health.

Explore how to use this population-generated data to build detailed profiles and identify high-risk individuals.

This session will explore how to use contextual data for new insights and understanding on population health trends.

CASE STUDY: How RFID and asset tracking is enabling greater transparency and inventory visibility

Hear from one organisation deploying RFID enabled sensors to generate location information.

Discover how this new protocol is creating real-time inventory visibility in a range of situations from the monitoring of chilled medications to preventing loss and theft of hospital assets.

Networking Lunch
One-to-one business meetings
IoT, wearables and gamification

Increased proliferation of mobile apps and wearables are incentivising customers to make informed an responsible choices.

But are these new services simply a gimmick and how can you measure the impact?

This session will explore the role of gamification in positively influencing patient health.

Invited: Ajay Bakshi, CEO, Manipal Hospitals

The (in)security of the Internet of Things: A case study in sending and receiving diagnostic quality CVD images

Connectivity introduces new points of vulnerability that  leave sensitive health data open to theft and malware attacks

Hear from a leading security expert on the necessary steps to ensure network security and preventing data breaches.

Nico Bruining, Head Clinical and Experimental Information Processing, Erasmus MC





CASE STUDY: IoT and medication adherence

Discover how new technologies, from sensor enabled pill bottles to blood glucose levels monitors, are enabling new generation of precision medication.

Learn how these new insights into medication taking behaviour are offering personalised care plans and constructive advice.


Using IoT for improved hygiene

Discover how repurposed IoT sensors are providing nuanced information on handwashing behaviour which can help combat the spread of infectious disease.

Hear from one leading expert on how to process and use this information to incentive positive hygiene habits whilst adhering to strict privacy regulation.

Stephan Jonas, Head of Division mHealth at Dept. of Medical Informatics, RWTH Aachen



CASE STUDY : IoT and predictive medicine

Healthcare is traditionally premised on the treatment of illness, but this, in part, is changing.

This session will explore how to utilise IoT technologies to offer preventative, as opposed to reactive, medicine.





Blockchain and IoT

Much has been talked about regarding the potential for blockchain. But what is the real value for the patient health?

Hear from a leading industry expert on how this secure, decentralised platform is enabling the efficient and scalable exchange of health data. Understand how this new technology is promoting trust and data exchange between organisations.

Jaco van Duivenboden, Senior Advisor, NICTIZ




CLOSING KEYNOTE: Virtual reality- The next connected health evolution?

This session will consider the current cutting edge of technological innovation in healthcare: Virtual Reality.

Hear how VR is transforming surgical procedures, medical training and enabling remote procedures to pave the way to the next generation of connected health.

Dr. H. Jaap Bonjer, Chair of the department of Surgery, VUMC