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Royal Sonesta, Boston, MA
October 31- November 1, 2017


About IoH

The percentage of the US GDP spent on healthcare each year far exceeds that of other developed countries; a real need to reduce healthcare costs, provide more integrated and evidence-based care exists.

IoT not only brings advanced preventative treatment, patient monitoring and aftercare, but also offers the opportunity to change behavioural, physical and social conditions which have a huge impact on healthcare costs and the standard of care.

Join a wide audience of government, private and not-for-profit payers and providers, at the only conference in the US market which brings IoT health case studies that tell ROI stories, rather than just show future technologies.

Learn and network with only payers, providers, and a handful of selected technology providers impacting the digital healthcare landscape. IoT Health US is the only IoT event focused on delivering high quality case studies for a high calibre, healthcare audience.