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15-16  May 2018


Please find the Internet of Insurance EMEA 2017 conference programme below

08:00- 08:40

Registration and welcome refreshments

08:45- 09:00

Welcome remarks by conference chair Tony Boobier, Insurance Analytics Expert

09:00- 09:30

CASE STUDY: Using IoT to become more customer-centric- How insurers are becoming lifestyle companies

How can insurers move from a once-a-year product-centric business to a customer-centric service business? This session will explore how John Hancock has partnered with Vitality to change the value proposition for customers with health promotion at the core.

Join this session to learn to hear how John Hancock are modifying existing business models to extend life by promoting health and exploring new enhancements to the scheme that will improve customer experience and value.

Brooks Tingle, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Strategy, John Hancock Financial Services/Manulife

09:30- 10:00

Smart Homes Mean Smart Insurance

Join this session to learn

  • What does a smart home do?
  • Flexible models for go-to-market
  • Smart home Insurance value proposition

Sylvain Riviere, Director of Sales Z-wave/IoT business unit, Sigma Designs Europe

10:00- 10:45

PANEL DISCUSSION: Balancing risk and reward in an age of IoT

In an age of digital transformation insurers are increasingly looking to innovative IoT projects for competitive differentiation.But how do you determine hype from value, how to encourage buy-in for your latest IoT project, and what is the role of pilot projects in fostering support for IoT initiatives.In this interactive panel join industry innovators weighing up the opportunities and risks of new IoT ventures


– Tony Boobier, Insurance Analytics Expert


David Williams, Technical Director, AXA
– Rod Willmott, Innovation Director, LV
– Antony Elliott, Group Head of Business Transformation, Zurich Insurance 


Networking & refreshment break


Determining ROI: Monetising a connected strategy

In a price driven industry, accentuated by the role of online aggregators, how do you justify investment amidst a background of cost reduction?

What are the benefits for insurers when IoT devices may lower top line premiums?

Join this session to understand:

  • Quantifying the ROI of IoT investment
  • IoT as the enabler of customer retention
  • Looking to the future: IoT beyond the ‘Hype-Cycle’

Paul Middle, Global Partnering Director, Connected Insurance, RSA Insurance Group


CASE STUDY: The opportunity of the Smart Home

The Connected Home offers the opportunity for insurers to become a more central part of customer lives, minimise pay outs, and offer competitive differentiation in a crowded market place.

But how do you overcome the disparity between what customers want and want the insurer wants? While solutions such as early moisture detection may offer insurers benefit, how do you encourage customer engagement?

Join this session to hear how a leading insurer is incentivising consumers with Smart Home products:

– How to overcome the issue of interoperability across smart home devices

– Who drives IoT adoption and who ultimately foots the bill?

– Turning data into insight: how to monetise huge volumes of Smart Home data

Derek Smith, Head of Innovation, Lloyds Banking Group Insurance


CASE STUDY – What’s left of insurance marketing after IoT?

Hear from one insurer on using IoT and targeted marketing to establish your brand as a new ‘customer-centric’ insurer.

Andrea Veltri, CMO, BNP Paribas Cardif


Networking lunch


CASE STUDY: IoT: Risk turned virtual: Physical vs cyber insurance

From tackling data breaches, to responding to malfunctions in remote computer programmes or algorithms, insurers must offer new services to account for the new challenges of the connected world.

Join this session to explore how one insurer is creating sophisticated, nuanced policies to address the difficult issues that arise from new IoT related claims.

Shannan Fort, Assistant Vice President, Aon


WORKSHOP – The presentation will discuss three potential waves of the Internet of Things vision in the insurance sector

Join this session to understand how these ‘waves’ can enable a new generation of services.

Olena Kaplan, Senior Analyst, Beecham Research


An insurance world with digital ears… 

In the near future, your organisation will require digital ears, not only a digital mouth. How are you building the ears and the intelligence to interpret what people are asking for?

Andrew Tarver, Futurist


Networking & refreshment break and one-to one business meetings


CASE STUDY: A View From Above – Drones in the Insurance Industry

Learn from industry leaders AXA regarding the deployment of drone technology for quickly collect aerial inspection data for accurate damage repair estimation and claims adjustment.

Guillaume Lehallier, Digital Ecosystem Program Manager, AXA Global P&C


Start-up panel and Innovation den

PANEL DEBATE – Insurtech: Saviour or destroyer?

Nimble emerging insurtech firms offering flexible business and innovative solutions are ushering the insurance industry into a new age. But despite the potential, these new disruptive newcomers lack the customer base, recognition and position in the market of larger firms.

How can traditional insurers leverage new digital solutions to improve their product offering? And what can new emerging companies learn from the ‘veterans’ of the industry?

This panel unifies the disrupter and the disrupted to discuss how to accelerate digital transformation through collaboration.

Tony Boobier,
Insurance Analytics Expert

Panellist include:
Yannis Korgialos,
Head of Operations of Digital Partners, Munich Re
Minh Tran, General Partner, AXA Ventures
Spiros K. Margaris, Venture Capitalist and Founder of the Advisory Boutique, Margaris Advisory

IoT Innovation Den

Be inspired by a series of elevator pitches that will keep you at the forefront of the insurtech revolution.

Audience participation is encouraged to quiz these entrepreneurs on the foundations of their innovative business models to better understand their ambitious plans and the future implications for the industry.

Start Ups:
Bernhard Limberger, Director of Operations, Tourmalinelabs
Ben Lagemann, CEO, OHIoT
Larry Poon,
COO, IMONT Technologies Limited


Chair’s Closing Remarks 


Drinks Reception: 1877 Bar Terrace


IoBMixer – Country Escape 

Close of day one’s conference will open into a very British drinks reception followed an evening of entertainment over a networking dinner where you will be sure to escape work life and bask in a country setting.

Further details will be sent to registrants but please register your interest for the evening now by emailing [email protected]



09:00- 09:15

Vinelake welcome and chairs opening remarks


KEYNOTE:  Seeing risk clearly: Smart Glasses and intelligent assessment

63% of insurers believe that wearable technologies will be adopted broadly by the insurance industry within the next two years. But the value spans beyond activity loggers and pet trackers. Wearables are becoming increasingly interesting for claims assessment, adjustment and even underwriting.

Learn how one insurer is using smart glasses to capture vast amounts of visual data and document claim information.

Understand how leveraging wearable technology can enable improved insight and transform the claims process.

Monika Schulze, Global Head of Marketing, Zurich


CASE STUDY: Leveraging Big Data to counter fraud

New analytics and IoT data provide new ways to identify fraud at each stage of the claims cycle. Join this session to learn how to:

– Prevent fraud at time of policy submission.

– Combine traditional and non-traditional data sources such as social media, geo-location and tracked devices to evaluate the possibility of fraudulent activity.

– Understand the interaction between technical and manual requirements for fraud detection

Steve Jackson, Head of Financial Crime, Covea Insurance


How can Health and Life Insurers shift focus from acting as funds for the sick to a partner for health?

The digital divide between consumers and Insurers has never been greater than now.

This is at a time where there is pressure on premiums, claims, and investment returns, and where consumers are looking for ways to better understand and manage their health – digitally.

Dacadoo will share how insurers can digitise their business with the dacadoo Health Score Platform – a clinically based and patented digital health and lifestyle platform. I will talk about how Insurers can acquire new customers, retain existing customers, and get insight to customer behaviour to offer more products, better suited products, and better risk assessments – while protecting their brand integrity.

Lukas Ammann, Sales Director Europe, Dacadoo


Networking and refreshment break


Connected & Autonomous Vehicles, Hacked Robot Cars or Future Transport Utopia?

The opportunities for connected and automnours vehicle to transform insurance is significant. Join this session to hear more on the Implications of the ‘Vehicle Technology & Aviation Bill’ along with:

– What the UK Government is doing to make Connected & Autonomous Vehicles (CAV’s) a reality for the UK

– Understanding some of the Government backed consortia, why AXA & other insurers are involved in these and the questions we are asking

– Impacts of CAV’s on the current insurance market, including changes to the RTA, Motor and Public/Products Liability

– Possible timelines, risks and issues for the various stages of driver assistance systems moving through to fully autonomous driving

David Williams, Technical Director, AXA


What will insurance of 2025 look like?

While insurance may traditionally not be the most innovative of businesses, the ascent of the Internet of things, data analytics and wearable devices are inevitable shaking up the industry.

This session explores how the insurers of tomorrow will look and what you should prioritise to become market leaders.

Ken Marke, Head of Strategic Futures, Ageas UK




CASE STUDY: Internet of Trust

While, utilising IoT-generated data offers profound opportunities for insurers, success is dependent on customer’s confidences and willingness to share their personal data. Join this session to hear from AIG on encouraging digital trust and positioning insurers in the data sharing economy.

Marc Lehmann, SVP, Global Head of Client Service Development, AIG


Turning IoT data into value

With huge influxes of IoT data from BYOD software, cloud computing and personally owned mobile devices, how do you determine noise from value add?

Join this session to learn:

  • Using data and IoT technology to help improve people’s health
  • Making sense of huge quantities of data through advanced analytics
  • Creating shared value

Pierre Du Toit, Head of Technical Pricing & Big Data Analytics, Vitality UK


Business models powered by connected technologies 

With Concirrus actively working with multiple commercial insurers, CEO and Co-founder Andy Yeoman discusses some of the latest initiatives under way, including some important insights that Concirrus have picked up working with organisations in this industry. With a nod to the future, he highlights some of the crucial issues that both insurers and tech providers must consider when striving to pivot towards a business model powered by connected technologies.

Andrew Yeoman, CEO and Co-Founder, Concirrus


Networking break


CASE STUDY: Insurance in an age of customer-centricity

New customers have new needs and expectations.

Drawing on the connected car opportunity, this session will explore, what customers really wants and what are next steps for innovation.

Alexander Rispal, Associate Director Moonshot Internet, Société Générale Insurance


CASE STUDY: The building blocks for change: Blockchain in insurance

The opportunity for blockchain in the industry is apparent. New technology can offer access to a secure, decentralised transaction database providing greater transparency and accountability.

This is enabling faster decisions to be made with confidence as well as the integration of third parties in a way that ensures compliance with regulation and data privacy laws.

Learn from this unique case study detailing the real-life application for IoT in the insurance industry and understand the implications for your business.

Calogero Scibetta, Head of Business Development, Everledger


ROUNDTABLES: Insurance and the quantified self

Detailed customer data offers numerous benefits for the insurance industry to better know their customers and provide tailored service, but inevitably poses several questions.

TABLE 1: Who owns IoT data?

TABLE 2: What can be done to protect consumer data?

TABLE 3: How much data is too much data.


Chair’s closing remarks and conference close