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Austin, TX
September 2017


Please find the Internet of Insurance USA 2016 conference programme below

Insurance 2020: Preparing for business change

6:45am IoB Wellbeing – Morning Welcome Run

Meet in the lobby at the Park Central Hotel for a brisk 20-minute run in Central Park!

8:00am Registration & Welcome Refreshments
8:45am Chair’s opening remarks

Barry Rabkin, President, Market Insight Group

8:55am KEYNOTE: Disruption or transformation – How will IoT profoundly change insurance as we know it?

The Internet of Things promises to fundamentally change the lives of citizens and businesses and yet, despite this, very few know what the term really means or if they do, agree the scope.

Greg Barats, President and CEO of Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB), recognizes the opportunity of IoT for its clients in the commercial/industrial sector. HSB has established a venture capital group that is making significant investment in IoT start-ups challenging traditional approaches and business models.

In this speech, Mr. Barats will outline how insurers can use IoT to work collaboratively with their clients toward the mutually beneficial goal of reducing risks, preventing losses and optimizing business operations.Crucially, he will address the changing value proposition and risks and challenges facing the insurance industry as it embraces the IoT space.

Greg Barats, CEO, Hartford Steam Boiler

 9:20am Accelerating innovation in a centuries-old industry

The Internet of Things is set to significantly transform the insurance industry and the biggest challenge facing leaders is how to manage that change. Radical new approaches to business are required rather than merely making incremental improvements to existing models.

However, are you ready to alter your perceptions in order to create your own innovative model of change?

Sebastian Blandizzi is an innovation expert and recently developed Manulife’s LOFT (Lab of Forward Thinking). He will provide guidance on building an innovation culture, engaging start-ups and ultimately thinking differently to maximize opportunities like IoT.

Sebastian Blandizzi, SVP, Head of Global Solutions Delivery and CIO Investment Division, Manulife

9:45am CASE STUDY: How insurers can become lifestyle companies with the help of IoT

How can insurers move from a once-a-year product-centric business to a customer-centric service business? This session will explore how John Hancock has partnered with Vitality to change the value proposition for customers with health promotion at the core.

As part of the partnership, policyholders are offered a free Fitbit and rewards to encourage them to improve their health.

Join this session to learn about:

  • Modifying existing business models to extend life by promoting health
  • Invigorating customer relationships and engaging them on a continuous rather than a one-off basis
  • Addressing the challenges of regulation and data ownership
  • Announcing new enhancements to the scheme that will improve customer experience and value

 Brooks E. Tingle, SVP of Marketing and Strategy, John Hancock

10:10am The Internet of Insurance Playbook: 7 Steps to IoT-based Loss Prevention

How can insurance providers navigate the current state of IoT and Smart Home adoption, advance strategies and gain real-world insights?  This talk analyzes the state of residential IoT and walks through the steps that insurers can take to solve numerous challenges, on-board their customers and enable the transformation from indemnification to protection.

Curt Schacker, SVP, Connected Systems, EVRYTHNG

 10:35 – 11:15am

Networking & Refreshment Break

10:50 – 11:15am

One-to-one Business Meetings

Network with tech innovators that address your current priorities in these pre-arranged and mutually agreed meetings.

A valuable platform for educating yourself on the latest technology and making informed decisions for your IoT strategy.

11:15am PANEL DISCUSSION: Innovation versus regulation – Getting the balance right

  • What measures should be used to regulate IoT in insurance?
  • Federal versus state regulation and addressing the cross-border issue
  • The data access and ownership debate: What sort of data should and shouldn’t insurers collect?
  • How to ensure compliance with data privacy and protection laws


Ujjval Patel, VP Strategy, ACORD

Rich Yocius, VP Actuarial Services and Chief Actuary, American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS)

Dimitris Karapiperis, Research Analyst, National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)

Brooks Tingle, SVP of Marketing & Strategy, John Hancock

11:45am Smart Home and Insurance: A perfect match

  • Exciting new value-added products and services
  • Smart home market statistics
  • Different business models to get started with Smart Homes
  • Critical success factors to consider in your Smart Home strategy and roll-out

Bent Sorensen, Sales and Business Development Director Americas, Z-Wave

12:10 – 1.20pm Lunch & Networking


12:40 – 1.20pm One-to-One Business Meetings
 1:20pm How does IoT redefine risk?

  • How IoT offers the opportunity to reduce risk while introducing new risks
  • How does IoT help to identify the risks you should avoid covering?
  • Towards greater transparency of risk: Real-time information capture and accurate risk calculations
  • What does this mean for policy design?
  • The underwriting challenge

 Nancy Bewlay, Head of Underwriting for Casualty, US & Canada, Swiss Re


1:50pm Facing the data challenge with diversity

  • Challenges of data collection and analytics: how to avoid blind spots
  • The importance of a diverse workforce: looking at skill-set and background
  • How to ensure diversity initiatives are part of your IoT strategy

Meghan Anzelc, Ph.D, Predictive Analytics Program Lead, Zurich North America



Choose between problem solving groups.


How do you handle and monetize the tsunami of IoT data?

The 4 Hurdles of a Data-Driven IoT Strategy
This discussion will focus on the critical challenges that an insurer should consider when implementing a data-driven IoT strategy. Participants will be encouraged to share their perspective on the relevancy of these challenges and discuss ideas for how these challenges could be overcome.

  • Consumer’s Willingness to Share Data
  • The Many to Many Problem
  • Data Volume Insufficiency – Lack of Insights
  • Operationalizing into Workflow

Dawn Mortimer, MBA, PMP, FCLA
AVP IoT/Telematics Claims Leader, Verisk Solutions


Getting more from your IoT partnerships and ecosystem

  • What is the role of the insurer in the ‘connected world’ ecosystem?
  • How to identify the right partnership for you and develop your value proposition
  • Driving more innovation from your partnership
  • What lessons can be learnt from partnerships made so far?

Barry Rabkin, President, Market Insight Group


Navigating disruption with gender diversity – How and Why?

Gender diverse leadership is proven to increase the skills businesses need to navigate the disruptive trends transforming their industry.

Women remain under-represented on boards of directors and in the C-suite, despite evidence that companies with women directors have better business outcomes.

We’re having a conversation about what is holding businesses back from greater gender diversity at Board levels, about how and why to get more women into leadership roles.

Monica Sanchez, Information Technology Transformation Leader, Former Divisional CIO & Project Management Officer, AIG


3:20 – 4:00pm

Networking & Refreshment Break

3:35 – 4:00pm

One-to-One Business Meetings

4:00pm How Will IoT Transform the Customer Experience?

Jon-Michael Kowall heads up the innovation team at USAA, looking at opportunities to leverage IoT to create new opportunities for customers to interact with their insurance companies. Jon-Mike will relate their process in a way that can help inform your own strategic vision.

This presentation will explore:

– How the connected car and connected home can help to streamline – and even prevent – claims.

– Breaking down the cultural hurdles that stand in the way of innovation within many insurance companies.

 Jon-Michael Kowall, Head of P&C Innovation, Assistant VP, USAA

4:30pm Auto insurance in an era of autonomous vehicles 

  • What are the opportunities and threats of autonomous vehicles for insurers?
  • Driver versus manufacturer: Who is liable in an accident?
  • What are the latest regulatory updates?
  • How do you quantify the risk associated with autonomous vehicles?

 Michael Stienstra, VP Actuarial, Chubb & Chair of Task Force on Automated Vehicle, Casualty Actuarial Society

5:00pm PANEL DISCUSSION: IoT start-up investment – Key strategies to avoid making rookie mistakes

Start-up insurance tech companies have raised $2.12 billion since 2010. So far, 2015 has been the biggest year on record, with investor interest increasing nine times.

This panel discussion will bring together Venture Capitalists, angel investors and start-ups to help you find your way in this new world. Hear their advice on how to spot and nurture innovative start-ups and manage your partnership with them to secure a competitive edge.


  • Joseph Tam, Internet of Things Consortium


  • Dan Reed, Managing Director, American Family Ventures
  • Georg Schwegler, Managing Director, Transamerica Ventures
  • Victor Pascucci, Venture Partner, Munich Re/ HSB Ventures
  • Roel Peeters, Founder & CEO, Roost
5.40pm Chair’s Closing Remarks
5:45pm Networking drinks, canapes and entertainment

Profiting from a new customer and employee experience

7.00am IoB Wellbeing – Morning Yoga

Join us in the Park Central Hotel for a morning yoga session to reset our thoughts.

8.15am Morning Refreshments
8.45am Chair’s opening remarks

Steven Sandquist, President, Sandquist Consulting

8.55am KEYNOTE: Transforming your organization to become IoT ready

The insurance industry may be nearly three hundred years old but traditional ways of working are set to be shaken up with the increased adoption of IoT. How can you prepare yourself to become a market frontrunner?

  • What does the IoT shift mean for your organizational structure, culture and leadership?
  • How can insurers think and act like a Silicon Valley start-up – and why do they need to?
  • How to embed fast and experimental innovation in your company’s DNA
  • The steps to transformation: The role of accelerators, innovation centres and the Chief Innovation Officer

 Erin Baginski, IT director, Progressive

9.25am CASE STUDY: The connected workplace – Improving employee safety and compliance

  • IoT and worker safety – what are the opportunities?
  • Towards accurate profiling of risk on a real-time basis
  • The role of wearables for industrial workers
  • How to convince your clients of the business benefits using quantifiable metrics

Anthony Lyons, EVP, Global Head of Client Centric Analytics, AIG

9.55am Increasing customer engagement with the Smart Home ‘LivingWise’ demonstrator

Learn how American Modern Insurance Group and Hartford Steam Boiler have partnered to develop a Smart Home demonstrator for claims training and customer engagement. The 50,000 square foot facility is designed to educate both customers and employees about how they can live smarter, safer and more sustainably.

This session will explore:

  • Digitally connecting with customers
  • Taking hands-on claims training to a new level
  • Exploring emerging connected home technologies

Shannon Lewandowski, AIC, SCLA Training Specialist II, American Modern Insurance Group

Norman Thoms, Innovation Technical Specialist, Hartford Steam Boiler

10.20 – 11.00am

Networking & Refreshment Break

10.40 – 11.00am

One-to-One Business Meetings

Countering Cyber Threats

11.00am Building organizational resilience in the face of cyber threats

The number and cost of cyber threats are rising rapidly. Just as cyber risks have evolved, so has the business resilience approach and insurance coverage available to proactively manage those risks.

This session will cover:

  • How Zurich are expanding their cyber risk management expertise and support
  • Re-examining how policies can be structured to address cyber risks across different industries
  • Helping businesses build organizational resilience through an enterprise-wide approach to managing cyber risks
  • Assessing cyber risks upfront and mitigating gaps prior to a claim ever happening

David Shluger, Chief of Staff to the Head of GCiNA, Zurich Global Corporate

11.30am Data-Driven IoT opportunities and the Many-to-Many problems

Within the next decade, the Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to deliver an unprecedented amount of data to the insurance industry. Leading companies are crafting strategies to use this data across their entire value chain. From customer engagement to underwriting and from pricing to claims, the value of IoT isn’t limited to a single business unit. The challenge for insurers is to obtain IoT data at scale and integrate the information into actuarial, underwriting, and claims workflows.

This session will:

  • Highlight a matrix of data-driven opportunities for insurers to consider as they develop their own strategies
  • Define the many-to-many problem associated with collecting IoT data at scale
  • Consider the forces that determine consumer adoption of the IoT and consumer willingness to share data

Joseph Wodark, Director of Product Development, Verisk Insurance Solutions

12.00pm The (in)security of the Internet of Things

IoT devices offer unparalleled benefits to companies in all industries, but perhaps the biggest barrier to the adoption of devices like smartphones, wearables and other sensor-led products is information security.

The use of these devices, and their connection to company networks, adds another layer of vulnerability which cyber-criminals will only be too willing to attack.

This session will explore the possible security pitfalls around IoT, and how and why insurers will need to act fast to work around them.

Dimitris Karapiperis, Research Analyst, NAIC, Center for Insurance Policy & Research

12.25pm PANEL DISCUSSION: Cyber-insurance: New policies for new devices?

The Internet of Things offers not only the opportunity to transform internal business processes at insurance companies – but also how insurers themselves underwrite the risk of IoT devices being used externally, in other industries and companies.

This session will explore:

  • How the external use of IoT products is giving rise to new insurance products like cyber-insurance, covering internet-connected devices
  • The difficulties with coverage – and where liability lies
  • Ways forward for an insurance industry in how they cover the risks associated with IoT


Cheryl  Vollweiler, Esq. – Partner, Traub Lieberman Straus & Shrewsberry, LLP and Immediate Past President, Association of Professional Insurance Women


  • Garrett Koehn, President, Northwestern US, CRC Insurance Group
  • Jason Hegland, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Stanford Securities Litigation Analytics, Stanford Law School
  • Hamish Hawthorn, Vice President Corporate Development, UpGuard, Inc.
1:00- 2.00pm

Lunch & Networking Break

1.20- 2.00pm

One-to-one business meetings

Delivery, Data & Drones
2.00pm Predicting Failure: Bringing changeable applications to Property Insurers 

OHIoT is leveraging sensors and machine learning technology for real-time solutions, to prevent problems before they happen for property and household insurers.

Hear how they are assisting a national plumbing distributor to avoid claims and bring insurers business benefits, as well as financial gains for the end customer.

Join the discussion around using IoT data with machine learning and predictive analytics to provide preventative maintenance and avoid problems.

Benjamin Lagemann, Co-Founder, OHIoT, inc

2.10pm IoT transforming claims service, delivery and outcome

Berkshire Travel Protection is innovating and streamlining travel insurance, bringing the market up-to-speed with the way people travel today.

The company is using sensor data to improve the speed and efficiency of claims, and sometimes prevent claims altogether.


  • Discover how the continuous monitoring of risk and real-time prediction of loss propensity can reduce the severity and frequency of claims
  • Examine how IoT data can enhance claims services and see how automated loss notification can reduce processing cycle time and loss adjustment
  • Improve the customer experience by harnessing sensor data to make the claims process less ambiguous and more transparent

Dean Sivley, President, Berkshire Travel Protection

2.35pm Panel Discussion: What does the ‘Internet of Things’ mean to Mid – Small Size Insurance Businesses?

The Internet of Things brings devices, connectivity and data insights all promising to transform the insurance industry.  However, in a risk adverse industry, how can insurers guarantee they are seizing the opportunities the digital age brings?

We ask panellists from a range of firms:

  • How has the internet, connected devices and advanced analytics technologies affected your business?
  • What technology interests you the most and how do you hope to apply next generation technology to your business models?
  • Where is innovation being driven from within your company?  – Opportunities and challenges you foresee when driving new ‘IoT’ adoption
  • How do instil innovation into your company’s culture?
  • How can the industry collaborate to offer the customer more?


Susan Combs, President, Combs & Company, LLC
Adam T. Waldron, CIO, Farm Bureau Insurance of Idaho
Paul Tyler, Senior Vice President, Fidelity & Guaranty Life

3.05pm CLOSING KEYNOTE: The rise of the drones

An unmanned aircraft flying over the remains of a severe storm to assess damaged structures; another sweeping into the small crevices of a building that is inaccessible for manual inspection.

This may sound like a sci-fi movie scene set in the future but the use of flying robotics (drones) is predicted to significantly increase over the next 10 years.

This session will explore the opportunities of drones and tackle the tricky questions – what are the safety and regulatory issues? What if a drones sees things that should stay private? Join this session to answer the question: are you drone ready?

Grant Goldsmith, President of Overwatch, Avalon Risk

3.30pm Closing remarks from the Chair & close of conference