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Munich, Germany
7-8 February 2017

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Why sponsor the Internet of Manufacturing

  • This is the only UK event on energy innovation for companies – so you’re guaranteed to meet decision makers in one of the biggest industries. No useless leads – and no wasted time!
  • We strictly pre-qualify delegates, ensuring that only business decision makers are in attendance. Say goodbye to those useless leads and vendor-heavy conferences
  • Tailor the event to your requirements – have your say on the attendee profiles and conference topics to shape a programme that would provide value to you and your clients
  • Shape discussions in a way that would help the energy industry as a whole to progress – and help accelerate their readiness to invest in your technology
  • Access insight and innovative case studies that you may not have heard of before – we have been conducting weeks of research with industry leaders so you may find that the discussion and the final programme offers case references that you may not have heard of before
  • Meet pre-qualified decision makers who are ready to purchase new products… and all under one roof