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Hyatt Regency Dallas, TX
November 28 & 29, 2017


Please find the Internet of Manufacturing USA conference program below

 Conference Day One: Tuesday, March 7, 2017

6.45 – 7.30am
IoB Mixr Meet in the hotel lobby for a sociable run to Millennium Park and back!
8.00 am
Registration & Welcome Refreshments
Internet of Business’ Opening Remarks & Icebreaker Game
Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
ROI & Business Buy-in
State of Illinois Keynote

Hardik Bhatt, Secretary Designate, Department of Innovation & Technology and State CIO, State of Illinois

Stay Ahead of the Curve & Competition: Secrets to Innovation & ROI from IoT Investment
  • See how a traditional, heavy equipment manufacturer was transformed with connectivity.
  • Hear strategies that addressed organizational, financial, and innovation challenges encountered in this transition.
  • Stay ahead of the ever-sharpening IoT curve with advice on how to identify new business approaches, capabilities and partnerships to enhance the development of your products and services.

Juha Pankakoski, Chief Digital Officer and CIO, Konecranes Plc

Business Model Transformation & Encouraging Innovative Thinking
  • Changing board room mindsets to become a digitally native company
  • Understanding the first steps needed to shift from a hardware to software and services company
  • Establishing new business models and directing change management to ensure they adopted at every organizational level

For further information on this session please email [email protected]

Achieving ROI in a New Industrial Era of Connectivity & Transparency
  • Overcome the challenges of recognizing revenue in industrial IOT
  • Use cases to resolve issues with supply chain, plant tooling, asset management and market delivery faster and more efficiently before they become expensive downtime problems.
  • Realize process, product and customer-relation enhancement benefits as a true ROI

Nahel Gandhi, Global IT Director IOT, CNH Industrial

Getting the Data & Connectivity Bang for your IoT Investment Buck
  • Harness the power of the data you generate every day to effectively run a better and more profitable business
  • Learn how process and product-centric connectivity, IoT platforms and applications reduce the complexity of deployment
  • Gain knowledge from IoT deployment case studies that show the value of investment

For further information on this session please email [email protected]

10.55 – 11.35am
Networking & Refreshment Break
11.00 – 11.35am
One-to-One Business Meetings

Network with tech innovators that address your current priorities in these pre-arranged and mutually agreed meetings.
A valuable platform for educating yourself on the latest technology and making informed decisions for your IoT strategy.

Implementing 21st Century Smart Manufacturing
  • Hear how this specialty material maker became a smart manufacturer by combining multiple capabilities: integrating measurements, controls, computing platforms, modeling and analytics
  • Improved process and product development and manufacturing performance
  • Reduce manufacturing cost within plants and across the supply chain

Representative from Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition

12.00 – 1.00pm

Manufacturer Led Roundtable Discussions

Choose one of our four working groups led by manufacturers to discuss advances within your business and brainstorm challenges. Spend 40 minutes with your group leader to work through the questions left in a golden envelope on your table, before sharing with the full audience the conclusions your group has come to.

Group A
IIoT: What Manufacturers Should Know

What does IoT actually mean to your business? There are so many new technologies to watch, it is difficult to discern which will bring value. From machine-to-machine, to data analytics, to the cloud, to virtual and augmented reality, the technology is as vast as it is confusing. Find out what you need to know or share what you do know.

Group B
Choosing a platform, transitioning from SCADA to IoT

SCADA, a system tried and true among many manufacturers and the ultimate precursor to IoT. This roundtable will cover how to retro-fit SCADA with IoT.  Do you need to rip out perfectly functioning sensors that are already hard-wired? How can you make that transition effectively and economically?

Group C
Cybersecurity Considerations for Manufacturers

Your manufacturing process and intellectual property are targets. The Homeland Security’s Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity Emergency Response Team, or ICS-CERT, responded to a total of 295 cyber incidents, up 20 percent from the previous fiscal year. This roundtable discusses the imminent threats and strategies you can take to minimize risks and prevent attacks.

Group D
The Cloud, The Fog & The Edge

Cloud, fog, and edge computing are all factoring in as strategies when it comes to the Internet of Manufacturing when it comes to dealing with data that ultimately needs to be analyzed and transformed into actionable insights. Learn the differences and the similarities and discover which of these or perhaps a combination would best suit your operation.

1.00 – 2.15pm
Lunch & Refreshment Break  Visit the Exhibition floor and Experience our Hands-on Demos!
1.15 – 2.15pm
One-to-One Business Meetings

Network with tech innovators that address your current priorities in these pre-arranged and mutually agreed meetings.
A valuable platform for educating yourself on the latest technology and making informed decisions for your IoT strategy.

Bringing Business Benefits

IT & Change Management

Key Steps to Successfully Bring IoT Business to Scale

Discover how to navigate the IoT landscape successfully by:

  • Identifying your core business value
  • Connecting your product and structuring data related to it to build business value
  • Managing your connected devices to create actionable insight
  • Engaging your products and customers in new ways across systems
  • Achieving automation for business gains

Learn how Caterpillar has successfully replicated processes for expanding product lines, and implemented state-of-the-art IoT initiatives for new ones.

Terri Lewis, Digital & Technology Manager, Energy & Transportation, Caterpillar, Inc.

IoT Lifts Elevator Maintenance to Cloud
  • Hear how thyssenkrupp Elevator created a connected asset monitoring system and leveraged a new IoT platform to connect thousands of sensors and systems from elevators to the Cloud
  • Gain first-hand knowledge of how to manage a new plethora of data across devices to give real-time insight into key performance indicators
  • Gain strategies and findings revealing increased reliability through predictive maintenance, rapid and remote diagnostic capabilities

Scott Day, Executive Vice President of Product and Business Strategy, thyssenkrupp Elevator

More than Just Cost Savings: How IoT Can Drive Top Line Growth for Manufacturers

While Industrie 4.0 discussions have been dominated by talk of efficiency savings, this session will explore how IoT can support global growth and product innovation plans.

You will learn:

  • How IoT is enabling insight-driven improvements to the production process
  • The role of IoT in driving innovation in product development
  • How IoT can enable more customisable products
  • IoT supporting sustainability targets through enhanced process insight

For further information on this session please email [email protected]

Outfitting Your Architecture for Data Analytics
  • Understand the true challenges when evolving to data-driven architectures
  • Select the right connectivity devices and platforms, while allowing your operation to evolve with those changing technologies and market demands
  • Leverage data for better business and value chain partner satisfaction

For further information on this session please email [email protected]

PANEL DISCUSSION: The Role of the Customer in Optimizing IoT Predictive Maintenance
  • How do I maximize process and product efficiencies and reliability through IoT connections with my product’s end-users?
  • How should I leverage data to achieve increased up-time and fewer field-service calls through?
  • How do I improve machine performance using compliance and specification data?


Dr. Gloria J. Wiens, FloridaMakes Director for Advanced Manufacturing, ICAMR, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, University of Florida


  • Alexander Nazarov, Engineering Functional Excellence Manager, COE, Cummins Inc.
  • Satyam Priyadarshy, MBA, Ph.D., Chief Data Scientist, Halliburton
PANEL DISCUSSION: IT & Change Management
  • How can IT support new business approaches to lifecycle management and help to reduce costs and remain flexible?
  • How to develop methods for correlating layered data to troubleshoot faster and fix problems sooner
  • How do I rally the team and collaboratively transition my Operations and IT departments to achieve business goals that benefit the enterprise?


Mike Yost, President, MESA International


  • Juha Pankakoski, Chief Digital Officer and CIO, Konecranes Plc
  • Tom McDermott, Chief Manufacturing Officer, UI LABS
3.45- 4.15am
Networking & Refreshment Break
3.55 – 4.15pm
One-to-One Business Meetings

Network with tech innovators that address your current priorities in these pre-arranged and mutually agreed meetings.
A valuable platform for educating yourself on the latest technology and making informed decisions for your IoT strategy.

Perfecting Process & Product Lifecycle Management
Cybersecurity in the IoT Realm
Driving Costs Down & Efficiency Up with “Closed-Loop” Product Lifecycle Management
  • Use IoT to tackle visibility gaps to enable quality management from suppliers to the customer
  • Take traceability to higher and more flexible levels for improved quality and efficiency
  • See how increased visibility economizes for more tractable supply chain management

Alexander Nazarov, Engineering Functional Excellence Manager, COE, Cummins Inc.

Protecting the Digital Thread: Cybersecurity for Defense Advanced Manufacturing
  • Gain critical insights into how National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) and Department of Defense (DoD) are working together to define the scope and nature of cybersecurity for manufacturing
  • Learn how the NDIA and DoD are can help manufacturers to preserve and protect the continuously evolving manufacturing capabilities that will be key to national security within the context of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Larry John, Ph.D., Principal Analyst, ANSER

Leading Business Change & Shaking Up Traditional Approaches to Product Development
  • Inspire interdepartmental and supply chain collaboration to enable your operation’s IoT evolution
  • Determine your needs and formulate a budget for successful IoT deployment
  • How to fully realize your IoT platforms’ potential and sustainability
  • Encouraging design and manufacturing to work together to speed up time to market

For further information on this session please email [email protected]

Understanding Threats & Managing Risks: Tackling the New Problem of Data Security
  • Hear analysis of today’s cyber threat landscape, and the solutions, standards and technologies that are available to manage and secure IoT platforms and data
  • Expand your knowledge in the technical, operational and regulatory hurdles associated with connected IoT ecosystems
  • Benchmark your operation to see what practices and tool are available to mitigate security risks and breaches. Steps to protecting your intellectual property and equipment from hacks
  • Understand how to maintain customer confidentiality and maintain data integrity with customers

For further information on this session please email [email protected]

Seamless Work Flows from Concept to Final Product
  • Hear the latest updates on how digitally connected manufacturing floors will soon operate using cutting-edge technology
  • Get the latest updates on the UI LABS’ Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute’s work to champion the next industrial revolution
  • Learn how DMDII demonstrates to manufacturers throughout the United States how to go digital

Tom McDermott, Chief Program Officer, and Interim Executive Director, Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII), UI LABS

Security as the First & Last Part of IoT Strategy
  • Determine your own cybersecurity risk management framework for the assessment and assurance of cybersecurity for smart manufacturing systems while maintaining performance, reliability, and safety requirements
  • Understand the of types of risk and threats, and the tools for smart manufacturing systems that offer security and resiliency if and when a disruption occurs
  • Hear the latest strategies and recommended practices for manufacturers to detect and prevent attacks

Dwayne Smith, Director Global Cybersecurity Engineering, Cummins Inc.

Close of Day 1 followed by IoB Socials Evening Entertainment
Join us for a sociable evening, fun and continued networking!

Conference Day Two: Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Welcome Refreshments
Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Peter DeNagy, Co-Chair, Internet of Things Forum, North Texas Technology Association, “Tech Titans”

Translating Smart Technologies into Smart Manufacturing

Increasing Internal Reliability with Smart Asset IoT Technology
  • See how the aerospace industry influenced National Oilwell Varco’s adoption of IoT technology
  • Learn how to maximize internal reliability, while giving customers predictive tools to minimize downtime.
  • Unlock valuable information that allows you to learn from machines

Ashe Menon, VP Global Manufacturing, National Oilwell Varco

Driving Value with Open Architecture: The Smart Device, Manufacturing & Data Combination
  • Gain applicable knowledge to benchmark your own roll-out of IoT-based manufacturing execution systems
  • See how getting the right data and the right time can maximize initial product quality and process efficiencies, tracking part usage and real-time monitoring of product assembly specifications and visualization of tooling performance
  • Learn to pass the data value proposition to customers, providing preventative maintenance to avoid equipment failures

For further information on this session please email [email protected]

SPOTLIGHT SESSION: Power tool Maker Increases Visibility & Decreases Complexity with Machine Learning, Data Science & IoT Technologies

Learn how Stanley Black & Decker is using world-class machine learning and data science techniques to optimize manufacturing operations.

Augment your quality control by giving production managers visibility at every step of the manufacturing process and the ability to not only proactively address potential problems, but also to detect slow-running jobs and schedule problems- in real time.

Decrease bottlenecks, achieve greater labor efficiency, better use of critical resources for improved utilization rates, product quality improvements, and proactively respond to potential problems (before they become major issues).

Get insight into how:

  • Analysis of machine data led to understanding the root causes of downtime
  • Advanced analytic techniques enable state-of-the-art predictive maintenance
  • Immediate notification of issues made for faster decision making
  • Global data fusion provides an unprecedented global view of operations

Robert Coop, Ph.D., Sr. Data Scientist, Big Data & Analytics, Digital Accelerator, Stanley Black & Decker

IoB Start-Up Showcase: Venture Capitalist Visions for IIoT

Hosted by Internet of Business’ Editor, Doug Drinkwater, this session showcases the latest start-up innovation being brought to the manufacturing industry.
Get venture capitalist perspectives on new market trends and products, and take a vote as start-ups pitch on stage.

Take the opportunity to discover the next big thing to change your approach to smart manufacturing!

Host: Doug Drinkwater, Editor, Internet of Business

VC Judges:

  • Scott MacDonald, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Mc Rock Capital
  • Saurabh Sharma, Principal, Jump Capital

Start-ups: Ashu Katyal and Eric Yates, Co-Founders, Lexi

11.00 – 11.40am
Networking & Refreshment Break
11.00 – 11.40am
One-to-One Business Meetings

Network with tech innovators that address your current priorities in these pre-arranged and mutually agreed meetings.
A valuable platform for educating yourself on the latest technology and making informed decisions for your IoT strategy.


Data Driven Profitability


Connectivity & Interoperability

Sowing the Seeds of IoT: How Connectivity Lowers Labor Costs and Increases Yield
  • Hear how IoT visualization technology has revolutionized agricultural seed engineering, automating a once labor-intensive task, and saving millions
  • Learn and apply data generating and deciphering strategies that allow Monsanto to produce better crop products
  • Gain insights on how that data is disseminated to customers – farmers – who reap the benefits of greater yields from sensors that monitor field conditions

Atif Khan, Senior Manager Information Systems & Equipment Automation, The Climate Corp. a Monsanto Company

Building a Device for Connected Health: Utilizing Connectivity in Durable Products
  • Survey product connectivity and interoperability opportunities, ranging from product design to consumer engagement
  • Evaluate design considerations for durable products with connected components
  • Understand the implications of connectivity and smart platforms on manufacturers’ value chains


Sam Bradley, Director of Product, Briggs Healthcare

Getting Ready: Competing with Data Analytics
  • Gain greater insights on how to empower your organization by integrating, transforming and orchestrating machine and sensor data to drive operational excellence
  • Meet complex product and manufacturing challenges by combining and categorizing sensor and machine data to elucidate meaningful patterns that maximize efficiencies and reduce downtime
  • Learn who is using this technology to drive revenue

For further information on this session please email [email protected]


Facilitating Product Design & Speed to Market with Interoperable Manufacturing Simulation Platforms
  • Achieve collaboration across all design and production disciplines with connected simulations; visualization through customized software via telecom network platforms
  • Maximize development, while lowering R&D costs through real-time product design, update and production outcomes
  • Show your customers a glimpse into the future of process and product, plus the ROI IoT brings


For further information on this session please email [email protected]

Retooling Legacy Systems for Data-Rich IIoT
  • Learn how Bosch Rexroth fortified its legacy systems to enhance communication and enable remote access, monitoring and control
  • Discover the intricacies of a system that communicates with engineers and plant managers through touchscreen interfaces as well as other machines that are connected within the network for real time, production management
  • See the savings in reduced operating costs and the benefits of transparency and predictability for customers

Allen Tubbs, Product Manager, Bosch Rexroth

Interoperability Key to Mastering the Digitalized World
  • Get the latest updates on developing guidance and recommended practices for encoding-independent standardization and harmonization of information and data models for use with IoT deployments
  • Hear strategies to ensure sensors, software, and other IoT components are compatible before technology convergence



Thomas Burke, President & Executive Director, OPC Foundation

12.55 – 2.00pm
Lunch & Networking
1.15 – 2.00pm
One-to-One Business Meetings

Network with tech innovators that address your current priorities in these pre-arranged and mutually agreed meetings.
A valuable platform for educating yourself on the latest technology and making informed decisions for your IoT strategy.

Optimizing your Digital Workforce
Standards & Software
PANEL DISCUSSION: Future Manufacturing Workforces & Robot-Human Collaboration
  • Gain insight into how digitalization does not necessarily mean people are completely removed from the process
  • Learn how workers have adapted and honed their skill-set to adjust and be effective in an IoT-enabled manufacturing environment
  • Consider how wearables and collaborative robots will fully realize the potential of factories of the future


Sridhar Kota, Ph.D., MForesight-Alliance for Manufacturing Foresight, University of Michigan


Ashe Menon, VP Global Manufacturing, National Oilwell Varco

For further information on this session please email [email protected]

PANEL DISCUSSION: Towards a Global Standard

Discussing the implications of the convergence between Industrie 4.0 and IIC standards

Panelists will unpick:

  • Advances in the combination of the two reference architectures – RAMI4.0 and IIRA
  • Successful examples where the two standards have been brought together in manufacturing for the first time
  • The implications for cross-border business opportunities
  • How to accelerate the adoption of IoT in industrial contexts





For further information on this session please email [email protected]

The Future of the Workforce in an Age of Self-Organizing Factories

In the factory of the future, machines will organize themselves, delivery chains will automatically assemble, and orders will flow directly into the production process. Yet people will remain essential in an Industrie 4.0 world – as the creative leaders and thinkers.

This age is arriving sooner than you think so how are you preparing to develop the next generation manufacturing workforce?

  • Exploring the new skills and competencies required for employees in a digital age – from development through to production and sales?
  • What new opportunities and jobs will be created as a result of IoT?
  • How can manufacturers fulfil the need for more creative working processes and skills?

For further information on this session please email [email protected]

Connected Products & Connected Operations
  • Learn how data from these two streams can transform our business and products
  • Define the value proposition of the use case to the business or customer
  • Identify use-cases and inherent risks
  • What kind of budget will you need?


For further information on this session please email [email protected]


Becoming an IoT Ambassador
  • How to be the one to champion your company’s overall IoT vision, message, and architecture
  • Apply one-on-one interaction across the enterprise to produce successful implementations
  • Fortify your thought-leaders to solve complex problems
  • Foster communication and consensus, cost-effectiveness and understanding to continually enable your organization’s versatility

For further information on this session please email [email protected]

Collaborating to Maximize Interoperability in an Open Source Software Project
  • Delve into the role of open source platforms for connecting key players, and analyzing and distributing data to transform manufacturing
  • Understand supplier OEM/supplier interoperability and the role of open source platforms to increase efficiency across product development


James Barkley, Director of Digital Manufacturing Commons (DMC), Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute

3.30- 4.00pm
Networking & Refreshment Break
AFTERNOON KEYNOTE: Managing the Data Deluge & IT Integration
  • Apply data aggregation and analytical methods and technologies for not only capturing, but also for categorizing and retrieving data.
  • Discover how to integrate IoT data seamlessly with existing IT systems.
  • Benchmark and enhance your data management by understanding how and when to upgrade platform to meet exploding IoT data volumes.

Satyam Priyadarshy, MBA, Ph.D., Chief Data Scientist, Halliburton

The Ins & Outs of Smart Manufacturing & Why these Factories of the Future Matter
  • Discover why the convergence of manufacturing capabilities and digital technologies is just the beginning
  • Hear new concepts and strategies that will bring manufacturing highly customizable products faster, cheaper, better, and greener

Mike Yost, President, MESA International

Chairperson’s Closing Remarks & Close of Conference