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Chicago, IL
March 13-14, 2018

2017 Agenda

Please find the Internet of Manufacturing North America conference program below and the Event Prospectus for more conference details.

Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute Tour (DMDII) on Chicago’s Goose Island.

Join us for a tour of the UI LABS Innovation Center, home of the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute Tour (DMDII), on Chicago’s Goose Island.

Meet at 5:30pm at the Innovation Center to take part in an exclusive, private tour. Explore the 24,000 square foot manufacturing floor, and experience insights into the applied R&D, demonstration, and prototyping that is transforming American manufacturing. Led by DMDII’s in-house engineers, the tour provides a description of the approximately $6 million in equipment on the factory floor and an introduction to the digital thread concept central to Industry 4.0.

Don’t forget to opt-in to the tour when completing your registration, as spaces are limited and only open to those registered to attend. Please note closed-toe shoes are required, and tour participants must wear safety glasses (provided).

Guide: Kelley Patrick, Lead Manufacturing Engineer, UI LABS



Conference Day One: Tuesday, March 7, 2017

6.30 – 7.00am
IoB Mixr Meet in the hotel lobby for a sociable run to Millennium Park and back!
Registration & Welcome Refreshments
Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Peter DeNagy, Co-Chair, Internet of Things Forum, North Texas Technology Association, “Tech Titans

Opening Keynote Address

Bruce Rauner, 42nd Governor of Illinois

ROI & Business Buy-In

A Smarter State: Innovation under Constraints

Hardik Bhatt, State CIO and Secretary Designate, Innovation & Technology, State of Illinois

Stay Ahead of the Curve & Competition: Secrets to Innovation & ROI from IoT Investment
  • See how a traditional, heavy equipment manufacturer was transformed with connectivity
  • Hear strategies that addressed organizational, financial, and innovation challenges encountered in this transition
  • Stay ahead of the ever-sharpening IoT curve with advice on how to identify new business approaches, capabilities and partnerships to enhance the development of your products and services

Juha Pankakoski, Chief Digital Officer & CIO, Konecranes Plc

Achieving ROI in a New Industrial Era of Connectivity & Transparency
  • Overcome the challenges of recognizing revenue in industrial IoT
  • Use cases to resolve issues with supply chain, plant tooling, asset management and market delivery faster and more efficiently before they become expensive downtime problems
  • Realize process, product and customer-relation enhancement benefits as a true ROI

Nahel Gandhi, Global IT Director IOT, CNH Industrial

Secure Device Management for the IIOT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a game changer for the industrial customers. IoT enables companies to transform their businesses and measurably improve performance or reach of their products and services. With new opportunities come new challenges, securing your connected industrial devices being a top of mind concern.

In this session you will learn:

  • Key IoT trends that are driving the security conversation
  • How to characterize the different concerns related to securing your application
  • How Wind River customers address these security concerns

 Randy Thompson, Director of Product Management, Wind River

Networking & Refreshment Break
11.05 – 11.30 am
One-to-One Business Meetings
Network with tech innovators that address your current priorities in these pre-arranged and mutually agreed meetings.
A valuable platform for educating yourself on the latest technology and making informed decisions for your IoT strategy.

 Smart IT for Smart Manufacturing



Implementing 21st Century Smart Manufacturing: IT Change Management, Skills Sets & Standardization

With a recent Boston Consulting Group research report showing US manufacturers as slow to adopt Industry 4.0, we gather those representing different industry groups to discuss.

Hear and questions the top down view on what can be done to advance Industrial IoT through industry collaboration.

  • How can IT teams support new business approaches to lifecycle management and help to reduce costs and remain flexible?
  • Discussing strategies for up-skilling staff and managing changes to staff management
  • How do I rally the team and collaboratively transition my Operations and IT departments to achieve business goals that benefit the enterprise?
  • What steps are needed towards standardization and interoperability?


  •  Peter DeNagy, Co-Chair, Internet of Things Forum, North Texas Technology Association, “Tech Titans


  • Juha Pankakoski, Chief Digital Officer and CIO, Konecranes Plc
  • Tim Shinbara, VP – Manufacturing Technology, Association for Manufacturing Technology
  • Raj Manchanda, Director, Business Development, American Society of Mechanical Engineers
 IoT Lifts Elevator Maintenance to the Cloud
  • Hear how thyssenkrupp Elevator created a connected asset monitoring system and leveraged a new IoT platform to connect thousands of sensors and systems from elevators to the Cloud
  • Gain first-hand knowledge of how to manage a new plethora of data across devices to give real-time insight into key performance indicators
  • Gain strategies and findings revealing increased reliability through predictive maintenance, rapid and remote diagnostic capabilities

Scott Day, Executive Vice President of Product and Business Strategy, thyssenkrupp Elevator

Driving Costs Down & Efficiency Up with “Closed-Loop” Product Lifecycle Management
  • Use IoT to tackle visibility gaps to enable quality management from suppliers to the customer
  • Take traceability to higher and more flexible levels for improved quality and efficiency
  • See how increased visibility economizes for more tractable supply chain management

Alexander Nazarov, Engineering Functional Excellence Manager, COE, Cummins Inc.

Lunch & Refreshment Break
Visit the exhibition floor and experience our Hands-on Demos!
One-to-One Business Meetings
Network with tech innovators that address your current priorities in these pre-arranged and mutually agreed meetings.
A valuable platform for educating yourself on the latest technology and making informed decisions for your IoT strategy.

Industrial IoT at Scale

Key Steps to Successfully bringing IoT to Business at Scale

Discover how to navigate the IoT landscape successfully by:

  • Identifying your core business value
  • Connecting your product and structuring data related to it to build business value
  • Managing your connected devices to create actionable insight
  • Engaging your products and customers in new ways across systems
  • Achieving automation for business gains

Learn how Caterpillar has successfully replicated processes for expanding product lines, and implemented state-of-the-art IoT initiatives for new ones.

Terri Lewis, Digital & Technology Manager, Energy & Transportation, Caterpillar, Inc.

Maximize your IoT Investment: Reduce Complexity and Gather Insights to Deliver Economic Growth
  • Reduce the complexity of an IoT deployment by considering connectivity across product and process centric workflows
  • Harness the power of the data you generate every day to effectively run a better and more profitable business
  • Learn how to evaluate real life use cases and determine whether an IoT platform can help optimize your manufacturing operations

Amir Haleem, CEO and Co-Founder, Helium

Getting Business & Analytics Right to Take Customer Reach & Quality to the Next Level

 Translating Big Data into commercial insight, and actionable data to benefit the business is no easy task.

Learn how Navistar has implemented an analytics team working across the company’s wide functions to benefit its operations, and customer interaction.

Key lessons delivered during the session:

  • Mindset: How to think about the use case of Big Data as a business to drive change
  • Steps to setting up a technical analytics team with business thinking
  • Manipulating data to drive customer uptake

 Gyasi Dapaa, Data Science Director, Navistar

PANEL DISCUSSION: The Role of the Customer in Optimizing IoT Predictive Maintenance
  • How do I maximize process and product efficiencies and reliability through IoT connections with my product’s end-users?
  • How should I leverage data to achieve increased up-time and fewer field-service calls through?
  • How do I improve machine performance using compliance and specification data?


  • Gloria J. Wiens, Ph.D., FloridaMakes Director of Advanced Manufacturing, BRIDG


  • Alexander Nazarov, Engineering Functional Excellence Manager, COE, Cummins Inc.
  • Satyam Priyadarshy, MBA, Ph.D., Chief Data Scientist, Halliburton
  • Tim Butler, VP Customer Success, Lumavate
3.45- 4.10pm
Networking & Refreshment Break

IoT Talent Consortium Workshop:
Solving the IoT Talent Puzzle

4.00- 5.40pm Chair:

David A. Vasko, Director Advanced Technology, Strategic Development, Rockwell Automation & Member of the Board of Directors, IoT Talent Consortium, an international non-profit organization 


According to the workshop Chair, David Vasko, Director Advanced Technology, Strategic Development, Rockwell Automation, “without the right talent, who will build and sustain our cities?”

The Internet of Things will influence a whole new talent paradigm – a business and social transition that most CEOs and government leaders readily admit they’re ill-equipped to take on alone. Talent is one of the top-three challenges on the minds of CEO’s globally, after the number one priority, which is innovation: to enable them to re-invent their organizations. (Source: Deloitte 2015 Human Capital Trends Report). 

This workshop will help participants to understand some of the new approaches being taken by leading companies and universities and government agencies.

We have the power to fuel (or impede) talent, jobs, innovation and economic prosperity. Talent is now widely seen as the critical backbone for building a dynamic, digital-ready workforce for connected organizations.

  • Learn from expert guests who will bring valuable perspectives and share pragmatic, fresh approaches to public/private partnerships. The focus is on digital transformation that creates an environment for a dynamic workforce that ensures businesses and cities can thrive (and are not left behind).

Answer critical questions:

  • As your organization navigates into the digital future, what’s the best approach to training the best talent? How will manufacturers find the human capital they need to manage and grow with the new technologies?
  • While innovation is the number one priority for business and government leaders, a deficit of digitally savvy workforce still persists. How do the private and public sector drive the change and create the capabilities needed to thrive in a competitive digital economy?
Close of Day 1 followed by the IoB Mixr Night

Join us for a sociable evening, fun and continued networking!

Conference Day Two: Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Welcome Refreshments
Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Peter DeNagy, Co-Chair, Internet of Things Forum, North Texas Technology Association, “Tech Titans 

Translating Smart Technologies into Smart Manufacturing

Increasing Internal Reliability with Smart Asset IoT Technology
  • See how the aerospace industry influenced National Oilwell Varco’s adoption of IoT technology
  • Learn how to maximize internal reliability, while giving customers predictive tools to minimize downtime
  • Unlock valuable information that allows you to learn from machines

 Ashe Menon, VP Global Manufacturing, National Oilwell Varco

SPOTLIGHT SESSION: Power Tool Maker Increases Visibility & Decreases Complexity with Machine Learning, Data Science & IoT technologies

Learn how Stanley Black & Decker is using world-class machine learning and data science techniques to optimize manufacturing operations.

Augment your quality control by giving production managers visibility at every step of the manufacturing process and the ability to not only proactively address potential problems, but also to detect slow-running jobs and schedule problems- in real time.

Decrease bottlenecks, achieve greater labor efficiency, better use of critical resources for improved utilization rates, product quality improvements, and proactively respond to potential problems (before they become major issues).

Get insight into how:

  • Analysis of machine data led to understanding the root causes of downtime
  • Advanced analytic techniques enable state-of-the-art predictive maintenance
  • Immediate notification of issues made for faster decision making
  • Global data fusion provides an unprecedented global view of operations

Robert Coop, Ph.D., Sr. Data Scientist, Big Data & Analytics, Digital Accelerator, Stanley Black & Decker

FUTURE TRENDS PANEL: Preparing the North American Manufacturing Industry for the Future
  • Comparing the US manufacturing market to Europe and Asia’s: where are benefits from IoT being seen?
  • Seizing the start-up disruption: why manufacturers shouldn’t just view new technology providers as just another vendor. Exploring what manufacturers can learn from start-up innovation.
  • Learn how workers have adapted and honed their skill-set to adjust and be effective in an IoT-enabled manufacturing environment
  • Consider how wearables and collaborative robots will fully realize the potential of factories of the future


  • Vladimir Lukic, Partner & Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group


  • Ashe Menon, VP Global Manufacturing, National Oilwell Varco
  • David A. Vasko, Director Advanced Technology, Strategic Development, Rockwell Automation & Member of the Board of Directors, IoT Talent Consortium, an international non-profit organization
  • Kiva Allgood, Managing Director, GE Ventures
 Networking & Refreshment Break
10.40 – 11.00am
One-to-One Business Meetings
Network with tech innovators that address your current priorities in these pre-arranged and mutually agreed meetings.
A valuable platform for educating yourself on the latest technology and making informed decisions for your IoT strategy.

Connectivity & Interoperability

Building a Device for Connected Health: Utilizing Connectivity in Durable Products
  • Survey product connectivity and interoperability opportunities, ranging from product design to consumer engagement
  • Evaluate design considerations for durable products with connected components
  • Understand the implications of connectivity and smart platforms on manufacturers’ value chains

 Sam Bradley, Director of Product, Briggs Healthcare

Retooling Legacy Systems for Data-Rich IIoT
  • Learn how Bosch Rexroth fortified its legacy systems to enhance communication and enable remote access, monitoring and control
  • Discover the intricacies of a system that communicates with engineers and plant managers through touchscreen interfaces as well as other machines that are connected within the network for real time, production management
  • See the savings in reduced operating costs and the benefits of transparency and predictability for customers

Allen Tubbs, Product Manager, Bosch Rexroth

Interoperability Key to Mastering the Digitalized World
  • Get the latest updates on developing guidance and recommended practices for encoding-independent standardization and harmonization of information and data models for use with IoT deployments
  • Hear strategies to ensure sensors, software, and other IoT components are compatible before technology convergence

 Thomas Burke, President & Executive Director, OPC Foundation

12.20 – 1.20pm 
Lunch & Networking

 Optimizing IoT Investment

Protecting the Digital Thread: Cybersecurity for Defense Advanced Manufacturing
  •  Gain critical insights into how National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) and the Department of Defense (DoD) are working together to define the scope and nature of cybersecurity for manufacturing
  • Learn how the NDIA and DoD can help manufacturers to preserve and protect the continuously evolving manufacturing capabilities that will be key to national security within the context of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Larry John, Ph.D., Principal Analyst, ANSER

Managing and Monetizing Software in the Industrial IoT
  • Enable new IoT business models
  • Optimize the software supply chain for IoT success
  • Configure hardware and software electronically
  • Provide a consistent end user experience

 Alex Kumnick, Senior Director, Consulting Services, Flexera

Collaborating to Maximize Interoperability in an Open Source Software Project
  •  Delve into the role of open source platforms for connecting key players, and analyzing and distributing data to transform manufacturing
  • Understand supplier OEM/supplier interoperability and the role of open source platforms to increase efficiency across product development

James Barkley, Director of Digital Manufacturing Commons (DMC), Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute

2.45 – 3.15pm
Networking & Refreshment Break
AFTERNOON KEYNOTE: Managing the Data Deluge & IT Integration
  • Apply data aggregation and analytical methods and technologies for not only capturing, but also for categorizing and retrieving data
  • Discover how to integrate IoT data seamlessly with existing IT systems
  • Benchmark and enhance your data management by understanding how and when to upgrade platform to meet exploding IoT data volumes

Satyam Priyadarshy, MBA, Ph.D., Chief Data Scientist, Halliburton

Re-imagining Design & Manufacturing Quality

Traditional measures of design and manufacturing quality will not be adequate in the digital world

Your customer experience and the performance of your product are largely affected by products and systems completely out of your control.  

  • Is it possible to manage quality anymore?
  • How can you test all changes fast and cheap enough?
  • How do you ensure the connection between product quality and customer experience?

Esko Hannula, CEO, Qentinel Group

Exploring Ford’s New Skill Team: Global Data Insight & Analytics
  • How to support your Marketing & Sales, Manufacturing, Product Development, Purchasing teams
  • Scope of manufacturing analytics
  • Understanding the maintenance Operating System
    Identifying key pieces of equipment to monitor actively using in-built outputs and IIoT sensors
  • How to use a combination of control charting and machine leading techniques to provide actionable insights to maintenance personnel
  • Case studies: Monitoring gantry faults and CNC machine dynamic performance

Rajeev Kalamdani, Senior Analytics Scientist, Ford Motor Company

Chairperson’s Closing Remarks & Close of Conference