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Munich, Germany
5-6 December 2017

  • Ensuring high end-to-end security processes when building IoT

30+ IoT security experts sharing best practice and lessons learned

Expert Speaker Line Up includes

To join our exclusive panel of expert speakers, please email [email protected] or call +44 (0)20 3841 8330.

More devices, more problems?

Let us help you transition to an IoT-enabled business model securely!

  • The only forum to discuss the end-to-end security process and help you define the features and products you need for your use case
  • Featuring Technical sessions, workshops, demos & training
  • Hear real-life case studies from enterprise, industry and device manufacturers on how to overcome security challenges hindering IoT innovation
  • What to look for in a security provider … A Vendor-neutral platform to answer your security needs
  • 180 pre-qualified enterprise IoT security decision makers looking to learn, network and source solutions
  • No more generic IoT talks – attend sessions and apply in your business straight away

2017 Attending Companies

No more generic IoT talks!

Get practical advice on understanding the IoT threat landscape, enabling security from the development stage and ensuring cyber-resilience for your products today and in the future.

ROI IconTop tips in future-proofing the IoT investment

Ensuring IoT device security

Network management best practice for security

Key steps to developing secure IoT products

The supply chain of trust

Painting the risk landscape in IoT

Ensuring high visibility over your network

A to-do list to future-proof your smart product

How do IoT and Cloud security differ?

What are the regulatory and compliance concerns around IoT

How does GDPR impact an IoT enabled business model

Overview of the security standards state of the market

What are the challenges of securing IoT

Where do you sit in the IoT market?

Read our exclusive sector report, provided by Beecham Research and gain an in-depth understanding of the IoT marketplace and the security challenges that might be faced.

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