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As a sponsor, you can build your own tailor made itinerary, ensuring that every session, business meeting and discussion group you attend is tied to your specific business development objectives.

Be able to engage in pre-arranged one-to-one meetings with senior level executives

Select who you want to meet, ensuring that all meetings are qualified and meet your objectives

Receive a delegate investment portfolio to assist you in your meeting selections

Because we pre-qualify all our delegates you will receive information on:

Delegate responsibilities

Budgets plus current and future initiatives

Timeframes for investments

Specific products and services that each delegate is interested in

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Kaspersky Lab

Our independence allows us to be more agile; to think differently and act faster. We are forever innovating, delivering protection that’s effective, usable and accessible. We pride ourselves on developing world-leading security that keeps us – and every one of our 400 million users protected by our technologies and 270,000 corporate clients – one step ahead of potential threats.

Our commitment to people as well as advanced technology also keeps us ahead of the competition. Our company is named a ‘Leader’ in endpoint protection by the ‘big three’ analyst agencies (Gartner, IDC and Forrester). Firmly positioned as one of the top four leading endpoint security vendors, we continue to improve our market position.

Endpoint security has always been the core of our business, especially in the small-tomedium-sized business segment. At the same time, over the next few years, we expect one of our main growth drivers to be in the enterprise market, particularly in the non-endpoint security area. Our customers’ needs change in line with the evolution of the threat landscape. Therefore, we are constantly expanding our enterprise portfolio with security solutions and services strengthened by Kaspersky Lab’s global cybersecurity intelligence.


Cologne/Berlin based technology startup that offers a solution to link physical devices to the internet in a secure way. By applying asymmetric cryptography and blockchain technology the ubirch system provides a non-hackable identity for sensors and devices and a signature to proof authenticity and integrity of measurements and commands of IoT devices. Awarded as a „cool vendor“ for insurance technology the ubirch platform will be used in cases where trustworthyness plays a crucial role in IoT applications.


WISeKey is a leading cybersecurity company. WISeKey’s Swiss based cryptographic Root of Trust (“RoT”) serves as a common trust anchor, which is recognized by the operating system and applications, to ensure the authenticity, confidentiality and integrity of on-line transactions. With the cryptographic RoT embedded on the device, the IoT product manufacturers can use digital certificates to secure interactions among objects and between objects and people. Wisekey is also very active on IoT on Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

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By becoming a solution provider partner at IoT & Device Security you can benefit from…

  • Thought leadership – opportunity to communicate the business case of your technology to decision-makers currently evaluating solutions
  • One-to-one connections – unlike expo alternatives, we profile all attendees and match you with business prospects in pre-arranged one-to-one meetings
  • Meet the right people – meet decision-makers from both technical and managerial teams
  • Superior networking environment – our ‘lounge-style’ expo is a more conducive environment for business meetings than most shell-scheme alternatives


Because we pre-qualify all our delegates you will receive information on:

  • delegate responsibilities
  • specific products and services that each delegate is interested in
  • budget