San Francisco, CA
March 27 & 28, 2018

Day One: March 27, 2018

8:00am Welcome Registration, Refreshments & Networking in the Expo Area
8:45am Chair’s Opening Remarks
8:55am IoBMixr Ice-breaker

What IoT Means in Business Terms: Leveraging Technology to Compete in Today’s Markets

Rebecca Minkoff continues to lead by example when it comes to integrating high tech to better customer satisfaction and generate sales.

Hear details of the leading retailer’s success in bringing new technologies to products and business strategies; listen to how they choose and work with partners and gain invaluable insight into staying innovative.

IoT is no longer a choice for businesses that want to stay competitive, and this session will set the scene for the two days as it gives one of the best real-life examples of the market advantage enabled by connected technologies.

Ye Jin, Director, Global Customer Experience & Strategy, Rebecca Minkoff


Smart Platform Choices = Smart Business Processes & Operations

Join this session to gain tried and tested insight into the power the right IoT platform choice can give your business.

There is a myriad of IoT platform and solution offerings, but what does it mean to your real-life business and IT operations when you choose the right one?

How does an IoT platform integrate with your current IT infrastructure and what are the core features you should be looking for from your IoT platform partner? Is there such as a think as an end-to-end product?

To what extent can a platform’s analytical and communications abilities improve the outcomes of different business scenarios?

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IoT PLATFORMS PANEL: Widening your Ecosystem & Fostering Open Development

With the complexity and increasing number of IoT Platform choices, we offer a balanced discussion and lessons in establishing your IoT platforms and value chain.

Have your questions for our panelists prepared, after hearing their views on:

  • Choice: How do you choose? What check boxes do you need to in place to ensure you invest in an IoT platform that offers interoperability across your present and future IoT devices and stack?
  • Integration: Gain technical insight in selecting the optimal platform for your legacy systems, that can be scaled easily and quickly
  • Skills & Change Management: How to lead technology choices within a business. Which platform is best for your engineering, development teams, and partners? How do you integrate new technology as quickly as possible without causing disruption to your business?

Moderator by: 

Scott Day, EVP, Product & Business Strategy. thyssenkrupp Elevator Corp


Daniel Koffler, Senior Manager, Emerging Technology, Rio Tinto

Marc-Thomas Schmidt, Chief Architect Predix, GE Digital

Zelijka Lemaster, Director of Software Engineering, ShotSpotter

  10:20 – 11:00 Break & Networking | 1-2-1 Meetings



11:00am Setting your Own Goals & Adopting a
Software-centric MindsetLegacy enterprises and SMEs are striving
for digital transformation, and many markets
are threatened by new ‘digitally native’
‘disruptors’.However, there is not a one-size-fits-all
approach when it comes to cultural
mindset you need to lead with, the IoT
applications, and the infrastructure needed
to support them.Hear from this successful business leader  now succeeding in moving from a commodity
to technology provider, on the investments
needed to really leverage IoT, and the
business gains made. Please email [email protected] for further speaker updates.



Leveraging Data Analytics & Edge Computing for Commercial Gain

Data is fantastic, but what do you do with it? What you do with the data that collects on your IoT platform is central to staying relevant as a business.

Join this innovation leader from the oil and gas industry to discover how to leverage AI and machine learning to draw insights and make cost savings.

Understand edge computing and how it fits in with your data analytics planning.

Shyam Krishnaswamy, Sr. Manager, Technology Innovation, Corporate Strategy, Innovation & Sustainability, Exelon





Deciding on Partners & Establishing your IoT Ecosystem

It is one thing to ‘build’ for IoT but another to operate and run it; it is an even bigger thing to lead your business towards one that is not just a purchaser of technology, but a ‘tech’ company itself.

Getting your partner ecosystem right from the off-set is key to your transformation.

Gain answers to the key questions you should be asking:

  • How many solution providers are too many? Understand how to avoid future fragmentation within your IoT systems
  • Start-ups and legacy vendors, how should you approach both?
  • Deciding on the tools to optimize your operations with
  • Calculating the best TCO (total cost of ownership) and negotiating long-standing SLAs

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Transitioning Robotics into your Team

Robots in the workplace may seem very far-fetched to you, but perhaps not to your competition. A higher level of customer and employee service is now being delivered using robotic technology by innovative companies.

Listen to this forward-thinking case study, and to get ready to be fascinated as you learn key facts about the:

  • Design process and timescales
  • Hurdles to watch out for and steps to overcoming
  • Effects on human resource strategy
  • Data capabilities and added features brought by device’s technology
  • Impact on business decision-making and influence on profit streams

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SOFTWARE CENTRIC PANEL: How to Tackle Innovation & Put it Technology at the Heart of Your Organization

Listen, then have your questions ready for enterprise end users as they speak to:

  • How to gain Boardroom buy-in for new technology and business products
  • Moving from the ‘buy off the shelf’ mentality towards developing internally 
  • How to deepen partnerships with software companies, to gain valuable customer insight, whilst remaining in control of your customer
  • Creating a new partner support system to make you a technology first business

Hamid Montazeri, Director of IoT Architecture & Software Engineering, Stanley Black & Decker

For panelist opportunities please email [email protected]



PANEL DISCUSSION: How to Build and Deliver IoT Business ROI

Making a business dream a reality, and quickly, is a challenge faced by technical leaders and their teams more and more frequently as companies need to strive for the competitive, digital edge.

With different IoT opportunities carrying unique technology challenges, our innovation leaders share their success stories in addressing the complexities of integration of new:

  • Software
  • Security protocols
  • Data analytics tools and governance
  • Skills and employee practice

Christopher Dow, CTO, August Home

Bill Sinclair, CTO, Cartasite

Mark Malchiondo, VP Software Engineering, ecobee

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  12:10 – 1:25 Lunch & Networking | 1-2-1 Meetings




Developing & Integrating Custom, Connected Devices to Solve Customer Needs

There are a lot of choices when deciding to bring connectivity to your device but which one will solve your customers’ needs?

Should you take an open or proprietary approach to connectivity? How do you balance security and convenience? And what are the trade-offs between performance and battery life or power consumption?

Gain insight from one of the world’s leading safety and security product manufacturers to hear how they are working to deliver the richest customer experience across the world, by bringing connectivity to their mechanical products and developing a comprehensive IoT strategy.

Todd Graves, Senior Vice President, Engineering & Technology, Allegion

Defining the Reference Architecture for IoT

Standardization is cited as the key challenge slowing down enterprise adoption of IoT, and despite moving towards collaboration to resolve interoperability problems, we are still some years away from standardized solution offerings.

Creating reference architectures can help the move towards standardization, and help take ambiguous business ideas into a real solution.

Join this session to deep dive into:

  • Current IoT architectures: what do they look like and how should you design your IoT stack?
  • Guidelines on building a concrete IoT architecture
  • Designing for specific use cases: defining the functional goals and then building technical specifications

Christopher Dow, CTO, August Home



AR Case Study from Gold Sponsor, PTC

Senior Representative, PTC











System Engineering 4.0

Without the right system engineering practices and solutions for the connected devices that make up your business’ IoT, you won’t have an IoT.

Gain fail safe advice and hear tried use cases in the fundamentals of IoT system engineering.

Identify the ways in which system engineering itself must evolve to meet the needs of the connected world.

Key lessons in:

  • Defining, understanding, evaluating, optimizing product architectures and design
  • Testing for and eliminating errors
  • Quality control for products and systems
  • Planning and managing project workflow
  • Achieving insight into engineering data

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Thinking ‘Beyond the Box’:  Building your Future IoT Revenue Stream

Once you have established yourself as a key to the connected consumer’s lifestyle, how do you go beyond your product and offer an experiential experience for your customer?

Journey through this leading connected home player’s evolution and understand the choice path taken and motivation behind partnerships.

Gain insight into building your own IoT ecosystem, that will allow you to go beyond just building a connected product, and lead to sustainable and scalable revenue streams.

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PANEL: Discussing Real-Life Cases for Different IoT Edge Computing

The panel members all bring different examples of how edge computing is supporting their businesses’ needs.

Take away key lessons in architecting for different situations which employ a mix of:

  • Embedded agents
  • Gateways
  • WiFi
  • Cellular communications


Moderator: Noah Harlan, Founder & Partner, Two Bulls; & Director, EdgeX Foundry, President of the former AllSeen Alliance

Eric Bauer, Principal Software Architect, GE Transportation

Shyam Krishnaswamy, Sr. Manager, Technology Innovation, Corporate Strategy, Innovation & Sustainability, Exelon

2:25 – 3:10pm: Break & Networking | 1-2-1 Meetings


Select a facilitated group and spend 40 minutes working on a set problem, to present findings on to the room after the Start-up Innovation pitch.

1.      BUSINESS MODELS ROUND TABLE: Detangling the New IoT Business Models & Customer Journey. 


Facilitator:  Wessam Mamdouh, former Head of Mobile Money, Etisalat UAE

With complicated IoT ecosystems evolving, comes complex business models. The key question remains though, how do you provide the functionality consumers need, together, and achieve ROI from connectivity?

This business minded group made up of our audience representatives, brings together the different ecosystem players in the room.

As a group, come up with a business plan for a new IoT product your team is launching, and present it back to the room after the Innovation Pitch.

The product can be anything, and serve anyone (i.e. any market).

  • Partnerships: who do you need in your value chain to offer your customer a full ‘IoT service’?
  • ROI: Sharing economies, subscription based plans…what pricing plan will fit the new connected economy?
  • Customer Service: Which partner in the supply chain owns the customer and serves them?
  • Data governance and ownership: who owns the data and secures your customer, and essentially your business?



FacilitatorJose Gilberto Ponce, Principal Application Developer, City of Sacramento

 Smart Parks: How to integrate sensors & data collection to Parks & Recreation

Hear technical insight and watch demonstrations – there is no better way to learn!


3.      SECURITY ROUND TABLE: Securing IoT Applications

Facilitator:  David Moore, CEO/Founder, Fuzz Station

As the Internet of Things grows so have security incidents. From botnets of compromised cameras to the infamous Jeep hack, the need for IoT application security is gaining increased awareness.

During this round table, we will discuss topics in IoT application security including: Passwords/access protection, web/API security, unencrypted data (at rest and in transit), crashes and issuing security updates.

We will present a summary of issues, questions and solutions back to the audience after the IoT Innovation Pitch.



Facilitator:  Held Senior Representative, PTC, Gold Sponsor


Flexibility is key when making IoT purchasing decisions. Choosing open standards, and avoiding vendor lock-in ensures that you can take advantage of the innovation brought by new start-ups entering your market.

Hear from our panel of VCs on how to make the right judgement call on investing in new SaaS and PaaS offerings from market entrants.

Then listen to three pitches from selected start-ups, and gain advice of what questions you should be asking them when deciding on whether to work with new solution providers. 

Judges: Rick Sherlund, Partner, Perella Weinberg Partners

4:50 – 5:30pm Presentation Summary of Group Work

5:30pm Close of Day One & Networking Drinks Reception

Day Two: March 28, 2017

8:15am Refreshments & Networking in the Expo Area
9:00am Chair’s Opening Remarks

CIO & CTO PANEL DISCUSSION: How to Drive Digital Transformation Across Organizations

Technology is now changing every business process, and there is no question that the CIO and CTO are central to a business’ market strength, rather than supporting functions.

Game-changing, new solutions and services that weren’t even dreamed a few years ago are now possible but challenges still exist within organizations in terms of business buy-in, security and human change management.

What does tech ‘innovation’ and ‘transformation’ look like in real life business situations, and what steps do CIOs and CTOs need to take to bring ROI from investment in new IoT technologies?

We bring this panel of pioneering CIO and CTOs to learn their successful approaches to:

  • Investing in platforms that enable new value chains and integrated ecosystems
  • Shifting mindsets from cost management to driving business transformation and accelerating growth
  • Managing security and resource concerns

Jon Walton, CIO, County of San Mateo

For panelist opportunities please email [email protected]


Leading IoT Platforms and the Importance of IT & OT Convergence in IoT

The ability to turn marketing dreams into business reality, and quickly, relies on support from many different functions within an organization. Distinguishing the job title that manages a business’ overall ‘IoT strategy’ is often difficult as digital transformation often requires input from across the business.

Hear in this session key tips in leading technology change and nurturing collaboration between marketing, sales, IT, analytics and OT teams when first setting your IoT goals.

Then deep dive into why IoT Platforms are pivotal to new technology implementation, and cross- team collaboration.

Pinpoint what it takes to deliver IoT as a business, examining the ways in which IT and OT teams should be working together, despite remaining autonomous.

For more information, please contact [email protected]


KEYNOTE PANEL: ‘We’re just not speaking the same language’- Exploring the Billion-dollar Industry’s Path to    Interoperability

As IoT moves beyond ‘fun, consumer’ hype and enterprises are rolling out connected devices on a large scale, it is important to make the right connectivity and standardization choices.

Our panellists outline and present the current state of the industry, educating the audience on wise purchasing decisions to speed up their digital transformation.

  • What are the most widely used IoT technologies so far?
  • The current standards being developed on and which ones you should choose
  • How to collaborate with your solution partners to forward innovation
  • What can be done to speed up collaboration and eventual universal interoperability?

Confirmed Panelists:

  • Sai Yagnyamurthy, Director, Global Strategy, Ford Motor Company
  • Anoop Mohan, VP of Product, Xfinity Home, Comcast & Board Member, Open Connectivity Foundation
  • Evan Petridis, Chief System Architect, Enlighted
  10:30 – 11:10 Break & Networking | 1-2-1 Meetings




Session held for Tara Walker, Technical Evangelist, Amazon Web Services













Realizing the Core Characteristics of Efficient IoT Development & Leveraging PaaS

Do have insight into whether your development team is working efficiently and effectively?

With non-development tasks still taking from the production of core applications, this session sets the foundation for today’s IoT application development environment.

Presenting a blueprint for IoT application development, the sessions confronts the obstacles IoT development still face.

Speed up your team’s production with education in the hardware acquisition, configuration, security, scalability, data analytics and administrative technical functions when developing.

Additionally, realize the foundations that new cloud native applications will lay for continuous delivery and DevOps strategy.

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[email protected] for further speaker updates

11:30am How to Keep Your Developers Happy: Understanding what developers are using for IoT

  • Understanding the new standards for IoT
  • Getting to grips with the new terminology and architecture for IoT offerings.
  • How to ensure you respond to your developers’  ‘next big thing’: how to implement future technology changes in a quick and orderly manner

Ian Skerrett, VP of Marketing, Eclipse Foundation


Addressing the Very Real Problem: IoT Application Security

What steps can enterprises take to establish secure policies without blocking IoT applications?

Engage to identify how as a leader you can bring together the views of networking and security teams.

Find out whether the security protocols you already have in place the right ones for new technologies’ system engineering?

And, is the industry really building connected devices with security in mind?



PANEL DISCUSSION: IT Change Management & Skills Sets

Join this panel of transformation leaders to hear tested advice in:

  • Changing HR programs and recruitment techniques as you build your IoT teams
  • Upskilling staff and human change management – don’t let resourcing fail your technology investment
  • Rallying the team and collaboratively transitioning Operations and IT departments to achieve business goals that benefit the enterprise

For panelist opportunities please email [email protected]



PANEL DISCUSSION: How do you evolve IoT Trends & Security Simultaneously?

IDC estimates that 90% of organizations which implement the IoT will suffer an IoT-based breach of back-end IT systems by
the year 2017.

With the increase in data points and analytics brought by AR, AI, drones and robotics, how can you advance the protection given to data throughout its lifecycle?

Interview business and security experts and leave with essential knowledge in responding and recovering from breaches as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Then discover the advanced security and encryption methods entering the market.

Moderated by:

Ryan Dean, Principal, Altman Vilandrie & Company

For panelist opportunities please email [email protected]

  12:30 – 1:15 Lunch & Networking




Transforming from a Durables Business to a Connected Ecosystem Player

As traditional consumer durables manufacturers become connected product and service providers, they are challenged with understanding consumer expectations, and then managing their product development and lifecycle management processes to match these new expectations.

Organizational challenges arise as the old lines between IT/ Business team and Engineering functions blur.

Hear how Chamberlain has overcome challenges and successfully gained recognition as a connected, key IoT player.

Benefit from key lessons in:

– Product development process and pace

– Safety and security

– Customer experience, service level and quality

– Achieving ROI

Mark Karasek, CTO & Exec VP of Engineering, Chamberlain Group

Discussing Challenges & Costs of the Diverse & Different LPWAN Options

Exploring the NB-IoT, LoRa and Sigfox hype!

Is there a connectivity struggle in the IoT industry? Does the breadth of connectivity options with differing capabilities and features, available for even more different use cases, present us with a problem?

Hear the intricacies and cost impacts associated with today’s communication standards. Question the panel over features and restrictions of each option.

Amir Haleem, CEO and Co-Founder, Helium Systems, Inc.









Key Standards & Certification Demands

The lack of standardization is wildly accepted as slowing down enterprise IoT adoption, but are open standards suitable for every business?

Hear a balanced account of choosing between different standards for your device, the advantages and disadvantages of both open and proprietary choices.

Don’t miss this lesson in identifying when a product is certified, and not just saying it is. 

Please email [email protected] for further speaker updates




Matching the Business Case with the Right Wireless Protocols

Journey through the decision-making process for choosing a wireless protocol.

Hear great examples of the fundamental challenges facing the IoT market, as potentially complex interoperability and functionality problems, threaten businesses’ customer experience delivery and ratings.

Fully understand the cost and standardization implications as you weigh up different single and multi-protocol choices.

Hear how to ensure you are up to speed with the technology and new voice service integration requirements, so that your customers don’t have to think beyond their seamless end user experience.

Please email [email protected] for further speaker updates

1:55pm Reducing Maintenance Error with Wearable Technology & AR

Maintenance and assembly error is an undesirable yet prevailing issue within the aerospace industry. Despite the costs and setbacks associated with maintenance errors, emerging technologies are not often enough employed to limit these errors; wearable technology and smart tools have great potential for streamlining the maintenance and assembly process.

Gain key insight into GE Aviation’s recent pilot study which assessed the utilization of wearable and AR technology to minimize errors, improve product quality, and increase mechanic efficiency. 

Learn the benefits brought by hardware and software in an operational setting and measure the effectiveness of the technology.

Ted Robertson, Engineering Manager, GE Aviation

Building on Open Standards in a Closed Environment

When engineering on open standards, how do you ensure that control within your closed environment is maintained?

Gain insight into matching the use case to the right design, and the flexibility afforded by open standards.

Hear best practice and updates on tool and component choices.

Please email [email protected] for further speaker updates




2:15 – 3:00pm: Break & Networking


3:00pm PANEL: Everything you Need to Know about IoT & Blockchain

Hype around blockchain is not undeserved; its ability to offer secure and controlled protection and access to your data is real. However, as a ‘new technology’, knowledge of its potential is not wide spread within enterprise Board Rooms. 

Take away the necessary facts on blockchain’s place in your future IoT platform from use cases in:

  • The distributed ledgers’ leading characteristics within enterprise infrastructure
  • How blockchain’s decentralized nature marries with IoT’s security needs
  • The effect of blockchain on enterprises’ IoT ecosystems and economies

Moderator: Akash Bhatia, Partner, The Boston Consulting Group


Jared Harwayne-Gidansky, Deputy Global Head, North American Lead Emerging Business & Technology, BNY Mellon

For panelist opportunities please email [email protected]


Building New Revenue Streams from New Software

With new software, comes new partnerships and a supply chain.

Hear how you optimize your software to enhance your IoT innovation.

Get an overview of how to configure hardware and software, and monetize it to drive growth.

Learn what the optimal end user experience should look like, key lessons in entitlement management, licensing and protection.

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Staying Competitive with Artificial Intelligence: Asking the Questions You Didn’t Think Of

AI brings answers to questions that data scientists didn’t previously know they should ask. Explore how to build and implement AI into your technology structure and discover the insights that are now possible from your business’ data.

Hear from our expert speaker who has implemented AI on the challenges it brings, and lessons learned. Alongside, the advantages brought to an engineering and manufacturing setting.

Really grasp the speed and depth of predictive analytics that can now be brought to your business.

Please email [email protected] for further speaker updates


Chair’s Closing Remarks & Close of Conference