German firm Graphmasters leverages Splunk and IoT for smarter travel

German navigation provider Graphmasters says that it is using Splunk Enterprise’s IoT capabilities to provide better, faster and traffic-free routes for its customers.

Announcing the news earlier this week, Graphmasters said that Splunk Enterprise allows the firm to correlate data from traffic feeds in real-time to help drivers find the fastest and most accurate route through traffic. Internally, the firm adds that it allows them to prevent downtime by tracking peak times of road travel and to measure KPIs like accuracy of arrival times to improve performance.

“The success of the Nunav app relies on our ability to analyse large volumes of machine data from diverse sources, including the Internet of Things, in real time,” said Iulian Nitescu, chief technical officer and founder, Graphmasters, in a statement.

“By analysing data from road traffic feeds, we have created traffic profiles in Splunk Enterprise for a real-time view of road congestion. This allows us to recommend the fastest route to our customers every time. By correlating traffic data with the app’s route recommendations, we can also rapidly detect and rectify any discrepancy between the route and current traffic conditions.”

There are peak times for road travel, which means Graphmasters needs to scale to meet higher demand for the app during those times. For example, more people are likely on the road before bank holidays or on Friday afternoons. The company has set up alerts so the technical team knows immediately if traffic reaches a certain threshold and they can scale the server and ensure downtime is avoided.

Graphmasters also uses Splunk dashboards to measure a number of key performance indicators (KPIs), including query times, accuracy of the predicted arrival times and how long it takes the system to adapt to a traffic event that could slow things down. By monitoring these areas, Graphmasters guarantees that it is performing well in all KPIs.

“Graphmasters’ Nunav app is a great example of the exciting products and services our customers can build by harnessing real-time insights from their machine data,” said Steve Sommer, chief marketing officer, Splunk. “We are pleased that Splunk Enterprise enables Graphmasters to help assure accuracy and uptime – ultimately enabling Nunav users to avoid traffic and get to their destinations quicker.”