Google, KPMG team up for GDPR compliance, customer experience

Google, KPMG team up for GDPR compliance, customer experience

NEWSBYTE Professional services firm KPMG has teamed up with Google to create new products targeted at improving customer experience and helping with GDPR compliance.

As part of a new alliance between the two companies, KPMG will create a portfolio of products built on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), using its analytics and machine learning capabilities. These will focus on areas such as customer service, contract management, cyber security, regulatory compliance, and business/process performance management.

KPMG has already made two of its new products available: KPMG Intelligent Interactions, which is designed to improve customer experience, and the GDPR Assessment and Compliance products for managing customer data in line with the EU’s new regulations, which came into force on 25 May.

Intelligent Interactions taps into machine learning, including Google Cloud‘s Speed-to-Text and Translate APIs, to determine sentiment and intent, and integrates with other technologies, such as robotic process automation (RPA), in a bid to help clients automate customer responses and reevaluate their business processes.

According to a joint announcement from the companies, the GDPR Assessment and Compliance products blend KPMG expertise with Google technology to give enterprises a single customer view, along with legal and compliance support, end-to-end modelling platforms, cloud data warehousing, and a data infrastructure.

According to KPMG, the products “help reduce the costs associated with ongoing compliance, streamline compliance efforts, enable data-driven customer service improvements, and support analytics-powered processing”.

Miriam Hernandez-Kakol, KPMG

“Organisations are seeing advanced technologies and natural language experiences as a key to transforming their businesses,” said Miriam Hernandez-Kakol, who heads up KPMG’s Customer & Operations practice.

“KPMG is creating data-driven solutions that harness Google Cloud technology, including machine learning, to help our member firm clients advance business strategies and deliver unrivalled digital experiences,” she added.

Tariq Shaukat, president, Partners and Industry Platforms, at Google Cloud, said, “Our alliance with KPMG helps customers across industries benefit from the advantages of Google Cloud, including our advanced security, data analytics, and machine learning capabilities, to solve real business challenges.”

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