HCL Technologies launches IoT incubator
HCL Technologies launches IoT incubator
HCL Technologies launches IoT incubator

HCL Technologies launches IoT incubator

HCL Technologies has launched its Internet of Things (IoT) Incubation Centre in Redmond, Washington, USA.

The company hopes to accelerate enterprise IoT adoption by leveraging Microsoft’s Azure IoT suite, whilst also making use of Microsoft’s leadership in this space.

Sukamal Banerjee, EVP & head of the IoT works business unit at HCL Technologies, explained that the centre will focus on two key verticals; industrial & manufacturing and life sciences & healthcare.

“Innovation in today’s world requires invention and execution. The ability to rapidly prototype and bring solutions to market is a key to enterprise success in a hyper-innovative global environment,” he said.

“Industrial IoT (IIoT) is slated to be the next big productivity and revenue generation lever for enterprises worldwide. We are confident that our collaboration in this space will create some truly innovative and actionable industrial IoT solutions which are scalable, cost-effective and focused on user experience.”

Mr Banerjee and his colleagues at HCL Technologies now join a host of other experts and industry leaders specifically looking at industrial applications for these technologies.

“The industrial Internet of Things shares information from diverse parts of an operation which historically have operated autonomously using local data,” Paul Marshall, chief customer officer at Eseye, told Internet of Business.

“Securely sharing and combining this information in real-time allows dynamic decision making and control. Delivering information to people based on skills and their location, allows them to manage tasks better and optimise their activities, reducing stress and improving their working environment.”

IoT has worldwide appeal

IoT has the potential to be truly transformative across a wide range of business sectors, which has encouraged innovation all over the world. Aside from the HCL Incubation Centre, a number of IoT accelerator programmes have launched in the UK.

For example, IoTUK was founded last year as part of a £40 million government programme. Over a three-year period, IoTUK will co-ordinate, advise and collaborate with the UK’s Internet of Things community including start-ups, technology enterprises and research bodies.

The programme also provides a central hub displaying some of the country’s existing IoT deployments, ranging from smart bins in Nottingham to connected farming in Scotland.