Internet of Things Community forms Healthcare IoT Centre of Excellence
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Internet of Things Community forms Healthcare IoT Centre of Excellence

NEWSBYTE: The Internet of Things Community, which claims to be the world’s largest group of corporate executives, IoT professionals and practitioners, has announced a new healthcare-focused IoT Centre of Excellence (CoE).

The CoE is being created to provide solid guidelines for healthcare providers to implement IoT.

Chris Sullivan, global healthcare practice lead, Zebra Technologies will lead the CoE, while John Gresham, senior vice president, DeviceWorks and Interoperability, Cerner, will serve as vice chair. The CoE aims to collectively provide healthcare IoT strategy development and implement best practices across healthcare providers.

Commenting on the announcement, Chris Sullivan said:

“I am thrilled to join the IoT Community’s Centre of Excellence and work with industry leaders to aid healthcare organisations in improving their IoT strategies to better serve their staff and patients.

Our combined efforts will help devise a sharing platform that will include the most effective industry learnings for adopting IoT in healthcare settings while helping remove technical, regulatory, operational and financial barriers.

The organisation believes that the adoption of IoT in healthcare and life sciences can improve health and wellness, and that, by offering a platform for sharing industry learning, it can help facilitate this.

This includes a learning portal and knowledge platform, live conferences, and on-demand distribution of thought leadership.

The Healthcare IoT Centre of Excellence will initially focus on:

  • Healthcare provider strategy
  • Personal health management
  • Big data and analytics
  • Underserved communities
  • Venture capital for healthcare start-ups

“We are working to create the framework that can provide a meaningful pathway for healthcare providers and institutions implementing IoT products and services, assisting them to get things right the first time, without compromising security, privacy and other inhibiting barriers,” said David Hill, executive director of the IoT Community.

This CoE will share expertise and knowledge in the healthcare IoT domain, leading to significantly better patient outcomes.

Internet of Business says

With an industry as sensitive as healthcare, it’s all the more important to get any IoT implementation right from the outset. Should it fulfil its promise, the Healthcare IoT Centre of Excellence could offer a hub of expertise and shared experiences to help tackle key issues, such as patient privacy and wellbeing, and help foster transformative IoT projects.

IoT in healthcare has already demonstrated its enormous potential, but the way data is handled, shared, and secured is more critical than in almost any other industry. This is giving rise to other initiatives too, such as the UK government’s recent NHS supplier AI code of conduct.