Hertz using Cognizant IoT solutions to monitor equipment

Equipment rental firm Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation (HERC) is working with Cognizant in order to digitally transform its business by deploying IoT solutions and strategies. 

HERC is looking to generate more value from its telematics technology, operator behaviour, geographic location, wireless data capture from sensors about maintenance status and other aspects of HERC equipment performance.

Cognizant will use its knowledge in utilizing IoT technology to redesign and strengthen HERC’s business applications to make full use of the latest digital capabilities. This will include advanced mobile interfaces for field technicians in order to improve efficiency, and new telematics enabled digital services for customers.

Currently, Cognizant is developing asset tracking whereby employees will be alerted when equipment is entering or leaving a site. Equipment availability will also be tracked with real-time monitoring of the equipment status. Maintenance scheduling will also be implemented, and will enable automatic scheduling of preventive maintenance, based on equipment usage hours.

IoT in enterprise

Sean Middleton, COO, emerging business accelerator at Cognizant, said: “Enterprises are grappling with how to best leverage digital technologies like the IoT.

“HERC’s sizeable deployment of telematics technology reflects that they’re forward-thinkers and leaders in the new digital age.  We’re excited to work with them in building applications and analytics on top of this foundation to help better engage their customers and unlock new levels of business value from the massive amounts of data generated.”

Rich Marani, CIO at HERC, added: “The team at Cognizant impressed us with a deep understanding of our industry’s business challenges, and their demonstrated ability to execute end-to-end as we transform our telematics program. We know we can rely on them not only to develop a winning strategy, but to partner with us in implementing solutions that will drive our business success.”

HERC is following the trend of businesses employing people to deploy Internet of Things technology. Online grocery seller Ocado, which delivers food to your door, is also deploying IoT technology in the warehouse, and you can read about that here.