Human + Machine: Augmented Intelligence Amplifies ROI in the Workplace

Human + Machine: Augmented Intelligence Amplifies ROI in the Workplace

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Long-lasting, impactful digital transformation requires an acute knowledge of the people, processes, and systems that comprise your organization.

Successful digital transformation requires that you understand how your tangible assets – such as equipment, machinery, and facilities – operate to deliver value.

It also requires active participation and behavior change from people at all levels of your organization. This stakeholder engagement helps leaders understand what their organization needs – not just what’s been done before.

However, achieving this level of integrated engagement at scale can seem difficult, if not almost impossible.

This podcast gives you insight into how you can integrate data from your assets and input from your people to lead successful digital transformation initiatives and how to achieve upwards of 5x ROI.


Bryan MercklingBryan Merckling
CEO, Thinaër

Bryan Merckling helped shape the online supply chain management industry while leading Bryan then helped create Webify as co-founder and COO where a new class of cross business and cross application integration was invented. Webify was acquired by IBM where Bryan then directed worldwide software strategy. Bryan’s strategy team at IBM was one of the first to identify the emerging market that is known today as The Internet of Things. Today, he is CEO of Thinaër, a leading edge digital transformation company that he founded with the intent to change healthcare and other highly regulated industries. 

Cliff-TironiCliff Tironi
Managing Partner, Thinaër

Cliff Tironi is Managing Partner of Thinaer and is a co-creator of the real-time feedback platform used as the core tool utilized in driving their digital transformation consulting. Cliff has a passion for data visualization as a method to uncover deeper meaning and powerful insights.


ThinaerThinaër integrates IoT technology, real-time feedback, advanced analytics, and strategy consulting to empower scalable digital transformation for a growing list of Fortune 500 firms.

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