Internet of Business welcomes Chris Middleton as editor
Chris Middleton Editor

Internet of Business welcomes Chris Middleton as editor

We’re delighted to announce Chris Middleton as the new editor of Internet of Business. Chris brings an enormous amount of experience to the role and specialises in robotics, AI, the IoT, and technology strategy.

He is former editor of Computing, Computer Business Review, and Professional Outsourcing, among others, and is a contributing editor to Diginomica, Computing, and Hack and Craft News. Over the years, he has also written for Computer Weekly, The Guardian, The Times, PC World, I-CIO, V3, and The Inquirer, among many others.

He is an acknowledged robotics expert who has appeared on BBC TV and radio, and ITN, and is probably the only tech journalist in the UK to own a number of humanoid robots, which he hires out to events, exhibitions, universities, and schools.

Chris says: “I’m proud to join IoB at such an exciting time for the Internet of Things, and to pick up the editorial baton from Jessica Twentyman, whose expertise and insight has been so important in developing this site. (I’m delighted to say that Jess, one of the UK’s leading tech journalists, has agreed to remain a regular contributor, joining what will be an expanding roster of talent.)

“Over the next few years, the IoT will combine with edge computing, analytics, AI, robotics, autonomous vehicles, drones, and a range of other technologies, such as enterprise asset management and digital twins, to create entirely new types of business, along with new opportunities for established players.

“The market for robotics, AI, and autonomous systems alone could be worth up to $3 trillion, by some estimates, so it’s critical that no organisation – and no country – gets left behind in the new industrial age.

“IoB will be there to cover it all. And to reflect the growing importance and diversity of this sector, we will be shifting our focus to thought leadership, analysis, and longer-form content, telling you what we think and what’s important at every stage of the journey.

“Meanwhile, our unrivalled programme of international events brings together experts and thought leaders in vertical and horizontal sectors, so that we can all learn from the very best.

“Welcome to Internet of Business: let’s start a new conversation.”