SAP, Verizon and PwC back IoT accelerator in New York
SAP, Verizon and PwC back IoT accelerator in New York

SAP, Verizon and PwC back IoT accelerator in New York

IoT start-ups encouraged to apply for place on accelerator

Techstars has unveiled its new accelerator for IoT start-ups based in New York.

The accelerator has ten spots up for grabs as Techstars looks to foster companies in the IoT space. It will operate out of the Barclay Rise building in New York City, which is also home to the Barclays Accelerator.

Techstars IoT will target “Industrial Internet” and connecting the infrastructure of business and industry. The accelerator unites IoT industry leaders with a select group of the most innovative emerging start-ups for a 15 week, mentorship-driven programme.

The program is looking for start-ups developing innovations in software and artificial intelligence, connected enterprise, smart cities and energy, advanced manufacturing, health and wearables, logistics and automotive, VR, AR, drones and robotics, agriculture, and the connected home.

According to Jenny Fielding, who lead the new IoT accelerator and also serves as managing director of the Barclays Accelerator, the organisation has the support of PwC, GE, Bosch, SAP and Verizon.

“This collection of partners accounts for total revenue of $380+ billion and a depth of experience in everything from sensor design to big data analytics,” she said.

“We are thrilled to partner with this select group of corporate leaders to help develop these innovations and support the deployment of solutions as integration partners and possibly as customers. These partners are directly involved in sourcing, selecting and mentoring the companies in the program and bringing their wealth of domain and customer experience.”

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IoT delivers new opportunities

Paul Burke, VP of product management, cloud and applications at Oncam, told Internet of Business that IoT is delivering vast possibilities for businesses.

“More data can be easily and automatically collected than ever before, and then analysed or used to automate business processes. It means deeper, real-world insight; more effective business decisions; and businesses that are safer, more efficient, and more profitable,” he said.

Ian Hughes, Internet of Things analyst at 451 Research, told Internet of Business that as interactions at a B2B level becomes more like M2M, as additional data feeds and automated interactions are possible across disparate networks of IoT devices.

“Simple use cases such as building automation working and adjusting to the working patterns of a company’s staff for heating and lighting start to surface this concept,” he said.

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