European body IoT-EPI announces €5.5m funding for local IoT projects
EU announces a VC fund of $442 million for tech start-ups
EU announces a VC fund of $442 million for tech start-ups

European body IoT-EPI announces €5.5m funding for local IoT projects

European initiative the IoT-European Platforms Initiative (IoT-EPI) says it will invest more than €5.5 million ($6.15 million) into IoT SME, start-ups and university or research projects.

On October 1st, the IoT-EPI launched the first of ten open calls to support IoT in Europe. It claims more than 100 projects will receive technology support and funding in the range of €30,000-€150,000 ($33,000-$168,000) each.

The calls are open for SMEs, start-ups, companies, research centers or universities in Europe and its associated countries.

The grants are funded by the Horizon 2020 program – an EU research and innovation program.

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First open calls started this month

The first open call with a total amount of €850,000 ($950,000) funding will be coordinated by the IoT-EPI partner INTER-IoT.

They have said that SME and start-ups focusing on logistics, mHealth and overall IoT areas such as smart city services can apply with detailed projects for funding between €60,000 ($67,000) and €125,000 ($140,000).

INTER-IoT aims at the design, implementation and experimentation of an open cross-layer framework to enable voluntary interoperability among IoT-platforms.

Besides the funding, the international partners of the INTER-IoT consortium say it will provide access to its network to open up new business opportunities.

Second funding call commences November 30

symbIoTe, another project partner of IoT-EPI with members such as Atos, Fraunhofer, and the University of Vienna, will open applications for its call on November 30th.

symbIoTe says its project will make information transparent across various platforms to enable developers and designers from different platforms to securely collaborate and interoperate.

Companies, research organizations and universities focusing on Cloud-based IoT platforms can apply with detailed project descriptions for funding ranging from €30,000 ($33,000) to €50,000 ($56,000).

In addition, symbIoTe announced it would provide support for the winners. This will include an invitation to symbIoTe’s technical meetings to present on progress and troubleshoot problems with project partners.

IoT-EPI ‘to create a vibrant IoT ecosystem in Europe’

“IoT-EPI is a cluster of projects which will establish a common knowledge base on IoT-platform technologies. These projects do not only develop innovative platform technologies but also foster community and business building based on these technologies – with the overall goal to create a vibrant IoT-ecosystem in Europe.

“The open calls will support such an IoT ecosystem by opening up to a large number of SMEs and start-ups,” said Dr. Mechthild Rohen, head of unit for ‘Internet of Things’ in the Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology in the European Commission.

Further funding opportunities for SME and start-ups in mobility, energy, smart buildings, agriculture and infrastructure will be announced later this year, according to IoT-EPI.

On its website, IoT-EPI says that it is a “European Initiative addressing the new EU-funded H2020 programs about IoT platform development”. At the core of IoT-EPI are the seven research and innovation projects: Inter-IoT,BIG IoTAGILE, symbIoTe, TagItSmart!, VICINITY and bIoTope.

With a total funding of 50M€, and within a time frame of three years (2016-2018), these projects are designed to not only develop new platform technologies but also to foster community and business building based on these technologies.

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