Are you an IoT expert? Take our quiz and find out!

Are you an IoT expert? Take our quiz and find out!

Think you know a bit about the Internet of Things? Why not take our monthly IoT quiz to find out how good you really are…

The Internet of Things has been labelled as an $19 trillion opportunity for companies and industries, with experts at IDC and Intel predicting that there will be 200 billion ‘things’ in circulation by 2020. Meanwhile, to illustrate just how hot this trend is, Gartner’s acclaimed Hype Circle puts IoT at the ‘peak of inflated expectations’ – a time where new technology starts to see real business benefits.

Indeed, it’s clear that IoT is already having a transformative effect on business and industry. Here at IoB, we’ve seen examples of retailers leveraging sensors and beacons to track customers, of manufacturers digitising their production plants and of healthcare providers using telematics solutions and wearables to monitor patients from the comfort of their own home.

Then there have been those surprising case studies, from Indonesian cocoa farmers using IoT sensors to tackle the challenges of climate change, to connected cows, ships and even IoT changing the beer you drink.

However, the road to IoT adoption is not clear-cut, with companies often having to overcome numerous challenges. These can include the cultural – such as getting your C-suite to buy into the project – and the technical, with cyber-security, data management and a lack of skills internally often cited for the latter. Establishing a return of investment (ROI) of any project is absolutely vital.

So, how much do you really know about this technological concept? Take the below – our first monthly quiz – to find out!

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