Happy New Year – and welcome to Blockchain month!
It’s January – so it’s Blockchain month!
It’s January – so it’s Blockchain month!

Happy New Year – and welcome to Blockchain month!

In a new monthly feature, the IoB Editorial team investigate Blockchain and what it means for the Internet of Things.

As part of this new feature, we will look at one designated topic per month, covering at least one feature, an opinion piece and also other events on the topic – such as Twitter chats and breakfast briefings (more to come on them soon).

Here’s our action plan for Blockchain month:

  • An in-depth feature on Blockchain and what it means for the Internet of Things
  • How bank ING is leveraging Big Data, IoT and other new technologies
  • Blockchain and Internet of Things (opinion piece – to submit your article click here)

If you want to contribute comments for the feature, or an opinion piece, for this subject you can email [email protected].

In the meantime, here’s some related content to get your hands on. We’ve previously reported on how Blockchain and IoT technologies combine for document authentication, how the tech is being used to make interbank trade, and how it is delivering security for connected devices.

Furthermore, we’ve also exclusively covered how life insurer Manulife is testing the distributed ledger system, AR, and IoT tech, and how Isle of Man tests Blockchain to secure IoT devices. Then there’s the case of the novel Blockchain-powered plug could help cut your energy bills

If this topic just ain’t your thing, don’t worry – we’re doing plenty of other content in the coming month, including:

  • An interview with Asos chairman Brian McBride (former CEO of Amazon.co.uk)
  • The top 10 insurance IoT collaborations
  • An upcoming Twitter chat on smart and renewable energy
  • Start-up of the month Q&A with IoT start-up Mothive
  • We’re also focusing on supply chain.

Our focus for February is standards, and for March it is cyber-security. For now, I’ll leave you with this handy video explainer on Blockchain from Damian Richardson, head of payments, strategy and innovation at Royal Bank of Scotland.


Doug Drinkwater is the Contributing Editor at Internet of Business. An experienced technology journalist and editor with a passion for emerging technology, his work has previously appeared on a number of well-regarded IT titles, including CIO.com, CSO Online, International Business Times, Macworld, Mashable, PCWorld, SC Magazine and The Gadget Show Magazine.