Kaspersky Lab launches IoT scanner for home networks
Kaspersky Lab launches IoT scanner for home networks

Kaspersky Lab launches IoT scanner for home networks

Security company Kaspersky has released a beta version of Kaspersky IoT Scanner, an application for Android that scans the home Wi-Fi network.

Due to the proliferation of IoT, particularly in the home, Kaspersky has launched this product in order to help householders better manage the security of their networks. Recent highly publicized DDoS and ransomware cases, such as those using the Mirai Botnet and WannaCry, have highlighted to consumers the potential dangers of connected devices.

Kaspersky is hoping to allay some of those fears, by helping them to tackle threats proactively. The company’s device supposedly scans the home network and flags up every device it finds, as well as its level of security.

Appliance audit

Kaspersky claims that it will automatically identify smart devices such as Wi-Fi routers, IP cameras, Smart TVs, Wi-Fi printers, NAS network storage devices, media servers and game consoles, as well as computers, tablets or smartphones, connected to the home network.

It will then “memorise” them and notifies the home owner when any new or familiar device is connected to, or disconnects from, the network. This is to ensure that the owner is always are of who is using their network.

The main benefit, however, is that the scanner will detect any anomalies or vulnerabilities much quicker than a human, particularly a home owner who is unlikely to be regularly monitoring his or her network. For example, if their connection ports are open, Kaspersky IoT Scanner informs the user about it and advises them to immediately close them. It will also identify any password vulnerabilities among Wi-Fi routers, Telnet or SSH, to ensure hackers cannot exploit password weaknesses.

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Kaspersky’s grand mission

Somewhat grandly, Andrei Mochola, head of consumer business at Kaspersky Lab, suggested that the product was launched because “Kaspersky Lab’s mission is to save the world from cyberthreats.

“Our “arsenal” contains many free solutions for a variety of tasks and platforms, and Kaspersky IoT Scanner is yet another solution that allows a significant portion of netizens – namely, users of “smart” devices – to stay protected”, Mochola added.

Kaspersky Lab is not the first to launch a smart home security product of this kind. Earlier this year, BullGuard launched its own product known as Dojo, with BullGuard CEO, Paul Lipman, suggesting that “A smart home can quickly become a fool’s paradise when IoT devices are not properly secured.”

The Kaspersky IoT Scanner is available for beta testing on Google Play. It’s available in Russian and English in a limited number of countries. Users can download Kaspersky IoT Scanner, using this link.

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