Klashwerks’ Raven device turns any car into a connected car
Credit: Klashwerks

Klashwerks’ Raven device turns any car into a connected car

Raven combines satnav, dashcam, onboard diagnostics, and more, in a single device.

Canadian car technology company Klashwerks has unveiled a new device that promises to bring connected car technology to legacy vehicles.

Called Raven, the device integrates a number of separate in-car technologies, such as satnav, dashcam, and on-board diagnostics, and connects to the internet. It sits on the dashboard behind the windscreen, and gives drivers assistance on the road as well as 24-hour monitoring of the vehicle.

The hardware is paired with a smartphone app. The device will monitor road conditions, the car’s security, and the location of family members. It uses 4G LTE and GPS to help navigate through town and will alert the driver if the speed limit is broken.

If the device detects breaking glass or a bump to the car, it will send a notification in real-time to the owner. It can also automatically broadcast a live video stream, viewable through the smartphone app, and record footage from inside and outside the car in the event of an accident or theft.

The device sports a display to show information such as direction, speed, fuel levels, and distance to destination. As a safety measure, drivers can operate the device through hand gestures while behind the wheel.


The app itself lets car owners see data on fuel levels, current speed, and the location of the vehicle. It will also tell the owner of any problems with the vehicle, how severe they are, and what has caused them.

The app records recent trips via its Driving History feature, and also features Trip Cards, which give more detailed information on the amount of fuel consumed, driving speed, and unforeseen events.

“As a ride-share driver, I know that Raven has my back, both on the road and in the cabin,” said Phil Alexandre, a beta user. “My passengers are intrigued by its functionality, while my family members rest easy knowing they can check up on my progress when I’m driving late at night.”

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In the race to connect new vehicles to help avoid 1.2 million road deaths every year, and move towards a future of smart, sustainable, electric/hybrid vehicles and driverless cars, it is easy to forget the 1.2 billion cars that are already on the road. This is a smart, interim solution for the millions of drivers who can’t afford a new car – and who perhaps don’t yet fully appreciate the benefits of connected vehicle technology.