Lead Generation

Lead Generation

If you’re facing today’s growing challenge of how to continue to expand your business pipeline, the Internet of Business (IoB) team can help deliver your message to the right audience. IoB provides clients and partners with the digital tools to generate leads, spread brand awareness and position you as a thought leader, through:

  • Webinar – (125 leads guaranteed)
  • Podcast – (100 leads guaranteed)
  • Whitepaper – (100 leads guaranteed)
  • Market Research Surveys – (100 leads guaranteed)

* e-Book and e-Blast opportunities are also available

We strategically segment our database by sector, job title, and function, before targeting groups with messaging relevant to them.

For more information, please contact Phillip Zakim-Yacouby: [email protected]

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What Our Clients Say

The IoB team did an exceptional job at driving value for both the sponsors and the attendees. We have no doubt that the leads we had will be converted to long-lasting, impactful relationships for our company.

Director of Marketing, MachineMetrics

I could tell by the questions at the end of my talk that the audience was engaged and that isn’t always the case. The conversations we had were very good.

Head of Strategic Business, IoT & AI, Nutanix

I love the opportunity to see what
other manufacturers are doing to their
company to improve efficiencies.

Technologist, Nissan