Libelium adds six pack of clouds to Meshlium IoT gateway
Libelium adds six pack of clouds to Meshlium IoT gateway

Libelium adds six pack of clouds to Meshlium IoT gateway

IoT sensor specialist Libelium has integrated six new cloud platforms with its Meshlium IoT gateway product.

Libelium is known as a player in the IoT, smart cities and machine-to-machine (M2M) platform space. The company develops wireless sensor networks and a commensurate offering of management software that runs its hardware products.

Now looking to provide a higher level of interoperability across its platform base, Libelium has integrated six new cloud platforms with its IoT gateway Meshlium. They are: Biz4, NEC Connexive, RoboMQ, Spark Compass, Symphoni and Ubicamóvil.

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Definition time

As an IoT gateway, Meshlium receives sensor data from Waspmote Plug & Sense! (a Libelium line of encapsulated wireless sensor devices used by system integrators) and forwards it directly to the Internet via Ethernet or 4G/3G/GPRS protocols depending on the connectivity options available in the area.

By way of one more definition, an IoT gateway (sometimes known as a control tier) is probably best described as a physical device (a hardware appliance) that works with dedicated embedded management software that works as a hub and central connection location between cloud computing services, data and function controllers, sensors and the intelligent devices that serve to make up the IoT itself.

The company is celebrating the fact that more than 100 partners are now actively networking on the company’s IoT ecosystem, joining cloud platform vendors such as AWS (Amazon Web Services), Ericsson, IBM Bluemix, Microsoft Azure and Telit – all of which are already compatible with the IoT Gateway Meshlium.  

What seems to be happening here is that Libelium is shifting its strategic focus from sensor devices to Meshlium, in an attempt to extend its presence in the whole IoT value chain allowing the development of end-to-end solutions.

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Any device, any cloud, any protocol

Libelium CEO Alicia Asin claims that her firm’s IoT platform allows customers to access to new market opportunities. “By connecting any sensor or even any device to any cloud platform through any communication protocol”, as she puts it.

The company has also detailed work recently to enhanced the accuracy, reliability and quality for applications such as smart parking, smart environment, water management, air quality index and others.

NEC has also trusted Libelium and joined its cloud partner program to innovate on IoT. NEC’s Connexive IoT Platform and Libelium IoT Gateway Meshlium interaction are now hoped to deliver state of art capabilities for IoT devices and sensors management and orchestration including support of massive IoT information data storing, processing and analytics.

Of the other platforms Libelium is now working with Biz4Intellia is an end-to-end IoT and M2M with inbuilt reporting and analytics and RoboMQ is a hybrid integration platform that integrates SaaS, multi-cloud deployment and applications over any protocol.

Meanwhile, Spark Compass collects data from devices, wearables and sensors networks with analytics on directed at real-time behavior and actions that are said to provide ‘granular visibility’ in a centralized platform specialized in healthcare and public spaces such as universities, stadiums, or airports. Symphoni is a no-code developer platform, and finally, Ubicamóvil enters the Libelium Cloud Partner Ecosystem as the first Mexican platform. Initially designed to GPS satellite tracking for automobiles, Ubicamóvil is now expanding its business to different verticals into the IoT world.

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