LG, Luxoft expand webOS to automotive, robotics, smart homes

LG, Luxoft expand webOS to automotive, robotics, smart homes

NEWSBYTE IT services company Luxoft is partnering with LG Electronics to expand the webOS operating system into the automotive, robotics, and smart home sectors.

LG currently deploys webOS in over 60 million smart TVs and digital signage systems.

Thanks to our collaboration with Luxoft, we are able to bring webOS into automotive and beyond,” said LG Electronics CTO, IP Park. “Luxoft is providing a substantial technological contribution to webOS, and has also greatly enhanced our ability to deploy it in new industries.”

Luxoft will lead the deployment of webOS in a variety of new sectors, beginning with automotive, according to a joint statement today. The partnership will initially focus on digital cockpit development – which includes infotainment, navigation, and other features that centre on human-car interactions – before moving on to smart homes and robotics.

We’re already leveraging LG Electronics’ thriving smart TV eco-system to customise and enhance webOS so it provides an innovation canvas for car manufacturers to develop next-generation autonomous vehicles,” said Mikael Söderberg, senior technical director, Automotive at Luxoft.

“Having access to webOS and its cloud services platform will enable car makers to design and develop better customer experiences for autonomous mobility services.”

Underlying this partnership is a shared desire to make it easier for manufacturers to innovate with technology,” added Dmitry Loschinin, president and CEO of Luxoft.

“This platform gives them the flexibility to make digital changes. This will help accelerate the mobility revolution, improve human-robotic interactions, and make smart devices even smarter.”

Source: Press release.

Internet of Business says

The partnership reveals that the Internet of Things is not just connecting things within discrete areas, such as transport, but also across them and into other connected environments, such as the home or office – as typified by IBM’s announcement earlier this year of its Watson Assistant programme.

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