New AI tool decreases test time to find bugs in apps
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New AI tool decreases test time to find bugs in apps

Eggplant AI software testing tool mimics user interactions to find faults in new software.

A new artificial intelligence tool could cut down on the time it takes to find bugs in applications, claims its maker.

Eggplant AI 2.0 uses AI, machine learning, and analytics to navigate applications and predict where quality issues are likely to arise. The resulting data helps product teams to identify and resolve problems quickly.

Testing times for developers

According to its maker, digital automation specialist Testplant, testing an app is “an impossibly large task”.

The company claims that there are an infinite number of ways a user can navigate through an app, which is why test teams cover “less than one percent” of possible user journeys. As a result, most apps go live with defects.

“Until now, test teams had to estimate where issues were most likely to be, then manually create automated scripts to test those user journeys,” said the company.

Eggplant AI auto-generates those tests, which “significantly increases the effectiveness and efficiency of testing”.

Smoke test

In any continuous development environment, some tests will become standardised and repetitive. In most cases, developers ‘smoke test’ those user journeys, regardless of how likely they are to find defects.

According to Testplant, Eggplant AI enables testers to define these ‘directed’ tests , as well as combine manually defined regression tests with advanced AI-based simulations.

Antony Edwards, CTO at Testplant, said that only companies that embrace intelligent test automation will be able to satisfy customer demands for new, and better, apps.

“Eggplant AI 2.0 is a huge leap forward in the evolution of test automation. This is the only way software and app vendors are going to keep up with the demands of users and the pace of DevOps,” he said.

Internet of Business says

As many organisations merge traditional back-end IT with customer-facing app development, the DevOps environment is becoming more and more critical to meeting strategic business goals.

Just as companies can succeed faster with smart digital programmes – moving swiftly to capture new market opportunities – so they can fail faster, too, if buggy apps are rushed to market. In a connected world, that failure may take place in full view of the public.

AI isn’t just something that can reveal new connections in data resources, or provide more personal service; it can also help organisations to help themselves.