Magic Software showcases new tricks with GigaSpaces

Magic Software showcases new tricks with GigaSpaces

Magic speeds new tricks with GigaSpaces

In-memory computing specialist GigaSpaces is now working with software integration business Magic Software on the development and deployment of IoT integration technologies.

Specifically, Magic is using GigaSpaces InsightEdge software in its Magic xpi toolset.

What GigaSpaces brings to the table, with InsightEdge, is the ability to crunch through what is sometimes referred to as ‘fast data’. This is data analytics applied to both near-real-time and ‘real’ real-time data, where smaller pre-identified chunks of data can be defined and analyzed (in structured, semi-structured and unstructured forms) to attempt to gain insights faster.

GigaSpaces also has the ability to work on both analytical and transactional data workloads in a single converged space.

Open source at its core, the GigaSpaces software stack is then ‘operationalized’ through Magic xpi’s integration and intelligence engine. In this case, the operationalization action in question  is integrating that data into other software applications (or tools or APIs or other sub-component elements of software) for onward use.

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Ingesting telemetry

The end result for customers, the two firms hope, is the ability to turn data from sensors into actions impacting areas such as predictive maintenance, anomaly detection and service optimization where telemetry is ingested, correlated and merged.

Data is transferred to Magic xpi as the orchestrator of the process for prediction and any additional required actions. 

“With Magic’s latest solutions, we are enabling IoT applications to scale through open source components in the center, edge and cloud while combining hybrid transactional/analytical processing (HTAP),” said Ali Hodroj, vice president of products and strategy for GigaSpaces.

This is not the first collaboration between Magic and GigaSpaces. Magic has been using GigaSpaces’ XAP In-memory computing platform for years for fast data streaming, aggregation and calculations.

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