Mobile World Congress 2018: What’s hot for the IoT. #MWC18

Mobile World Congress 2018: What’s hot for the IoT. #MWC18

Internet of Business says:

With its heady mix of mobile big hitters, multinational enterprise providers, and innovative startups, Mobile World Congress is Europe’s biggest gathering of the IT sector. Over 108,000 people attended the 2017 event, a seven percent increase on figures for the 2016 exhibition and conference. So as #MWC18 kicks off in Barcelona, Internet of Business has packed its bags for the big event.

Our 2018 stories from the event have included:-

#MWC18: AT&T launches cloud IOT dashboard, new partnerships

#MWC18: AT&T unveils future of IoT in healthcare

#MWC18: New partners rev up for SAP Vehicles Network

#MWC18: It takes 16,000 phones to mine for £1k of cryptocurrency

#MWC18: 4G & 5G will be two thirds of 2025 mobile connections

#MWC18: Criminals hacking phones, IoT to mine for cryptocurrency

#MWC18: Airbus and OneWeb get onboard to put 5G on planes

#MWC18: Huawei unveils the world’s first 5G chip

#MWC18: Smart wine, tools, and cities from Deutsche Telekom IoT

#MWC18: World’s first streetlight powered smart cell lights up

Key themes

As you can see, #MWC18 frequently offers unusual applications, more than a few surprises, and some inspiring examples of how mobile and IoT technologies are pushing back the boundaries of connected business.

While the focus is on mobility, of course, the IoT, sensors, robotics, and smart devices are increasingly important elements in that universe. Arguably, the balance will shift in the years ahead and mobility will become a critical part of the Internet of Everything, along with edge services, location-specific content, augmented/mixed reality, and blockchain. Data will be the currency, along with managed consent.

For connected business, there are seven key themes at this year’s event:-

• Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI & ML)
• Forthcoming 5G & LTE enablement, and Enhanced Voice Services (EVS)
• IoT smart city technology and edge computing devices
• Software-Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Function Virtualisation (NFV)
• Big data and analytics
• Technology in society and net neutrality
• Consumer smartphone and tablet devices

While that list isn’t necessarily in descending order of importance, putting handset devices last could become a theme in itself.

As a 2018 Reuters report explains, “Global smartphone growth is slowing. Smartphone shipments grew three percent last year, compared with 10 percent the year before and 28 percent year the year before that. But despite this, our dependence on these devices is growing.” This downturn in the handset market is even occurring in China, though Huawei’s sales are growing fast.

IoT specifics

There are a number of dedicated IoT tracks, speaker sessions, and technical workshops at #MWC18. One focus is on where the IoT hits consumer endpoints, revealing how communities can benefit from smart devices; while another will be on how the complex systems that will make up a global IoT infrastructure can be woven together.

Speakers are covering areas ranging from the use of smart, connected devices in healthcare and clinical research, to the expanding security threat landscape and the impact of IoT-fuelled big data analytics on the digital economy.

IoT security has certainly been a key focus for Internet of Business this month:

IoT ramps up cyber security risk, says in-depth report

Prevent malicious use of AI, say Oxford, Cambridge, Yale

For organisations and technology professionals, however, the emphasis now is much more on what happens at the back end, in the cloud data centre, across the network, and throughout the layers of intelligence that are delivered to mobile devices.

But for consumers, it’s much simpler than that: for them, it’s all about how mobility will make their lives simpler and more productive. And within that, usability, accessibility, security, transparency, and trust will be essential.

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Additional reporting: Chris Middleton

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