Netradyne announces new way to reward safe commercial drivers
Netradyne announces system to reward safe drivers

Netradyne announces new way to reward safe commercial drivers

Netradyne, a developer of artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT systems, has announced plans to launch a new software feature for identifying and rewarding safe commercial drivers for their good behavior behind the wheel.

The new feature, called DriverStar, will be implemented into Netradyne’s flagship Driveri platform for the commercial driving market. DriverStar, according to the company, alerts fleet safety managers immediately of decisions made by their commercial drivers. In turn, safety managers can recognize and reward safe driving among members of their team as soon as ‘driving events’ occur. 

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Improving compliance

The plan is to release DriverStar as an extended feature to GreenZone, a current feature in Driveri, which already tracks driving behaviour throughout the day. 

The camera-led technology captures vision-based ‘safety events’ to answer questions such as: did a truck driver stop in time for a red traffic light; how fast were they travelling relative to other traffic; how close were they travelling to the vehicle in front? 

The difference with DriverStar, it seems, is the ability for real-time reporting and feedback – so that managers can send an instant ‘high five’ to a driver who has just avoided a potential accident situation.   

In terms of the technology used here, a Quad-HD camera provides multiple views of the road, while a TeraFLOP processor makes one trillion calculations per second.

Drivers have the opportunity to improve their GreenZone score based on the way they drive on a daily basis, which Netradyne execs claim motivates these employees to stay safe at all times.

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Important commitment

Founded in 2015 by two former Qualcomm employees, Netradyne has technology innovation centres in the United States and India, where teams are exploring ways to improve driver safety.

Adam Kahn, vice president of fleet business at Netradyne, said: “The commitment we made when we designed Driveri was to recognize good driving and [to] arm fleets with the ability to award their drivers for excellence.”

“Legacy safety technologies have largely underserved professional drivers and many good decisions they make on the road go unnoticed by safety managers because they don’t have the data available to reward good driving.”

“Our new DriverStar feature gives safety managers the tools needed to reach out to drivers with positive recognition and creates more balance in fleet driver monitoring, which drives productivity.”

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