NEWSBYTE: ARM launches scalable chips for IoT machine learning

NEWSBYTE: ARM launches scalable chips for IoT machine learning

Semiconductor and software giant ARM has announced a new range of scalable processors designed to deliver enhanced machine-learning capabilities to IoT devices.

The Softbank-owned company, which counts Apple, Samsung, drone maker DJI, and FitBit among those who rely on its architecture, is pitching Project Trillium as the industry’s most scalable, versatile ML compute platform.

The Project Trillium suite will, according to Rene Haas, ARM’s president of IP Products Group, aim to find a better balance between energy efficiency and computing power.

“The rapid acceleration of artificial intelligence into edge devices is placing increased requirements for innovation to address compute, while maintaining a power efficient footprint,” he said.

“To meet this demand, ARM is announcing its new ML platform, Project Trillium. New devices will require the high-performance ML and AI capabilities these new processors deliver. Combined with the high degree of flexibility and scalability that our platform provides, our partners can push boundaries of what will be possible across a broad range of devices.”

• SoftBank also owns Aldebaran Robotics, makers of the NAO, Pepper, and Romeo humanoids, and robotic giant Boston Dynamics, formerly part of Alphabet.

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The edge environment is an increasingly important part of the IoT, and with AI and machine learning being embedded into more and more functions that need to execute in real time, these type of innovation can only grow.