Orange and Cargotec team up on intelligent cargo handling
Orange and Cargotec team up on intelligent cargo handling

Orange and Cargotec team up on intelligent cargo handling

Orange and Cargotec have teamed up on a three-year, multi-million euro deal to develop a connected cargo offering.

French telecoms giant Orange business services and cargo-handling machinery specialist Cargotec have announced a partnership in which the two companies will explore ways that connected hardware and software can be used to keep goods moving efficiently and safely around the globe.

Headquartered in Finland, Cargotec is one of the world’s most prominent providers of cargo and load handling solutions. Orange, not surprisingly, wants to tap into this lucrative market. Although by no means a new industry, cargo handling is one of the world’s most vital services, contributing to the smooth running of global society.

Around the clock, millions of items – from raw materials to consumer products – are transported between towns, cities and, of course, countries. Managing all these parcels isn’t an easy task, but there is good reason to believe that IoT technologies can help optimize cargo flows and create new value.

Equipment from Cargotec and its Kalmar, McGregor and Hiab businesses is already hard at work at ports, terminals and distribution facilities around the world and this equipment is increasingly ‘smart’.

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Cargotec on a mission

The company’s stated mission now is to become “the global leader in intelligent cargo handling” – but this, of course, will require around-the-clock connectivity, which is where Orange comes in.

Using an IoT connectivity solution from Orange, intelligence will be integrated into machinery and cargo management systems so that they offer “better collaboration for daily operations, monitor and maintain equipment to enable the highest possible uptime and react remotely before problems arise,” according to the firm.

The Orange IoT connectivity service to Cargotec will include IoT SIM card ordering; activation and tracking through a dedicated portal; and one price per IoT SIM card regardless of location; and connectivity across 220 countries and territories.

According to Soili Mäkinen, CIO of Cargotec, the cargo industry is in desperate need of digital transformation. “A reliable IoT communications infrastructure, global presence, with local support everywhere in the world, and an attractive business model are vital for us to become the leader in intelligent cargo handling,” he added. 

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